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NC County Child Protective and Social Services Complaints

NC County Child Protective (CPS) and Social Services ComplaintsNC Fathers is encouraging parents who are currently involved in a NC County Department of Social Services (DSS) and Child Protective Services (CPS) case where social workers and supervisors have taken your children away from you and put them in to foster care, have prevented you from seeing a child, to have supervised visits while a child is in kinship care, or has completely terminated your parental rights and adopted your child(ren) out. NC Fathers believes in the past 5 years NC County Department of Social Services agencies and Child Protective Services have dropped their reunification mission and are now aggressively targeting children they can take and keep for years in foster care while receiving state and federal money when they could be assisting parents or a parent in getting the help they need to better their lives and be more of a functional parent.


NC Fathers also believes that NC County Department of Social Services agencies along with Child Protective Services are aligning with state adoption agencies in a campaign to make sure there are a fresh batch of adoptable children made available to them no doubt with money at stake.

nc county social services complaints

NC Family Courts and Parents

We believe that directors with state social services agencies have taken a page from the family law attorney rule book and have learned that if they can inflame situations instead of being services driven, they can reap federal money for longer periods of time (as lawyers do with billing) and keep social workers payed and the county social services budget funded.
UPDATE 9/2015 – Today we had an individual comment on this blog and dared us to list one tangible way that a NC County Department of Social Services and Child Protective Services department is abusive to parents and not about families, so we thought that we would oblige them.

The department’s claim: We are about serving NC County families. We have value in both parents and both set’s of extended family members.

First Example: A NC County DSS insures that a custodial parent gets food stamps, educational benefits to go to school, Medicaid, Section 8 housing, WIC, and child support. If the custodial parent wants to make it a career, no problem.

If the non-custodial parent has a life event happen, or crisis and gets hungry, there is no food stamps. Need help going to school? Get a loan. Need medical care, pay for it. Need housing? Pay for it. Need help financially? Sorry, go to jail.

The Department is NOT about family unless their definition of family is the custodial parent, child(ren), and the custodial extended family.

Example two: The Department is VERY STRICT about child support because they know it triggers federal money. Don’t let the department catch you not paying child support. The department knows FULL well that custodial parents deny court ordered visitation all the time and that a non-custodial parent has no way to remedy that unless they have $5000. The denial of visitation is parental alienation, which is child abuse and they do not care, nor will you see DSS lobby groups touch the issue.

NC Fathers believes that the only parents who should not be seeing their children, or who should lose rights to a natural child are parents who absolutely refuse to change abusive and dysfunctional ways, not parents who are willing to get help.

NC Fathers believes that NC County Department of Social Services and Child Protective Services preys on poverty stricken parents who can not afford a $5000 attorney whenever social services wants to file a petition, or when one parent using a false allegation to get social services involved and that parent can’t afford an attorney to remedy the situation.

NC Fathers believes that county social services agencies are particularity totalitarian with non-custodial parents over custodial parents because they realize that non-custodial parents are a federal trigger of Title IV-D federal funds that get’s dropped in to the lap of social services each year.

NC Fathers takes issues with many child protective services social workers making very critical decisions when a worker only has a four year degree in some type of human services field, and we take issue with county judges who just rubber stamp social services petitions or recommendations.

NC Fathers believes that NC County social services agencies and child protective services is overwhelmed with caseloads due to the anonymous reporting system where people are using social services to make radical false allegations hoping that something sticks when that parent is about to enter a child custody lawsuit and needs the other parent neutralized.

NC Fathers believes that NC social services agencies dragging out cases for years and preventing parents from seeing children is parental alienation and highly abusive to voters and children.

NC Fathers believes that non-custodial parents and the amount of people who are involved in social services actions and petitions each year are a huge population of voters and it is time we come together and make sure that they begin again their policy of reunification with natural parents and do better jobs of realizing when one parent or other family member is manipulating them to gain favor in a child custody hearing.

NC County Department of Social Services (DSS) and Child Protective Services Complaints

Immediate Action needed:

Using the comment system below, and NOT using your real name, leave a detailed comment on which county social services agency in NC you are dealing with now, or have dealt with in the past, and have your say on how they handled your cases ineffectively and could have handled it a different way so that a child can have access to both natural parents. In your complaints about DSS and CPS, do NOT use anyone’s name as it really has no bearing on what we attempt to achieve.

