NC Fathers Rights

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Woman stabs husband 193 times, gets 20 years. Any idea what the man would have received?

False accuser

Fake a text, go jail

Ohio woman sentenced for manipulating her child to kill his father

Woman rapes boy, gets pregnant

Frames Husband

Lesbian Title IX

Imagine if a man said “a woman should be castrated if…” what would society do? Yet here is a woman advocating sexual violence, castration, and violence. And we accept it.

woman discusses removing mens balls

Yep, the courts are starting to get it

Two women and a baby

woman stabs

Moms tears her son’s genitals

How many women?

Wife torches husbands truck over Christmas gifts

Woman stabs

A 22-year-old Bethlehem woman beat her boyfriend early Thursday with a metal rod she pulled off his back brace, according to court records.

Beat her BF
Over an apple fritter
Daughter stabs father over big dipper argument
Love potion killer
Woman kills her uncle
Lawrence woman charged for murder
Woman stabs
Hundreds of women advocating female on male violence
Wife spikes husband’s Visine with bleach
Arizona mom poisons family
Mother assaults mother and infant
Starved her baby to death
Cut his penis off after believing something happened that police said didn’t happen
You probably read the article about the 35 year old woman that sliced her 18 year old daughters boyfriend’s genitals because she thought he was molesting her 2 year old son… a thought that came to her after smoking heroin… and the police investigated it and found nothing? Yea, this is what woman think about it here in NC (from WCTI News). Is there any excuse for a man who mutilates a woman’s vagina? Yea, didn’t think so.
classy ladies
THREE women charged in murder of one woman’s husband
police officer responding to a domestic disturbance gets hit, by a woman.
Woman kills, confesses, then kills self
woman stabs, kills husband
out on bail for an assault, assaults two more, and gets bail again. Certainly wouldn’t happen to a man.
woman kills
woman charged
woman stabs dinner guest
woman stabs man with her Christmas present
Raped her 3 children
Mom ditches kids for drinks, arrested
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