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NC Judicial Standards Commission and Non-Custodial Families

NC Judicial Standards CommissionThe NC Judicial Standards Commission is a initiative of the The NC Court System that is comprised of NC District and Superior Court Judges, Lawyers, and four NC citizens who must be appointed by the Governor and General Assembly. The Standards Commission sole responsibility is to take complaints from NC voters and those that want to file formal complaints for any alleged wrongdoings Judges in NC may commit while on the bench. NC Fathers is an organization of non-custodial FAMILIES, be it fathers (85% of the time), paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, paternal aunts and uncles, and other family members who have had ENOUGH of the extreme bias in the NC Family Courts. If you are reading this article, we ask that you review our GOAL and join our MAILING LIST so that you can b a part of this change. NC Fathers welcomes contact from any member of the NC Judicial Standards Commission to address our 1800 daily readers and several thousand member mailing list who are wondering where you stand on this historical bias.


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In reading more about the NC Judicial Standards Commission, and specifically their FAQs, the commission does not accept complaints for rulings involving alimony, child support, custody or visitation rights.

NC Fathers really had to sit back and laugh at this one, until we realized just how dangerous this is. There can be no ethics, misconduct, bias, or wrongdoings committed in these matters Justices?

Who is the Standards Commission Protecting? The 18 year long bankruptcy of parents who fight for 18 years because of the Bias in the Courts, which keeps lawyers very wealthy?

Do they realize that the NC Family Courts are antiquated and if they received complaints for these matters, they would be inundated with work?

Is the NC Judicial Standards Commission protecting the systematic money generation for Social Services, Lawyers, Lobby Groups, and Special Interest Groups that make money and derive power from the extreme dichotomy in the NC Family Courts?

Is there is SO much incredible abuse of discretion and mind blowing rulings that come from District Courts all over NC in Family Courts Matters because Judges realize there is no accountability?

NC Fathers also wants to point out that the NC Judicial Standards Commission giving NC Judges a pass in alimony, child support, custody or visitation rights cases, it is usually YOU the Non-Custodial Family that is going to suffer.

Despite the Standards Commission NOT hearing matters that involve NC Non-Custodial Families, WE STILL ASK THAT YOU SUBMIT COMPLAINTS. Perhaps at some point someone will get concerned when millions of these families generate one serious paper trail.

Contact or Submit Complaints to:

P.O. Box 1122
Raleigh, North Carolina 27602


Would the NC Judicial Standards Commission be all over these issues?

Here is even more troubling news for the NC Judicial Standards Commission. In NC, supposedly there is NO PRESUMPTION for who gets custody of children. However, the NC Administrative Offices of the Courts tell us that mothers get custody 85% of the time. Really? 85% of the time, and nobody stands up at the commission and wonders if there is a “standards” problem or presumption?

NC Fathers has to wonder what the NC Judicial Standards Commission, NC Judges, the Administrative Offices of the Courts, and elected officials would have to say about 85% of African Americans and Women still not being allowed to vote when “the system” tells us there is not a problem or bias?

Please click on the red and blue graphic below to see an exhaustive list of severe bias NC voting non-custodial family members face DAILY in the NC Court System. We ask that you particularly pay attention to the money generation for NC Social Services agencies via child support enforcement, as we believe it is this social policy and need for money that is alienating you from your children.

NC County Court

NC Judicial Standards Commission and MILLIONS of Non-Custodial Families

NC Fathers wants to remind NC Judges, and members of the NC Judicial Standards Commission that NC non-custodial families are a unique group of people who represent almost 62% of the population in North Carolina. Additionally, we represent millions of FEMALES in paternal families who are not seeing their grandchildren, step-children, and nieces and nephews but 4 days a month ASSUMING that our Sons/Husbands are not in jail for not being able to make financial ends meet, while custodial parents are receiving extensive medical, financial, education, housing assistance, and tax incentives to make those same financial ends meet.

We also want the NC Judicial Standards Commission to understand that we represent just as many women and men in African American, Asian, Hispanic, Caucasian, and other ethnic families who have had it with the bias.

NC Judicial Standards Commission – What We Are Asking

NC Fathers sincerely believes that the members of the NC Judicial Standards Commission have NO desire to see the current climate in the NC Family Courts change for several reasons. Therefore, we are NOT asking this commission to do anything. It is important to note that Lawyers make a TREMENDOUS amount of money in retainer fees for 18 years while two parents are routinely fighting in court. And, as long as someone is losing, it is assured that this income will continue to exists. And, it is important to understand that Judges ARE Lawyers, and realize the amount of power their lobby organization yields in Judicial elections. Moreover, we suspect the four citizens who serve on the Judicial Standards Commission were hand picked for a reason and are sympathetic to the agenda of the NC General Assembly and NC Governor.

But here is the problem for the NC Judicial Standards Commission, NC Judges, and elected Politicians. Nobody can deny the fact that our numbers, and diversity, is not an overwhelming group of voters who undoubtedly are mad as hell and tired of being treated like a second class visitor family 4 days a month.

Therefore, we are asking the hundreds of thousands of Non-Custodial parents in the State of NC to start inundating the NC Judicial Standards Commission with complaints each and every time you leave court with the same old judgments that have been handed down for decades. We can assure you, at some point, SOMEONE will recognize our significance when they receive thousands of complaints each day.

The NC Judicial Standards Commission should be ashamed that they are turning their back on MILLIONS of NC Non-Custodial Families While Money is Being Made.

Earlier in this article, we asked NC Judges and members of the NC Judicial Standards Commission to click on the red and blue graphic which clearly shows that the State of NC  is generating revenue on the back of non-custodial families having to pay child support to a big government agency which then funnels money back into the system to pay for Welfare and other Low Income Assistance Programs.

NC Fathers question to NC Judges and the Standards Commission is one that is troubling, if not disgusting. Are NC Judges realizing that it is very politically correct to deny fathers and his extended family equal parentage and access to their children so that there is a child support enforcement structure that replenishes money for State Programs? And, are you turning your back on over usage of discretion in Family Law Matters?

NC Fathers wants to make it very clear to the Standards Commission that millions of WOMEN and African Americans are still asking that question when it comes to their dealing in the NC Family Courts.

If after reading this article on the NC Judicial Standards Commission, you recognize the overwhelming and systematic bias in the NC Family Courts that we believe the commission is turning it’s back on for political reasons, we ask that you share this article with other non-custodial families on the major social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to help bring about awareness and momentum on these issues. We also remind you to join our MAILING LIST.

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