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This is an important video for every Man and Woman in paternal families to watch. In this scenario, if at ANY time she would have picked up the phone and said “I’m scared”, the Father in this video would have gone to jail, lost his job, had his assets transferred to her, and stigmatized in society. Also important is the 4:35-4:52 mark in this video where she lets him know that at anytime, despite her behaviors, she can call the police and have him removed. And Domestic Violence only happens to Women huh?

Four days into the school year, teacher solicits sex

Greensboro NC


Girl power!

Murdered her father

Cherokee County, NC

Florence, SC

This report claims 1 in 3 women will experience DV, and 1 in 7 Men will experience DV. So by the NCCADV’s theory that because more Women experience DV, we should ONLY have a Woman centered DV response. So let’s suppose that a woman walks into a daycare and hurts seven children and a man walks into a daycare and hurts three children, and I started a lobby group asking that no more women be allowed in a daycare, what do you think would happen? Riiiight!

And more

Beats husband

Two months in jail, to be served on just weekend for false rape claim that put a man in state prison. Gender oppression?

Nope, Women do not hit! Where is the patriarchy? The gender oppression?

Wake County

Nickelodeon star Emma Roberts arrested for DV

Woman arrested in Charleston SC for assault on her boyfriend

Domestic Violence False Accuser gets 7-14 years behind bars

Kathleen Dorsett sentenced to 58 years

Underage boy seduces 41 yr old Woman?

Woman sodomizes 11 yr old boy – arrested

Woman holds two Men hostage until one has sex with her

Woman takes to Craigslist while visiting a Women’s Studies lecture and asks Men to rape her, then screams rape.

Pitt County NC sex offender babysits children in HER home

Maysville NC Woman and Daycare Owner Stabs Husband

Bethel NC Woman runs Husband over with car, then stabs him

Jones County NC Woman stabs another Woman

Gastonia NC Woman handcuffs mentally disabled daughter

Onslow County NC Woman pours scalding hot water on 9 month old

Family Court Judge on False Abuse Claims

have also seen the practical impact of false domestic violence allegations during divorce. We know that spouses can use allegations of abuse to support their custody or visitation requests, and we will fight to undo the harm caused by the allegation. Our attorneys are skilled at using witness testimony to refute domestic violence claims if they are false.”

False accusations of domestic violence often come up in other legal proceedings like divorce or child custody.”

False allegations of domestic violence can have a devastating impact on a family. Once a false allegation is made, law enforcement officers are trained to make an arrest, even if the officer has serious doubts about the truth of the allegation. The officers must often rely on one side of the story without any time to understand the prior difficulties of the parties. Often concerns about a pending divorce or anticipated child custody issue motivate the false allegations.”

Have you ever beat up a boyfriend, cause uh we have

Feminism: If you want a more thoughtful boyfriend, peg him in the ass.

more patriarchy and gender oppression

Keep telling NC legislators that Men are Bad and Women are always good and victims Judy.

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  1. I think women should own up to what they do to men and take the blame in a lot of ways they say there not wrong but you can tell the cop he hit you and then there no marks on her and the cop and judges just say she a women and that it ok to lie on someone just to get there way and when the women does do wrong and want to tell the truth they say you can do that that’s not what they want and still lock the man up for no reason they just say she a women and your an man they don’t think that she might be doing wrong


    Comment by lois west | August 30, 2013 | Reply

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