We want to maintain a statewide repository of parents who have lost children to overly aggressive CPS actions where natural parents lost children to adoption or where social services aided another parent in a child custody case.

We do ask that you subscribe to replies and use your real email address so that when we reply, you will get our message. Your email address is NOT publicly available in your comment.

Additionally, we ask that you extensively share this document with other families on social media so that we can reach more people.

Once we get 5,000 comments and 5,000+ people aligned with this cause, we are going to begin a very strong lobby campaign with NC Representatives and Senators and literally make their phone rings off the hook hourly and daily until changes are made.

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  1. My case resides in Salisbury, NC. Rowan County is Incompetence an environment of people who have grown up and never left the village. These lawyers, judges, social workers, and agency owners have all grown up together and it’s all about who you know or your family. This city is extremely segregated by color and money. But at the end of the day and for my case money talks. My ex and I never lived in the City of Salisbury together only worked and during my separation I moved to this awful town to be close to my job. Little did I know my ex husband hired a well known attorney who may have lacked a lot of law skills but knows all the judges. Due to that fact alone , my ex who wasn’t seeking full custody was granted full custody. His allegations according to court documents and testimony of witnesses were unfounded. The court could not prove any of his allegations to be true but the Judge who has since stepped down in his young age (forced out as a result of Poor Judgement), felt as though I had erred in moving on with my life and the legal separation agreement meant absolutely nothing in regards to being a good parent to our sons. My ex was given physical custody while I have secondary custody with reasonable visitations. I’ve lost everything, job and communication with my sons.

    When he blacked my 8 year old sons eye and the school reported the case, social service came to my house instead of his in Charlotte. Nothing was done and I later found out that the social worker was a former student of his. He was trying to get her to ask me a series of questions in order to use against me in an Alienation of Affection case that he lost! Everyone knows everyone in these small towns and if you’re an outsider like me with no money, your kids will go to whoever has the most dollars to spend. It’s all about money not how it affects the kids. My sons have been without a mother for almost three years come November. My ex continues to alienate me from the kids and he speaks disperingly of me and my family. He has zero reason to to any of this but he’s like many angry parents who take their resentment out of the kids. The main hurtful point is that he’s 63 and probably won’t be around to see the negative effects his behavior has caused with our sons. I’m not going to stop advocating for our sons. I will never rest until someone hears me and gives my case a chance without charging me $5000 up front. I’m not seeking full custody but the same rights and time as my ex husband. He can have the child support that he requires me to pay to him.
    I feel powerless as to what happens to them and my kids see me that way as well.

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    Comment by Rowan County NC | September 1, 2015 | Reply

  2. Publicly of course, the agency abhors abuse, neglect, and dependency and is “all about the children” a term to make any corruption overlooked because it’s for the kids. Privately, abuse and neglect keeps feminist trained man hating anti-father social workers payed and federal and state money coming in to the agency. Peripheral industries such as lawyers, doctors, and psychologist love it because it’s a new incoming batch of people to bill and feed meds to.

    Why do you think social services spends money on foster care instead of actually fixing people?

    They don’t care about allegations, any allegation will do. They love the preponderance of the evidence courts, the lawyers love to bill, judges and politicians love to say “It’s for the kids” at political luncheons meanwhile everyone is making money off the system.

    Less abuse, less money coming in to the agencies. Child protective services complaints and mismanagement is about cocky young totalitarian kids fresh out of college with an ideology and agenda to fulfill, constant turnover rates and burn out, anger and control. It’s all social services.

    Your average stay in the Craven County Department of Social Services is about a year even if you follow their orders and found not guilty of the original complaint, they stay in, take money from the feds, you hear from them maybe once a month and cattle call you out the door with as less done as the month before but a fresh new batch of orders and people to see and spend money with.

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    Comment by Jimmy | September 1, 2015 | Reply

  3. Orange county investigated, and found that they thought I had molested my daughter. Everything that my daughter said was twisted and my ex wife filled them with lies and tried to twist my daughter as well. After almost 3 years of having supervised custody, 2 nights in jail, $20,000 + dollars, 5 felony charges, and a lifetime of scars.
    All charges was dropped, and I now have primary custody of my daughter, which was signed over to me by my ex the day before my hearing for full custody.

    Now my ex has remarried the new husband was arrested for class 4 and 6 drugs after dropping my daughter off and told her to use a knife on him to kill him if she hated him so much.
    I called social services and it was turned over to Durham county and is being investigated right now. But I was told they would not do anything at this point.
    I am fuming mad at how lies can do so much harm and caught in the act means nothing!
    Also it took Durham 7 days to start an investigation after the first call. Not following their on rules either. It’s like they’re above the law and they’re job effects so many people’s lives.

