NC Fathers Rights

NC Fathers Blog Submission

SubmitWelcome to the NC Fathers Blog/Post submission page. This is your opportunity to add your thoughts or personal story to the public Internet as it relates to your personal struggle as a non-custodial parent, step-parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, other family member or friend. Please keep in mind that we will not post content that threatens, slanders, or divulges personal information about a third party. This is not an opportunity to bash the custodial parent and put their name at the top of the search engines. If you name a third party that is an elected official, such as a Judge, NC State Representative or Senator, Guardian Ad Litem, or other party, then use this opportunity to educate and not condemn. Additionally, we ask that you do not use minor children’s first and last names.

Tips for Writing: If your blog post is about NC Representative Paul Bunyan, then mention those keywords in your title. Also, if your post is 800 words long, then mention “NC Representative Paul Bunyan” 4% of the time in the blog post (800 x .04 = 32 times). Use the search box on this site to search a topic to see if we already have covered the issue. If so, write about something else. If you want to add something to a post we already have, then use this form to request that we add your information to an already written post. If you are copying and pasting information that is already published on the Internet, please don’t. All search engines will refuse to index duplicate content, thus it is a waste of your time. Write ORIGINAL and UNIQUE content. Blogs over 800 words with keywords in the title and 4% of the time in the body do better with search engine ranking (more people see your post).

You are encouraged to write often. Adding new content allows us to reach far greater non-custodial families in North Carolina which allows us to bring them into our organization and use our collective voices to motivate changes.


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