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Who should we use for marketing

It is imperative that we find some type of marketing strategy that will help us reach more and more non-custodial parents in the state. We need a consistent and far reaching plan if NC Fathers is going to grow and it looks like we are going to have to spend some money. I found an agency in Morehead City NC that looks to be very good and has a handle on all the dynamics but they expressed no interest in being retained given the controversial nature of our mission.

Please read that link I just outlined and consider us using Google adwords and other paid advertising methods on Facebook. I think there are a lot of non-custodial parents searching specific keywords that we are missing out on and it is imperative that that find this organization. Also, our marketing strategy should include a greater adherence to social marketing as the Facebook page has not been updated in quite a while.

Also, Lawrence has retained ncfathers dot com as a domain in case we want to start adding forums since Facebook filters how many people see each post.

Since I am in Morehead City I will continue to look for other agencies that might be able to help us or manage some content for us.

Update 12/6/2014 – I spoke with Lawrence today and he has the dot com version up and is ready. There was ab announcement today that Facebook will become a non-issue for those trying marketing on facebook and everyone is talking about building online communities via their websites now. So I will keep you up on that.

I did talk to the Morehead city company again but they are still a no go.

I agree with Lauren that the best marketing approach is to go to Twitter where (for right now) there is no filtering and we can data mine the entire network very easily.


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  1. Suz, I think I know someone that can help us in this area and will give them a call now. I did review the company in Morehead that you provided and I think this is an excellent way to go.


    Comment by Brian | December 1, 2014 | Reply

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