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Blue October and ACFC Unite; GUPI Film makes its debut to promote Shared Parenting

The rock band Blue October has officially united with the American Coalition for Fathers and Children (ACFC) to help promote Shared Parenting. Blue October’s lead singer Justin Furstenfeld decided to announce this partnership with ACFC after his own dealing in the Family Court system following his divorce. Their current album “Any Man in America” is a compilation of songs designed to tell the story of millions of non-custodial parents who are systematically alienated from their biological children by misguided politicians and judges who are bent on using federal legislation to promote special interest groups instead of solidifying the bond between fathers and their children.

Currently, Blue October, along with ACFC, is on a 47 city tour to help promote their current album and to meet others all over America who need and desire change in Family Courts.

We hope all NC readers will help support ACFC and Blue October as they work for millions of NC Fathers and their extended paternal families in the NC Legislature, as well as with US Senate and House members in Washington.

Additionally, award winning film producer Janks Morton has released a new documentary called “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” (GUPI) which exposes the world to the fact that VAWA laws are being used to alienate fathers from their children using either false domestic violence allegations or overly broad interpretations of what abuse is. No doubt, NC Fathers and their extended paternal families are aware how this insane tactic is being used to gain advantage in divorce and child custody cases, and with legislative and judicial blessings.

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