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Abortion, Adoption, Safe Haven Laws, and Lies

abortion, adoption, safe haven lawsBefore we begin our article, we realize this post will be very controversial and our opposition will attempt to divide us by saying we are pro/anti abortion, adoption, and safe haven laws. We are neither, and that is not the point of this article. The point of this article is to point out the hypocrisy surrounding the absent father phenomina and these issues.

Daily, across America, Judges, Politicians, and other special interest groups point to the numbers of men who are either absent from children’s lives, behind on child support, in jail because of child support, and countless other wacky things these people say to further their agendas. NC Fathers thought it was time to bring a dose of reality to this issue, because we think many of our readers think that there will never be reform in the NC Family Courts and with Social Services because there is no escaping the fact that many men across America and NC are absent fathers. The problem here is that fathers do not have the option to abort, adopt out, or give a child to a safe haven facility when they can’t afford children, aren’t ready to be a father, or what not. In America, if a man helps conceive a child he is not prepared to take care of, we say “Oh well, you shouldn’t have engaged in sex”, but we tell mothers that it is ok to escape that responsibility via abortion, adoption, or safe haven facilities.

When you give one group of people federal and state authority to end a pregnancy, adopt out, or give up a child, but there isn’t that option for another group, then of course you are going to have higher numbers of “absent” people on one side. Do you think if Dad’s had the option to force an adoption, abortion, or safe haven placement for children they didn’t want that there would be this problem we have with absent or disinterested fathers?


Additionally, if a mother does decide to bring a child into the world, but is STILL uncapable of taking care of the child financially, then we give her extensive medical assistance, educational assistance, housing assistance, job assistance, financial assistance, and tax incentives to make it. I can assure you if these options were available to fathers, there would be less men in jail and more child support being payed. But no, there is a need to stigmatize fathers in NC to keep them in line with the NC Family Court Industry.

NC County Court

Now, our organization is very sure that Politicians and Judges know that they use the “absent father” issue as a political football to help secure power, votes, and money at election time and stay in the good graces of the MANY special interest groups that have an interest in making sure women and children are taken care of at the fathers’ expense, and we also know that if abortion, adoption, safe haven laws, and welfare did not exists there would be just as many women creating children via recreational or irresponsible sex that would not, or could not take care of children. But you will NEVER hear Judges and Politicians say that because there are MANY special interest groups who are well funded and have massive power in elections who would eat them alive for saying it. This is exactly why there is so much bias in the Family Courts, there are watchful eyes in Raleigh and across the courts who make sure that Judges rule in favor of custodial mothers.

Until there is an EQUAL power of non-custodial FATHERS, STEP-MOTHERS, PATERNAL GRANDPARENTS, AND PATERNAL AUNTS AND UNCLES, as well as friends of the families that start standing up to these Judges and Politicians then we will always have bias in the courts, and Judges and Politicians who perpetuate the notion that fathers are bad and mothers are good, and point to the number of absent fathers as proof.

These Judges and Politicians are LYING to the media, you, and others to make sure that the courts stay divisive so that child support enforcement can continue to secure money for Welfare and Low Income Assistance Programs, making lawyers richer, and keeping special interest groups happy.

NC Fathers is asking fathers, step-mothers, paternal grandparents, and paternal aunts and uncles to stop buying in to the custodial parent crap that they are good, and you are bad. Stop allowing Judges and Politicians to use flawed data to justify their bias and need for money, power, and votes. There are 4.7 million of you in a state that has a population of 9.8 million people. And, each day, in all 100 counties in NC, SEVEN new non-custodial families are created.

Isn’t it time we use our numbers to bite the hand that is not feeding us? Please join our MAILING LIST and FACEBOOK  PAGE.

Judge J Gary Dellinger - Catawba County NC District and Family Court


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