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Relationship Advice For Men In Marriage and Dating

marriage men datingBefore we begin our discussion on relationship advice for men in marriage and dating, we think it is extremely valuable for men who are considering dating or getting married, along with women in their families, to click on the image below which talks about the family court game. Not only do we want you to read it, we want you to study every word because much of the information contained in this article will be cited from information in the document we just suggested that you read. We realize that much of the information contained in our document will be offensive to women, who will likely exclaim “But I am not like that” and you may very well be right. The problem is that there are a huge number of women who are like this who will also say this and there is no way to figure out who is telling the truth.

For women in paternal families who’s son’s are coming of age and entering the dating world and likely their first marriage, you should read this as well because if the principles in this document on advice for men in marriage and dating comes true, and it happens while married and there are children involved, you are never going to likely see your grandchildren.

NC Family Courts and Parents

If you are really not interested in the academics and politics of today’s gender warfare, and simply want our advice on marriage and dating for men, it can best be summed up by three things 1) Do not get married 2) Do not conceive children and 3) When dating a woman realize if there are any allegations of impropriety, the allegation alone is enough to ruin your reputation, cause loss of a job and friends, and few nights in jail, bail money, and a very expensive lawyer. When convicted (notice we did not say IF convicted of which we will explain why in the latter part of this document) expect to not have a very easily life. And again, this is just from an allegation. This is the best and honest relationship advice for men in marriage and dating we can give.

Now to the academics and politics. If you took our advice and opted for a nice 4 year degree, you better read what awaits for you if you spend the night at a fraternity party and you have a few beers, she has a few beers, you engage in consensual sex but the next day she says the beer prevented her from giving ACTUAL consent.

Facts on domestic relations:

  • Today’s very powerful second and third wave feminism who control much of Congress and all of the family courts spend a lot of time and energy in advocating for women by denigrating men.
  • In 1999, a federal bill which effects all U.S. States passed Congress which moved acts of alleged family violence from the criminal courts in to the civil courts. Additionally, the definition of domestic violence was lowered from actual battery and hitting to “anything that causes a person to feel emotionally threatened” to include such acts as loud arguments, name calling, slamming a door, to leaving for the night.

Now are we saying that these actions are behaviors that are appropriate or a model of a good marriage or dating relationship? Certainly not. But they are not grounds for what we are about to discuss, certainly not.

When the domestic violence definition was lowered to include emotional acts, you can image that it raised the occurrences of domestic violence. And what few realize is that as domestic violence goes up, so does the release of federal money that get’s dropped in to the laps of professional feminist groups, feminist researchers, and feminist lobbyist. You can also imagine that the new skyrocketing of domestic violence has lead to more court battles where lawyers get rich. Lawyers are feeling the pinch in divorce actions because fewer people are getting married, so there has to be a new way to make money. Caveat, while the divorce rate is dropped to the lowest ever recorded in American history, the birth rate to single mothers is steadily going up.  Our advice to men is read further to whwere we link “putative fathers” to discover what awaits you in these situations.

In 2015, every marital argument or even an argument in a dating relationship is domestic violence if a woman calls 911 or reports her feeling to a local magistrate as being scared. From this, a man will be:

  • Arrested and placed in jail, and will have to be bonded out.
  • Will have a restraining order placed on him and he will not be allowed in his home.
  • There will likely be a loss of reputation and job loss while in jail.
  • If there are children involved, you and your entire family will lose access to the children for a year or longer.

Again, all based on an accusation. And, we want to substantiate our relationship advice for men in marriage and dating given this.

Unfortunately, it get’s worse. You may be feeling pretty good about court because there are no witnesses to the alleged abuse (ie. loud fight in which both participated in), or evidence of bruises, cuts, or marks. Unfortunately, you are about to get a rude awakening.

Our Relationship Advice for Men in Marriage and Dating, In this situation, prepare to be convicted because it makes a lot of people happy and makes them a lot of money

Earlier, when we told you that family violence was moved from the criminal courts to the domestic courts (which are civil), you moved from one court which is “innocent until proven guilty” where the burden is on the accuser to proven her point, to one of “preponderance of the evidence” where you are guilty until you can prove your innocence. And here is the tricky part, under “preponderance of the evidence”, all a Judge needs is 51% LIKELIHOOD that her story is right and yours is wrong to be found guilty. This means no witnesses, no bruises, no marks, no battery, just emotional feeling that culminated in to “I’m scared” and you sir are now a convicted criminal.

So let’s recap our relationship advice for men in marriage and dating: 1) Domestic violence in 2015+ is anything the female says it is and 2) You can be found guilty without any evidence or witnesses if a judge finds 51% likelihood that you did it. Now, which do you think is the more politically safe route to take for a judge, to believe you or her?

You are getting convicted.

And, you are now a statistic that professional feminist can run to Congress with to ask for more federal money to stop violent and aggressive men even if all you did was yell loudly. The lawyers will be happy because they billed you in to bankruptcy, and your new court appointed therapist assigned to you by the judge or DSS is happy because he/she can bill for the next year.

Imagine if we didn’t have domestic violence, how many people would not be making money? Could it be that the purposeful lowering of the definition of violence in to an area feminist know happens in every relationship be the key to swelling statistics they can use for political gain and money from Congress? And, moving convictions to the very easy “preponderance of the evidence” courts is a piece of cake for ideological based ruling from activist judges. Again, our relationship advice to men in marriage and dating is to NOT get married so that you are not subjected to these areas, and in your dating situations keep it very casual and always protect yourself by having witnesses to anything because if she says something happened, it happened.

Relationship advice for men in marriage and dating

Relationship Advice For Men In The Family Courts

Our relationship advice for men is clearly never to get yourself in to the family courts where you and your family have to fight for some type of relationship with the child which for 60 years has not played out well for fathers. The fact is, you are going to become a court ordered visitor and not a father. And all grandmothers will have very minimal participation in her grandchild’s life. If you took our relationship advice and decided on no marriage but OK to having a baby outside marriage, you made a horrible mistake.

Typically married men in the divorce courts get roughly 4 days a month with their children. Recent statistics show that putative fathers (fathers not married to the mother) get about 1-2 days a month. And this is good for several entities. First, the custodial mother will get premium child support and can apply for free healthcare (Medicaid), subsidized housing (Section 8), subsidized food (Food Stamps), and tons of other state and federal benefits ONLY given to a custodial parent. Oh, you need healthcare and can’t afford it? Yea sorry about that.

How does this help a child who doesn’t care about politics, feminist ideologies, or angry ex-spouses who have a vendetta and just wants a family?

So mom is happy, you can’t come around but every so often as ordered by the courts and the State you live in is happy. Research the federal Title IV-D Section on payments to states on collection of child support. For every dollar collected in child support, the federal government gives back 66 cents on each dollar that the state can use for anything. Now you know why your visitation order was so low, the higher child support you pay gets the state you live in a lot more 66 cents on the dollar.

lower visitation = higher child support = more federal money for the state

And who pays Judge’s salaries? The State!

Read More about the Divorce Corp Documentary

And how can the system insure that you pay the absolute highest premium in child support, by you having no visitation with your child because of your domestic violence conviction based on a allegation that got you convicted with no evidence or witnesses. This is solid relationship advice for men, and you better consider it carefully because with the current divorce rate that is started by 77% of women, you have a very good chance of living inside this document for 18 years if we are right.

What do you think about our article on relationship advice for men in marriage and dating? Let us know using the comment system below, and we are interested in hearing what women in paternal families have to think about a movement they likely supported creating an arena where your son is expected to lose and you as well.

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