NC Fathers Rights

NC Non-Custodial Family Numbers

ncNC Fathers estimates than on average, SEVEN new non-custodial parents (likely a father) are created EACH day Monday through Friday in the NC Family Courts PER County. And, that each time this non-custodial parent is marginalized as a visitor having dramatically unequal time with his/her child(ren), there are at least three other family members (usually a female – step-mother, sister, grandmother) who get equally hurt in this biased system. This represents 700 people per day, or 4900 people NEW per WEEK. If we can get this many people in our organization per week, we feel sure that Judges and Legislators will stand up and take notice, because this is a LOT of voters from all racial and ethnic backgrounds, socioeconomic backgrounds, and political affiliation. The key to reform in the NC Family Courts and Social Services agencies is having a large organization of united people demanding respect. Please help us reach these non-custodial families by joining our mailing list and facebook page, and by inviting these families from your community to our group.


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