NC Fathers Rights

Page 10

Man cooks, gets beat


Mom doesn’t feed kids, dad intervenes.

protective mother does not feed kids

61 yr old pedophile weds 8 yr old boy

Charged w/ homicide

kasra lynnSource of the image below

2014-01-06 13_14_41-'Attacked by partner in intensive care' - UTV Live News

Woman screams at the family of a man she killed

He didn’t call me every 2 hours, so I stabbed him

Another woman arrested

Woman fails to put shoes on, gets frostbite, stabs boyfriend

She used scissors

Woman kills daughter

Woman stabs

She used a shotgun

Woman kills her 10 yr old maid

Woman kills husband, cuts him into pieces

Wants to go to a sex, so she kills her babies

Source for the picture below

child neglect sc

Another stabbing

Lied about rape to get GRANDFATHERS inheritance

bad mom

two women

Woman pulls gun on boyfriend

Mom puts daughter outside to smoke crack

woman shoots man

Source for the image below

beat her kids

Notice how this media outlet says ‘maybe he learned his lesson” – would we say that if he stabbed her?

Stabs her babies and puts them in a toilet

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