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University Chancellors Keep Male Students Blind

This is a really good article which shows how university chancellors have a desire to see male students kept in the dark as it related to sexual assault on college campuses. In the article to UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Carol Folt it is clear that university administrators have no intentions of informing male students and their families about the lowered definition of sexual assault on campus, and that due process as seen in the criminal courts is non-existent.

How many male students in high school are taught that if you are accused of a crime then you have access to competent legal teams that can question accusers and evidence related to the case. But not at the University of North Carolina and other systems within the state.

It is disappointing to see a chancellor at a major state university system bow to feminist pressure and appears that these administrators might actually be hoping that male students accidentally commit a so that they can appease the Department of Education and it’s mandate for UNC to find more rapists.


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