NC Fathers Rights

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If anyone went on a talk show and was laughing about female mutilation, all hell would break loose. Yet, when it happens to a man, it’s OK as seen below.

Woman beats man over bad orgasm

Woman beats man

And it continues despite claims women do not commit violence

Alamance county domestic violence restraining order violation by a woman:


Interesting. A female supporters of NC Fathers brought our attention to this.

Another female teacher, another underage boy.

Abusive mother

Here, this will teach you how to use heroin

More patriarchy

Government funded “art” and severed penises. Anyone want to guess what would happen if this was reversed?

Mom kills daughter, and it’s patriarchy.

Remember Pia Zadora? Yet, domestic offender.

Remember Lisa Robin Kelly from “That 70s Show”? Yea, domestic offender

Yes, women do rape and are into sado-sex

Yes, women do kill kids.

What the NCCADV teaches Women? I’m allowed to commit violence because the organization has everyone believing it’s a man’s fault.

And more

And more

Murder for hire

Woman rapes 14 yr old

Had a father done this, he would never see his kids again. This woman will be with her grandchildren shortly after she gets a slap on the wrist for which a man would be jailed.

Woman jailed

Had a man done this, he would be in prison.

Another teacher

We consider this domestic violence. And there was likely a father denied custody.

Wife beats paralyzed husband.

Female teacher at all boys school rapes 14 year old. It’s a man’s fault.

Lenoir County NC woman shoots her mom in the head, patriarchy to blame.

Woman sets fire to house w/ boyfriend and child in it. In court, it will be his fault.

More violence

Winston-Salem indecent liberties with a minor

Wife kills husband

Mother negligent with two children, one child dies

NFL cheerleader, age 42, fondles 12 yr old, escapes jail

Oh look, three women on Facebook talking about violence

violent 3

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