NC Fathers Rights

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Baseball wife commits violence

Chinese mother sets child/husband on fire. She wanted respect

Woman incarcerated for assault


kidnapping and assault

This is very hard to watch

Not only do women commit domestic violence, they tend not to go to jail

Meet the newest female serial killer

Mother kills child

Mother throws child in the trash

Pauly D’s GF beats him. But he caused it.


Think we release men dying of cancer on compassionate reasons? Nope? And another example of female on female violence blamed on men.

Woman kills husband

Oops, it appears women do bad things, tried to frame her husband because we all know if we blame a man no questions are asked.

Female teacher molests boy.

Woman burns house down, blames ex-boyfriend

Jenelle Evans arrested in SC

Woman uses phone app to make false allegation

Nope, women don’t lie about domestic violence:

2013-12-16 17.47.48

Nope, women don’t threaten violence:

2013-12-16 19.47.59

What possibly could the precious angel below have done other than wake up every morning to be hammered by patriarchy? This 15 yr old boy must really check his privilege!

bad girl

What did the precious angel below do? Well she got away with murder in 1993 after she killed her husband. Claimed it was self defense. Well now she has killed her son.

precious angel

who was drugged, beaten and starved by her mother

Woman shoots husband

Woman kills multiple people

No problem with violence from custodial mothers

And more…

And more…

And more…

Another day of violence, another day of denial

Woman stabs husband

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