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Child Custody: Is YOUR NC Lawyer To Blame?

NC LawyerAre NC Lawyers to blame for the massive and systematic discrimination and bias that exists in the NC Family Courts? This article will explore many of the reasons why NC Fathers believes that the NC Defense Attorney’s Association and the American Bar Association are directly related to millions of NC non-custodial fathers, paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, paternal aunts and uncles, and numbers of other family members to having equal access and parentage to their children. After reading this article, we ask that you review our GOAL and join our MAILING LIST so that we can build a massive lobby organization of NC non-custodial families who due to their shear numbers can force sweeping changes in the NC Family Courts. We also ask that you read THIS DOCUMENT.


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Child Custody: Is YOUR NC Lawyer To Blame?

Before we begin our article on NC Lawyers and their relation to you and your child custody matter, we ask that you click on the RED and BLUE graphic below to refresh your memory on the many gross diversities that exist in the NC Family Courts which always alienate you from your children.

NC County Court

NC Fathers hears from non-custodial parents daily (typically a father 85% of the time) who tell us that they have spent tens of thousands of dollars with NC Lawyers who promised them the world when it comes to traversing the NC Courts, Child Custody, and Child Support Enforcement matters. And, the conversation always ends with these parents lamenting about how their lawyers achieved NOTHING and that they were given the usual and historical marginalized visitor role who pays a federal agency to be active in their kids lives 4 days a month.

NC Lawyers, the American Bar Association, and their stance on EQUAL Shared Parenting

The American Bar Association and NC Defense Attorney Association, next to radical Women’s Rights Groups, are the SINGLE largest lobby that is OPPOSED to join custody and/or equal shared parenting. Yet, each day in NC, these same lawyers accept $5000 retainers and promise that they will do everything possible and fight hard for your equal representation in your kids lives. The problem here is that your idea of “being involved” and their idea of “being involved” is NOT in tandem. For NC Fathers, and their extended families, the idea of being involved is having equal parentage and access to children, without a federal agency defining how that happens. For NC Lawyers, the idea of you being involved is having some level of unequal visitation and induction into a federal enforcement agency.

NC Fathers wants to make it VERY CLEAR, lawyers associations give a variety of reason why they do not support joint custody or equal parenting, but the reality is they are protecting their $5000 retainers that they know two parents will pay out every few years (sometimes months) for 18 years. And, to point our the blaring hypocrisy, NC Lawyers’ reasons for not advocating for equal parentage is that it is not in the best interest of children. But, is it in a child’s best interest to have their parents fighting monthly in a system that rewards one parent ONLY, and having them spend hundreds of thousands of dollars?

NC Fathers STRONGLY believes that the money NC parents spend with lawyers in a system that ensures them fighting is DOUBLE the amount of child support arrears that is owed in NC.

Many NC non-custodial parents and their families make the mistake in believing that Judges and Lawyers have no relation, and that Judges are there to be neutral arbitrators in the courts. In a perfect system, where ethics and morality are assured, that might be reasonable.

The reality is that the NC Lawyers Associations are a VERY powerful, well entrenched, and well funded lobby group(s) who remind Legislators and Judges of their ability to affect elections daily. Do you really see NC Lawyers advocating for a system that does not keep a healthy inflow of money monthly? In the American political system, are special interest groups and lobbyist not the wheel that drives the system? Do you have as much power and money as these groups? This is why you LOSE.

In the United States, there is really no well defined and ultra powerful organization fighting for equality in the Family Courts, but there are many fighting against you. One of the BIGGEST is the State of NC. What few NC non-custodial families realize is that you are FUNDING Welfare and Social Services Low Income Assistance Programs. And, be very sure that Low Income lobby groups are a well defined lobby that other well defined lobby groups respect and need.

How are you funding Welfare? If you clicked on the link to Welfare above, you will be taken to a GOVERNMENT website that outlines the historical marriage between child support and Welfare. In the early days of federal child support legislation, politicians wrote language into the Social Security Act that provides the State of NC REVENUE for each dollar in child support collected. Right now, that federal match is around 100%. This means that for every ONE dollar collected in child support, the Social Security Act makes available one dollar back to US States that can be used to fund dwindling Welfare programs.

NC Fathers has no problem with funding of Welfare programs, but our organization does point out one thing. If the State of NC has no money to fund the increasing usage of Welfare, and there is a system in place where people paying child support makes that money available, then the State has an incentive in you NOT having equal parentage and access to your children so that you pay more child support dollars into the system. In fact, the US Federal Government and the State of NC makes no bones about this incentive, as it is what the legislation is NAMED.

In short, very powerful lobby groups that NC Lawyers belong to do NOT like to go up against other equally powerful lobby groups. NC has no non-custodial families lobby, so you are an easy target.

NC Lawyers, Judges, and Legislators vs. Non-Custodial Families

As you can see, there are very multiple, well defined, and ultra powerful organizations and entities who have incentives to maintain the dangerous Family Courts. And, like NC Lawyers, each has it’s own lobby groups that further these groups agendas. With this, it may seem like nothing can be done about this correct? Wrong!

As stated earlier, NC non-custodial families have no defined lobby group that can fight on your behalf. But consider these facts:

  • Given a Divorce rate of around 51%, we surmise that non-custodial fathers represent about 23% of the voting population in NC.
  • Putative fathers (father of a child born out of wedlock) increase the 23% figure dramatically.
  • When you add in JUST two WOMEN in the paternal family who are equally stung in the NC Family Courts, the 23% figure jumps to an overwhelming number.
  • Non-Custodial Fathers and WOMEN in the family come from every single ethnic background in NC. This issue affects African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and Caucasians equally.

If every single one of these family members would coalesce on this issue and use your power as voters, you could change the NC Family Courts and Lawyers in one election cycle. You are already a majority of voters that NO Legislator, Judge, or established lobby organization will want to face.

If you are tired of being treated like a marginalized second class visitor family who only needs 4 days a month visitation, and you are tired of sending money to a federal agency that makes money available to Welfare recipients while keeping you alienated from your children, and you have a deep seated anger towards NC Lawyers, Legislators, and Judges for disrupting your kids life for financial and political gain, then we ask that you join our MAILING LIST, GET ANGRY, and share this article extensively on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

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