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Bea Hanson, U.S. DOJ Director On Violence Against Women Has a Problem

Bea Hanson, acting director of the united states department of justice on womenBea Hanson is the acting director of the United States Department of Justice’s Office of Violence Against Women who recently gave a comment on shared parenting and is working with the DOJ to make sure that family courts protect women and their children in the courts when they experience domestic violence. Read more here. As with most human beings, we applaud Bea Hanson in working to protect women and children who experience domestic violence, but there is one very huge problem that neither the Department Of Justice, the Office Of Violence Against Women, and the family courts want to acknowledge, and that is the fact that mothers commit domestic violence and they kill their children many times after they are awarded primary physical custody of their children. Yet, you don’t see any federal office that specifically addresses violence against men in the family courts do you? You don’t see this director talking about violence against your sons and brothers do you? And this folks, is why we have a bias in the family courts. This is why we time and time again demand that men and equally important, women in paternal families get on the same page and find a shared parenting or court reform organization in your state and get to work on attacking the misinformation that gender ideologues in the federal government push on the public in order to maintain an agenda. In this article, we are going to expose that agenda.

acting director at the DOJOn Tuesday, November 12, the U.S. Department of Justice announced the selection of four family courts to participate in the “Family Court Enhancement Project.” The purpose of the Family Court Enhancement Project is to alter family court practice and procedures when domestic violence and/or child abuse is alleged in child custody proceedings. The courts are located in Illinois, Oregon, Minnesota and Delaware. In regards to this, when the announcement was made about the DOJ intervening in the family courts, Bea Hanson has this to say — “In order to maintain safety for the entire family, it is crucial that judges weigh the dynamics of domestic violence and its impact on both adults and children when making custody and visitation decisions,” said Office of Violence Against Women Acting Director Bea Hanson. “Ensuring the safety of domestic violence victims and their children during and after court proceedings is an essential component of the FCEP. This project will provide guidance to courts around the country in implementing proven procedures and practices that keep victims and children safe.”

there is no excuse for domestic violence

Notice in her comment, she said nothing about women, and made a point to say all adults and their children. Like a good public servant at the federal level, Bea Hanson was minding her manners and not playing any gender card, but we suspect that she has every intention of only protecting women from violence, making sure that your sons are tagged as potential domestic violence offenders, and maintaining a very strict women and children centered court system at the demise of your sons and brothers that has existed for over a century.

As father’s rights and shared parenting groups continue to explode here in the United States, many groups who have always benefited financially and politically from a divisive family court system are getting worried. And, they need a very emotional and heart wrenching issue to come along to sway legislators and the public against equal parenting and there is no better way to do that than to say that if shared parenting is realized, more women and more children will be killed and abused by fathers. It is just that simple.

To see the usual scripted feminist narrative on domestic violence, one must look at the first two comments on this article below.

So what is the problem?

Bea Hanson, Why Won’t You Admit That Women Commit Domestic Violence And Kill Their Children As Custodial Parents?

Here is the problem Bea Hanson has, the mainstream media and government has done a great job at covering violence against women and mothers, but there is no news story in domestic violence against fathers and men. Because of this, many feminist organizations have capitalized on this issue and there is a massive industry that derives employment from, write books about, teaches college courses on, and provide services to women who have experienced violence. In short, these groups need male on female violence to exists so that organization and finances can continue to flow. In fact, the DOJ Office of Violence Against Women has an annual budget of $400 million dollars that allows Bea Hanson a lot of money to push an agenda.

I wonder what $400 million dollars would do for the many shelters across the country who have no political agenda other than to protect people from violence?

Why won’t this acting director admit that the federal governments own figures shows that domestic violence against men is 1 in 6? How many fathers in the 1 in 6 number are losing custody in the family courts Bea?

So with this said, many organizations are now maintaining their own list of domestic violence against men in marriages and relationships, along with women who kill their children. We have our own here and you are encouraged to share it on sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and other social networks for those in this county who want to end ALL violence, not just some violence. This list will be updated daily and we are working with another group on a stand alone website devoted solely on this issue.

NC Fathers finds it disturbing that Bea Hanson and the United States Department of Justice would use the Office of Violence Against Women to push a gender based program on the family courts while overlooking that the fact that women do commit violence.

With that, we have to wonder if the family courts are more concerned about protecting children, or waging a war on fathers and women in paternal families via the family courts.

