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Wake County NC Courts and Judges – Non-Custodial Parent Questions and Answers

Wake County parentsThis page will act as a support group for Wake County NC non-custodial parents and family members to ask questions and receive answers from other non-custodial families in the county. Additionally, it will serve to allow us the opportunity to make Wake County specific announcements and alerts as it relates to the family and domestic courts and will be a launching pad for activism against legislators who refuse to fix many of the problems in our courts and their actions against you, a very large group of voters who can start making changes rather easily if you will resolve to become a thorn in the side of your state Representatives and Senators daily. Please keep in mind that NC Fathers is NOT a law firm, nor are there any lawyers in our group. Nothing said on these pages and comments should be taken as legal advice. Furthermore, if you come here asking for our help we have nothing to offer you and in many cases we are in the same boat as you. The only way to help yourself or family member is by emailing, calling, and demanding to speak with your State Representatives and Senators daily until they get tired of half the population in their county calling. We PROMISE you, non-custodial families make up half the population, after about the tenth call daily from different families and they are going to make changes.

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With this in mind, to use this page, scroll down to the comment section and leave a detailed comment about the problems you are having with the courts. However, PLEASE read the comments to see if someone else has already touched on an issue you came to tell us about and rather than telling us the same story, reply to the person who has a similar issue and make plans to daily get together and just annoy your elected officials to complete frustration until they make changes.

You are encouraged not to use your real name or identify any information that could lead to a Judge figuring out who you are and being vindictive against you. Additionally, we do not care if you choose not to leave a real email address as the information you present is all we need. However, if you are expecting a reply and you give us a fake email you will not get the reply notification, so please check back daily to see if we or other non-custodial family members have replied.

Rules for posting

  • Do not use your name, any member of your family, your child(ren), or the other party to your litigation in comments.
  • No threats against Judges, lawyers, Guardian Ad Litems, and DSS staff.
  • Do not make accusations against court staff. It is always best to use “In my opinion” and “I feel like” as this protects your right to free speech and keeps you out of hot water with defamation and slander.
  • We realize emotions run high, but please no cursing.
  • To leave information, please use the form below.



  1. Is there any way I can speak to a live person this is REALLY something I think u would like to fight and it would also help me too. It’s beyond unjust.


    Comment by James | February 29, 2016 | Reply

  2. I am a NCP parent sick of the bias here and I need some help. My support case is up for the 3 year reevaluation. I am extremely worried the evaluation will not be fair. The type of work I do is highway construction. We work a lot in the summer and get paid overtime. In the winter it is hard to make a 40 hour week, and get about 40% less pay. I understand NC is one of about ten states that takes overtime pay into consideration for the worksheet. What can I do? The first time I was evaluated I was working a similar job and she was working minimum wage. That made for an 800$ support order. I tried to change it based on the 15% change in income rule and the judge and his helper basically laughed me out of the court room. I have consulted lawyers for paid consultation for them to tell me 5k to start and no guarantees. I am forced to live with my parents and at one time was Massively in debt just to make the payments. She makes 30k a year less than me (no other income) and has a nicer truck than I do, a house on the water, horse, guns, etc. she moved 2.5 hours away and I put 400 miles on my truck every other weekend. That’s my responsibility to pay for the fuel and wear and tear? I’m pissed!


    Comment by Steve | August 24, 2017 | Reply

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