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One Parent Wins, One Parent Loses, All Kids Suffer

NC Family CourtsCurrently, the NC Family Courts are setup so that one parent wins, and the other parent loses. NC Fathers thinks that it is sick that NC Judges and Lawyers have developed a system that encourages parents to enter a court room and divulge every single thing the other parent has done wrong, so that he/she can win custody, increased child support or what not. What is even sicker is the fact that most Judges put something in the custody order that the other parent will not disparage the other parent in front of the children, but they encourage it in Family Court? Undoubtedly, after the battle is done, the losing parents leaves bitter and angry, and sets out to do everything possible to win the next time, and the parent that wins does everything possible to prevent that. We believe this sets the stage for 18 years of animosity and disgusting displays of parentage that is doing NOTHING but making kids suffer. NC Fathers believes that no parent should win/lose in the family courts. We think BOTH parents should be on equal ground, and rewarded for working together.

Kids Lose

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Our belief is that parents should save money usually set aside for $15,000 custody battles (per parent) (Rich Lawyers), appear before a Judge without lawyers and have the Judge tell both parents to compile a parenting agreement that has the best interest of the OTHER parent and child in mind. After doing so, the parents will come to court, present the parenting agreement before the Judge and once approved, live by it for the greater good of the children. For the parent that refuses to live or abide by the parenting agreement, then appoint him/her as the non-custodial parent.

But what about high conflict divorces and parents? NC Fathers believes that high conflict is actually anxiety, fear, and manufactured manipulation to make the other parent seem bad so that one can win a custody battle. Removing the fear and anxiety over winning/losing will dispel much of the conflict. Even in “high conflict cases”, parents are just going to learn to put that aside and abide by the parenting agreement. If this seems dangerous, as opponents point out, you think that giving one parent all of the control, time with the child, and the gold medal is going to defuse the other parent? Really?

Parents and Family Courts

Clearly the Family Courts are not working. Every day there is a cattle call and revolving door of parents doing everything they can to undermine the other parent for the sake of winning. At some point somebody has to stop this for the best interest of children.



  1. I recently got re-married and within a month I received 6 motions from my ex and her attorneys. One was a domestic violence complaint that they even dropped – because the ex’s lawyer said she was spending too much time in court.

    The relief is always short lived as it was to be followed up by a recommendation to evaluate my mental health. This is a battle where only the judges, lawyers, the system and immature embittered parents win. There is something very very wrong with this system when it is more concerned for creating controversy for the sake of careers and government provided services. The very structure of the family is at the mercy of these psychopaths.


    Comment by Paul | October 7, 2013 | Reply

  2. Where is the website for the Mothers in the same position. My child (girl- 18 months) had a Father in law-enforcement and had me illegally locked up in Scotland County NC. He took out a TRO and said I was a danger to my daughter. It took me 73 days to see my daughter and get my property back thanks to the corruption in Scotland County. Now we are in a child custody battle in Mecklenburg County (where he lives) and he files as “indigent” and I have to get help from my family to fight this battle. This is what happens when you try and leave a domestic violence situation with your child. Beware and be safe. My daughter didn’t deserve to have her Mother ripped away from her because he was angry.
    Enjoy this site. Thanks


    Comment by Kelly O'Neill | March 13, 2016 | Reply

    • Neither do fathers, and I seriously doubt you had any problem with it for the past 60 years that it was happening. We agree that it shouldn’t be happening to you either, just funny how you take exception to it when it’s a mother but likely silence prior to you having a child.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | March 16, 2016 | Reply

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