Question for Bea Hanson

Questions Women In Non-Custodial Families Should Be Asking Bea Hanson And The DOJ

Daily, we hear from women in paternal families about the bias in the family courts against their sons, their brothers, and their new husbands. And each day we tell them that there is an industry that benefits from bias in the courts. The Domestic Violence industry and federal officials like Bea Hanson is the problem.

Americans have been socialized to believe that women are the only people experiencing domestic violence, that women are the only victims, and that your sons are the only aggressors. Until women in paternal families stand up to the U.S. Department of Justice on this issue, the powerful lobbyist in the domestic violence industry will have NO problem labeling your sons, brothers, and husbands as potential domestic violence offenders and then encourage legislators to maintain custody only for women, and no equal parenting.

director at the DOJ

Ask Bea Hanson to explain all the links to news reports of women sexually assaulting children, killing their kids, and killing their husbands and boyfriends. Ask the Office of Violence Against Women to explain why just today Crystal Mangum in the Duke Lacross rape case was found guilty of 2ns degree murder of her boyfriend as was found culpable in child abuse against her own children.

Violence against women only

Ask the Department of Justice to explain why your step-children and grandchildren have to experience violence at the hands of their custodial mothers.

Ask the acting director about the numbers of non-profits, authors, college professors, counselors, and others who get money because violence against women exists and ask her if the goal is to make sure that violence exists so these ideologues can take care of her politically.

Ask the director how $400 million dollars could help the state level domestic violence shelters.

Your comments on this article is greatly appreciated.


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  1. The reason that the DOJ has a office for women experiencing domestic violence is because statistically women face more violence and therefore need to be protected in the family courts. If shared parenting happens, more abusers will get access to their children and kill their ex-wife. It’s just that simple.


    Comment by Allison | November 23, 2013 | Reply

    • Allison, no your logic has a huge flaw.

      Consider the following two scenarios: On November 3rd, 2014 a daycare in Texas experiences the loss of 6 children due to an accident. On the same date, a daycare in North Carolina experiences the loss of 4 children due to an accident.

      Under your hypothesis, the DOJ should ONLY look into the loss of the 6 children while overlooking the loss of 4 children because of statistics.

      The fact is the loss of all 10 children should be looked at just like Bea Hanson should be looking at all children and the violence they experience and not just children experiencing violence at the hands of fathers.

      Good try though.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | November 23, 2013 | Reply

  2. Men are naturally violent and the links you have pointing to violence committed by women is not telling the whole truth. Women are not naturally violent, they are trained by the fathers to be violent through learning. There is a big difference.


    Comment by Amber in SC | November 23, 2013 | Reply

    • Amber, that is a interesting hypothesis. But let’s look at some figures. According to the latest census, 47% of children are born to a woman who is not married and likely has no idea who the father is. Again, 47% of all children in the United States.

      How are fathers in these cases training their daughters to be violent.

      And, quite frankly there is NO excuse for violence, not even learned violence. If that is the case, then we need to overlook male domestic violence as learned.

      Your statement is clearly misandric and sexist.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | November 23, 2013 | Reply

  3. Lundy Bancroft: Is this a male on female crime? The answer is yes; it is overwhelmingly a male on female crime. Certainly there are lesbian batterers who are abusing their female partners; there are gay male batterers who are abusing their male partners. But the people who are dying are not men who are being abused by women. I certainly know couples where the man is the nice guy and the woman is the not-nice person. It has nothing to do with who is nice people or who’s not nice people. It’s not that image of the world where somehow men are bad and women are good. But it’s about tyranny and it’s about fear and intimidation and it’s about the belief that you have the right to create fear and intimidation, and that you can count on other people to back you up. And when you really look at all those factors, how many women are going to be able to create that electrified, charged atmosphere of intimidation and degradation over a man, and get that electrified, charged atmosphere of intimidation and degradation that makes domestic violence what it is? I think it’s very important to say this always in the modern world because the abusers have been able to create all this [hand gesture suggesting “misinformation”] … people are apologetic now about referring to this as a male on female crime. And we need to stop apologizing for that. That’s overwhelmingly what it is: you’ve got to call things what they are. It’s very important as we look at some of this media where you get some specific messages suggesting that it’s a roughly equal crime, a roughly equal problem. I also want to say I don’t believe in a dispassionate, academic way of thinking about domestic violence. And I’ve done some academic writing and I believe in that when it’s the right place for it. The right outlook is outrage – about what’s being done to women.


    Comment by Jairica | December 2, 2013 | Reply

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