NC Fathers Rights

Page 4

All Women good, All Dads Bad huh?

Hangs our heads

The niece of Joe “VAWA” Biden is violent. WOW

Shhhh, we can’t have this getting out.

Nope, Women never do anything wrong, certainly not kill.

Women DO NOT kill!

I should be forgiven! But wait, according to the NCCADV this does not even happen.

Another Mom kills her kids, but according to the NCCADV only Men are violent criminals.

Burned him alive she did!

According to the NCCADV, this most absolutely assuredly does not happen

Health officials missed this because they have been trained by groups like the NCCADV that only Men kill children

A half naked special ed teacher and a 13 yr old boy

Mom puts her infant in a ice chest with gasoline

If a Man catches his wife with another Man and kills her, it’s Domestic Violence and Murder, if a Woman catches her husband with another Woman, it’s OK just kill him and the NCCADV will blame him.

Here, kill my husband

Another female teacher

More University documentation

And more…

NCCADV has a problem…

More patriarchy explained

The definitive guide to patriarchy from the Medical University Of South Carolina

Wait what? The CDC mentions Men but some State level Domestic Violence lobby group can’t figure it out?
If the CDC says that 1 in 3 women AND 1 in 4 Men will experience sexual violence, why does the NCCADV think that these same figures do not exists for Domestic Violence? Political and Gender agenda perhaps?

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