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Shannon Gaggero, a striving parent on race relations and children

Shannon Gaggero, white supremacy, and Huffington Post bloggerShannon Greggaro is a blogger at “A striving parent” and a Huffington Post contributor who recently wrote a blog entitled “Preserving My Children’s Innocence Is An Act Of Preserving White Supremacy” (PREVIEW HERE) which as you can imagine received a lot of praise within the liberal progressive community and outrage among everyone else. However, before everyone gets torn out of the frame over this obvious racial baiting blog post, we want to point out some issues that I think will help you breathe better if you are a father or mother of a white child who has concerns that others are calling you a white supremacist because you take care of your child and preserve his/her innocense. First, It is important to remember that we are in an election year and everyone with an agenda is desperately attempting to get their agenda met and this includes the Huffington Post contributors and those with racially extremist views like Shannon Graggero. Second, Shannon has some personal and financial incentive to write this post as most social justice warriors do.

a striving parent by Shannon

To help you calm down, here are some facts that may help you calm yourself and we encourage you to share this page with Ms. Greggaro on Twitter, Facebook, or her Huffington Post contributor article.

  • Shannon Gaggero is a progressive social justice warrior who has a blog with a donate button. She desperately needs back links from high authority sites like the Huffington Post to push her own website higher in the search engines which helps her get paid.
  • Writing sensationalized articles with terms like white supremacist as it relates to children is clearly going to peak a lot of people’s interest thus sending the Huffington Post a lot of traffic and potential clicks on their advertising offers on their site.
  • It is an election year, and there are groups that are being pandered to heavily. It is very possibly that Shannon Gaggero inspires to one day to have a massive website like the Huffington Post that centers around liberal progressive causes so that she can get paid from writing purposefully inflammatory post that turns in to click bait which makes her money. Additionally, she may hope to one day either get in to politics herself or become a political pundit spinning whatever a progressive candidate needs spun to make money.
  • Progressives like Shannon Gaggero actually needs racism to exist and be systemic so that they can use the issue to pander to African-American voters and special interest lobby groups that make money off them. Keep in mind, if systemic racism didn’t exist, Shannon and the Huffington Post would not have web traffic to their donate buttons.

striving to be racial

Now, let’s focus on some quotes from the article and discuss them. All quotes are taken from the Huffington Post and Shannon’s article.

My children will not be racially profiled as they play in our neighborhood.”

It is important to remember that there is not a person, group, race, or class on this planet that isn’t profiled or in some way prejudicial. If Shannon Gaggero does not think that white people can negatively be profiled, I encourage her to visit a inner city black community at night alone and simply walk around to see what happens.

Am I suggesting that all black people are violent and will harm her? No. The chances are a good number won’t harm her, but there is a population that will and they will do so because she is white.

My children will not fear the police.

Do we have bad cops who shoot black people just because they are black and have hatred for them? Yes. Are these cops anywhere near a majority? Certainly not. Are there white people who are shot by cops? Yes. And, given the population numbers between black people and white people, they are shot at the same rates according to the FBI.

Now here is where progressives get you, they believe those figures are wrong, that systemic racism creates those numbers and without any evidence will call white parents white supremacist, burn, and loot cities until you are forced to believe them.

Am I suggesting that we don’t have a race problem in America? Not all all, but do I think it’s at the point where white women with blogs are justified in calling all mothers white supremacist if they care for their children, the answer is no.

white supremacy Huffington Post contributor

Do I think that Ms. Gaggero even believes what she wrote in her blog? No, I think she wrote a purposefully inflammatory blog to get web traffic to both the Huffington Post and her site so that they can make money, to impress editors at the post so that they will give her more back links and featured articles, and to win the praises of progressive politicians who might want to bring her on staff and pitch their spin on MSNBC and CNN.

My children will not go without food, shelter or clothing

If Shannon thinks there are no homeless white people or hungry white children, then I urge her to leave her echo chamber and blog and get out within her community.

My children will see themselves represented in books, media and educational narratives.

This one made me laugh. Actually, if Shannon’s child grows up and is able to read, there is an article on the Internet authored by his/her mother that affirms if he/she has a child then he/she is a white supremacist. Again Shannon, leave the echo chamber and aspirations to become a superstar progressive blogger/pundit/politician/patreon owner using black people and realize there are millions of articles on the Internet and within college campuses ready to marginalize your white child.

