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Judy Chaet, Operations Director, Turns Her Back On NC Violence?

Judy Chaet, Operations Director at the NC Coalition Against Domestic ViolenceJudy Chaet is the operations director of the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence who is charged with administering lobby efforts within the State of NC. This article is going to call out Judy Chaet on the NCCADV’s gender discrimination and use of gender and sexual politics to misinform the public about Domestic Violence in the State of North Carolina. I also want to make it very clear to Women in paternal families that this organization is directly involved in lobby efforts to quash any talks of equally shared parenting in the State of NC on the grounds that your sons, brothers, husbands, and fathers are likely and probable domestic violence offenders who would kill his ex-spouse and children if he had more time with them. Of course, we are going to ask Judy Chaet if this is true, why isn’t there a massive murder spree every other weekend when Men get their children, and ask her to explain the psychology that says Men will only kill their children and ex-wife if they have their children 5+ days a month but won’t less than 4 days a month. Our belief is that attacking Domestic Violence globally requires every breathing person on this planet to stand up to do so and we are sorry to see the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Judy Chaet devolve to gender and sexual politics in order to more funding. In short, this organization gives us the impression that they are not at all concerned about Domestic Violence, but rather radical feminist theories covered up by this issue and we are asking Women concerned that their sons will be caught up in a zero evidenced based false allegation one day and be found guilty on the bad laws this organization promotes, and most certainly Women in paternal families.


The video below makes ALL the points we could possibly make in this article. This video shows three things, that Women have learned that by making false allegations of male on female violence she can win any argument, or get anything she needs. Notice how right before she threatens to call 911 she says “you just kicked me in the stomach”, WHILE the other female in the room supports it. Then, she used her unborn child to further inflame the issue, THEN commits violence twice. This is what Judy Chaet and the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence are teaching young women. This is happening to your sons daily. This is patriarchy? What IS likely in this situation is that every male in this house would have been arrested, while the females aren’t had the police been called.  And, here is ANOTHER PERFECT example. Boys have been stigmatized as always the batterer, girls and women know this and feel empowered that they will not face consequences.

there is no excuse for domestic violence

Why are we writing this article? On The NCCADV website, they list the reasons for Domestic Violence in NC as patriarchy and gender oppression which is clearly aimed just at Men leading us to believe that this organization is more about politics than violence. Nowhere do they mention alcohol and substance abuse, mental and emotional abuse, poverty, loss of employment, or other stressors that unfortunately leads to  humans lashing out in violence when there is no support system in place to help them cope. Additionally, this organization offers no help for the domestic batterer leading us to believe they are here to simply profit from violence instead of preventing it in the first place. Why is that? We think it has a lot to do with the $550,000 million dollars a year organizations like this receive from the government to end violence and professional lobbyist need their money!

Domestic Violence Worker Arrested For Domestic Violence

And, this article is not condemning feminism who advocate equality for everyone. This article is condemning radical feminism and their hatred of you, your sons, brothers, fathers, and husbands. Whenever we see the words “patriarchy”, which is a buzzword seen often in radical feminist circles, it is a clue that what will spill from their organization is that Men are guilty for everything wrong in the world.

Coalition at University Campus

To make our point obvious, why is Judy Chaet and their Board of Directors not joining other mainstream Domestic Violence organizations in calling for KFC to remove this video?

After gender neutral domestic violence groups petitioned KFC to remove the video clearly showing that we accept and capitalize on female on male violence, they pulled the video.

Why is Judy Chaet, others at the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and their Board Of Directors not calling out the Salisbury Post for leaving this image up on the public Internet where four Women encourage and make light of female on male Domestic Violence? What would she tell Travis Alexander’s family in regards to female on male violence not being deadly?

Can you imagine what the response would be if a man posted this on Facebook? Yet, it’s OK that women can joke about domestic violence? Is this what NCCADV is advocating for here in the State? That violence and jokes about it is OK as long as it isn’t towards women only?



Judy Chaet condones violence in NC

Of course Judy will simply pull out her scripted radical feminist scripted statement outlining how Women are FAR more the victims of Domestic Violence than Men and that any acts of violence on Men is rare. We will address that below in the numerous amounts of data on the Internet showing female on male violence. But to address her statement, we don’t disagree, but that still does not mitigate that your organization is turning it’s back on Domestic Violence.

Here are our thoughts on Judy’s assumed logic, the latest statistics put out by the government shows that Women text and drive at far greater numbers than Male drivers. In this scenario, would Judy Chaet call for a media blitz on just female drivers or sponsor legislation that called for female drivers to go through counseling? Or, would she focus on texting and driving by everyone in hopes of ending this issue all together?

Domestic Violence experts warn that violence does not always come in the form of hitting, as it can also entail psychological and emotional power often characterized as things only Men can do. But with that said, how does the NCCADV explain these four Women?

How does Judy explain this Woman?

Or this Woman?

How does the NCCADV Operations Director explain this one?

Even the Huffington Post (shocking I know) is finding female abusers.

Posts related to Judy Chaet and the NC Coalition Of Domestic Violence showing real world examples of female on female/child violence that the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence hides on their website – Beth Froehling, Nancy Emslie, Gregory Currie.

At the end of the day, we suspect that Judy Chaet will sit in her glass house and stand by her feminist logic and will have nothing to do with female on male violence because it does not fit the narrative and mission of this organization which is fine. But this organization is going to continue to provide real world examples each day of data showing that Women are perpetrators of Domestic Violence on Men and their Children, as well as asking NC legislators to explain why the NCCADV continues to get Federal and State money to promote violence.

