NC Fathers Rights


Claudine Dombrowski - Domestic Violence Activist

After reviewing,, and specifically we want to use your thoughts on these pages to write our next authority blog on this organization and their mission.

In short, we want a good 2500-3000 word article that touches on all aspects of why we believe this organization is sexist, why they continue to have legal non-profit status due to their language and stance on issues, and other thoughts that jump out in reading the links above. Basically, we are using small bits and pieces of material you supply us to build this blog.

Please use your most academic and concise thoughts when sending us information using the form below and please be sure to share this document so that other fathers and women in paternal families can provide us with information as well.

Again, we think it is important to hear from woman in paternal families who are equally hurt by the stance this organization takes involving your husbands and sons and their relationship with his children.

We will not be posting material that contains information like “I think this group is a bunch of %*&^& and %#&%*. We want academic level information that a legislator would read and be affected by in a positive way.


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