After all, your child’s mother did.

Shannon Gaggero - A Striving parent

When I shield my children from injustice in the name of preserving their innocence, what I’m actually preserving is white supremacy.”

Basically, what Shannon and the Huffington Post is advocating here is that when white mothers and white fathers ensure that their children are taken care of, they are white supremacist because black mothers and black fathers aren’t afforded that opportunity.

So, just by common logic as opposed to political ideology, what Shannon Gaggero and the Huffington Post is advocating is that the only way to be a good non-racist white mother is to not shield their children from innocence and let them be harmed.

The sick part here is that Shannon does not seem to have a good view of black people because I see a LOT of black children and black mothers taking care and ensuring the innocence of their children.

What’s your take? Are you ready to stop preserving your child’s innocence and start dismantling white supremacy?”

Or, are you ready to call social services on Shannon in the hopes of saving her children from a potentially mentally ill social justice warrior who is more concerned about political activism and blogging for money than protecting her children?

Using the comment section below, as a white mother, how do you feel about the Huffington Post calling you a white supremacist because you take care of your child?

Are you concerned that Shannon Gaggero herself is so wrapped up in social justice that she herself has slipped in to the realm of racist?

teaching children

race and America



  1. So this is where progressives and feminist want to go huh, changing the world by calling white mothers white supremacist. I mean I get it from the Huffington Post, they are a click bait site and known for writing crap like this. But if you really really want to get independent white voters on your progressive side, I’m not sure this is the way to go but good luck with that.

    I hope that Shannon makes it as a blogger or within some progressive non-profit because this article of hers screams DO NOT HIRE by everyday employers.


    Comment by Alexandra Podesta | September 15, 2016 | Reply

  2. If all that is required to be a white supremacist is to be a white mother, I can’t think of a better way to water down a term that certainly needs not to be watered down, and to marginalize a ton of women and children.

    Jesus, is the Huffington Post trying to devalue women?


    Comment by Christina | September 15, 2016 | Reply

  3. I guess there are a lot of white supremacist mothers as Huffington Post contributors

    I guess Shannon Gaggero hopes to be in these ranks one day.


    Comment by stompkinsnc | September 15, 2016 | Reply

  4. So are all white parents supremacist Shannon, to include Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Jill Stein, and Bernie Sanders or weren’t you thinking and mean to say that all conservative white parents are supremacist to please the HuffPo editors?

    And regardless of if you meant all women or just conservative women, how does feminism now rationalize that the movement is about all women’s rights?


    Comment by Brandy | September 15, 2016 | Reply

  5. Is she paying monthly reparations directly to black families? How much and proof? Given the whiteness of Huffington Post contributors, why did she not ask that her blog be overlooked in favor for an up and coming black blogger? Why did she bring another white child in to the world?

    I want to see her sell her home and purposefully live in abject poverty that she claims all black people live in instead of telling all white mothers they are supremacist. I hear the talk Shannon, but can you walk the walk?

    Looks like you are another Hillary Clinton shedding tears for a pander group while vacationing at the Hamptons. Why did you not DIRECTLY call out Hillary, her white child gets 900K/year straight out of college and has a 10 million dollar apartment. How many black families have that opportunity Shannon?

    You can’t do that can you, because then you would be crossing horns with the money you want to align with.


    Comment by Davis | September 15, 2016 | Reply

  6. The best way to teach children not to become racist or prejudicial is to teach them respect, kindness, and acceptance not start them out from the beginning to pet everyone in to a box and SEE race. Also, does she think she is winning anyone over to her side by calling them a white supremacist?

    This was the proof that this article is more about politics than change. But we are talking about the Huffington Post here.


    Comment by Elenor | September 16, 2016 | Reply

  7. If you keep pointing at people and declaring them the enemy sooner or later you will find you’re enemy. Problem is that you will have no one to come to your aid. There’s no point in arguing these ramblings of virtue signaling, attempts at finding injustice where there is none. Every mother tries to give their children competitive advantage and that’s a good thing for all.


    Comment by Will | September 16, 2016 | Reply

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