Another issue that continues to concern us and lead us to the conclusion that the NCCADV actually benefits from violence is that we see non programs that actually address ending violence except for victims. It seems to use Judy Chaet thinks that transferring assets from Men to Women, putting them in jail, stigmatizing them, and causing loss of employment somehow stops the cycle of violence. Is it possible that the reason this organization is not  providing or bringing to light problems that address this issue is because they don’t want it to stop so they can continue to get Congressional money to fund their political organizations by exploiting pictures of Women who have been beaten in the media?

Judy Chaet, NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Does This Look Like Violence To You?

We suspect Judy Chaet will be all too happy to put a video up of a Woman yelling “please stop, please stop, please stop” as a Man is beating her, but is mute on this?

Judy, the misconception that Women can’t do just as much damage to Men when acting violently still hold true?

Naturally protective Mother…

There is no mention or data on the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence website about female on female violence, leading the untrained reader to think only Men commit Violence. Is this by design Judy?

We wonder if Judy Chaet condones Women beating their husbands just hours after marriage?

Judy, even the national media is picking up on Female on Male Domestic Violence and Murder, why isn’t the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence? Because it isn’t newsworthy, because Men deserve it, because it does not drive funding?

Can Judy Chaet and the NC Coaltion Against Domestic Violence explain why ABC News is picking up on the disparity in Male on Female violence and Female on Male Violence, and did so many years ago?

Woman hits her child with a bat to prove to her husband she in untouchable. Which brings up a good point, has all the media attention Domestic Violence Women’s group flood the media and Internet with as it relates to just Male on Woman violence in an effort to control the narrative just let to Women feeling like they cannot be perpetrators of violence and that the Man will always be arrested?

Yes Judy Chaet, even Pia Zadora gets arrested for domestic battering on her Son.

Uh oh, the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence operations director has a problem, even the Mayo Clinic now has facts.

Quoting this pioneer: “Crick is internationally known for her innovative research on relational forms of aggression. Relational aggression, defined as behaviors that harm others via damage to relationships, includes acts such as using social exclusion or spreading malicious rumors. Evidence indicates that girls are more likely to engage in relational forms of aggression than the physical forms of aggression that have previously captured the majority of empirical attention.”

Judy Chaet, And More Female Perpetuated Domestic Violence Revealed. Where Is The Coalition On This?

Judge calls Woman a “manipulative narcissist who convinced her own father to murder her ex-husband.”

And it continues today, the NCCADV operations director needs to explain this to NC supporters. How easy is it to make an allegation resulting in a felony stop and have gun pointed to your head if you are a Man and the one making the allegation is a Woman? Well just ask this Eden, NC guy.

Judy, I thought Women didn’t put guns to the head of their children in North Carolina?

Another day of Women committing sexual abuse of underage boys in the classroom. Sex crimes, 5 boys, Woman teacher. Where is the gender oppression and patriarchy Judy?

If I could sit down with Judy Chaet and the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence and tell them ONE thing, it would be that WOMEN in paternal families Are seeing Women (ex of their Sons) being violent and using false allegations of violence and they should be careful in making this all Men’s fault. Here is a perfect example, Mother of a male child has to call the police because a female teacher is having inappropriate sexual relations with her son. And this from one of the Internets most pro-Woman websites.

Surely Judy Chaet remembers Crystal Mangum?

Mets pitcher Kris Benson heard begging 911 operator for help after estranged wife breaks into his home dressed all in black, wearing a bulletproof vest and brandishing a gun. The Woman was booked into the county jail on assault charges. Judy, want to guess what the charge would be if Mrs. Benson was Mr. Benson?

An 80 year old Woman KILLS husband with a baseball bat in 2013. Judy, so I guess the fact that Men always do more damage when they commit violence is not true after all? You want to tell the WOMEN in Travis Alexander’s family that?

Murder for hire!

Again, the NCCADV has a problem parading JUST Women across the media with bruises telling legislators that only patriarchy and gender oppression is the cause of Domestic Violence. Shame on you Judy.

Woman attempts to kill her husband.

Will Judy Chaet and the NCCADV accept the fact that Women try to have their husbands killed for life insurance? Doubtful, because it does not fit in with the feminist narrative or help in their fundraising.

Visit Yes She Does to see female perpetrated domestic violence in all U.S. States.

How in the world this organization is getting Federal and State money to publicly disseminate misinformation aimed at stigmatizing Men and Young Boys is beyond me and we are encouraging readers to share this article with NC Legislators today and ask them why. Once you do, use the comment section below to let us know which legislator you contacted and if he / she contacted you back because we will be HAPPY to call them out on this as well.

And, we hope you will share this article on Judy Chaet with friends and family on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter who have an interest in ending ALL violence in North Carolina.


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  1. I hope the NCCADV doesn’t forget this local classic in Raleigh, NC.
    “Loving mother and caring wife”…Ann Miller Kont


    Comment by Navin R. Johnson | August 14, 2013 | Reply

  2. I just went through all five pages and WOW, so how do they miss this? Sounds like Judy Chaet and this coalition against domestic violence has some explaining to do.


    Comment by Ricky D | September 5, 2013 | Reply

  3. OK the link to the Facebook page of women who are putting up MEMEs about castrating men and shooting this is supposed to be seen as humorous and I don’t know why you can’t see that? Can’t these girls just blow off some steam and frustration at a very real problem they live with?


    Comment by Ann | December 22, 2013 | Reply

    • Ann thank you for making this comment. Did you really just say that women have an excuse to castrate, drown, and lynch men? Would you be OK with that if a man said it? See my concern is that the NCCADV is doing such a good job of socializing the world that men are the only domestic offenders that women have learned that it is not OK for men to do that, but haven’t learned that it is not OK for them either and we are seeing that with an explosion of female violence no matter how gender based political organizations like this one want to suppress it.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | December 22, 2013 | Reply

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