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    Comment by John Brown | September 1, 2015 | Reply

    • You are one lucky man, you don’t see too many Men come back from sexual allegations, once that allegation is made you are pretty much done for even if acquitted. And, everyone knows it and why it’s used.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | September 1, 2015 | Reply

  4. We have an ongoing saga with CPS in Rockingham County. My husband’s ex-wife will call because she has always wanted his parental rights taken away ever since the first custody hearing. However, the worst was a little over two years ago.

    In January of 2013 my step-son informed us that his mother got engaged to her long-time boyfriend. Keep in mind that the man she became engaged to is a 4-time convicted felon and, per the custody agreement, is not allowed to have overnight visitation while my step-son is in the home. We knew he was living there, but couldn’t prove it without hiring a private investigator. At the time he was on the sex-offender registry in Stokes County, but “living” in Rockingham County.

    In February the fiance asked my husband what it would take to change the custody agreement. My husband rattled a couple of things off the top of his head that he would like. Nothing major like visitation amounts or having a say so in healthcare for his son.

    In the beginning of March we got a call from Rockingham County CPS and a visit from Guilford County CPS. My husband’s ex-stepdaughter said that he had molested her while her mother and he were still together over seven years ago. We told them about the engagement and custody agreement. At first they were on board with us, but that quickly changed. We were told that it had been determined that she was telling the truth by a “forensic psychologist”. The details we were given was that that it happened on multiple occasions, it started in the 4th or 5th grade (she couldn’t remember exactly), it happened at home and in the car (1993 Chevrolet Silverado extended cab), and it was always with her clothes on. That’s it. I was made to sign an agreement that I would not leave my step-son alone with my husband. We were also told that the mother had NOTHING to do with the allegations. Remember that.

    At first we tried to cooperate. Law enforcement became involved. I started doing some research on false accusations and across the board the advice was to hire a lawyer. So we did. Our first consultation was free. He advised us to tell both CPS and law enforcement that he “had given his statement and there was nothing further he could say to exonerate himself.” Above all, DO NOT go in for a Voice Stress Test at the sheriff’s department. He said that my husband could take an independent polygraph if he felt the need and submit the results to both CPS and the sheriff’s dept.

    During this time we got with the sheriff’s department ourselves after having to call the SBI about the sex offender living in a county he wasn’t registered in. They kept trying to pass the buck between counties, but Rockingham took up the gauntlet because they knew he was living there but had to have indisputable proof. They were having a very difficult time gathering that. We found out that it was against the law for the sex offender to be at my step-son’s ball games. He was arrested at the ball field.

    In April, a federal judge let the fiance off the sex offender registry despite him having a history of violating the registry and having outstanding charges. Per the sheriff’s department in Stokes County, the judge told the DA that his history and new charges had nothing to do with letting him off the registry. Rockingham County dropped their charges after that.

    We submitted the independent polygraph report that was given by a state licensed examiner that cost us $500 to CPS and law enforcement sometime around May/June. By the way, my husband passed with flying colors and the examiner said there was no doubt in his mind that my husband was telling the truth and that what was being done to him was criminal. CPS flat out told us that because it was not given by law enforcement that they couldn’t take into account the findings. We heard nothing from law enforcement.

    Finally, at the end of June, we had had enough and started pressing for closure on the case. CPS got with law enforcement who told them that no charges would be pressed because there was no way they could prove the case. So, what does CPS do? They substantiate the case because the “forensic psychologist” said she was telling the truth. At the beginning of July CPS informed him that they were going to put his name on the Responsible Individuals List (RIL). For those not familiar with the RIL, it’s a list of individuals who are guilty of child abuse or neglect whether they’ve been convicted in a court of law. In other words, if CPS says you’re guilty, your name goes on the list. You will not be able to get a job working in a school, daycare, or basically working with children. You can’t even be a janitor or drive a bus. You can fight to keep your name off the list. Which means your fight CPS in a court of law yourself or hire a lawyer. We chose to hire a lawyer at a cost of $1000. Luckily, they lifted the ban about my husband being alone with his son.

    Three weeks after CPS substantiated the case, the ex-wife asks my step-son what he thinks about her fiance, the 4-time convicted felon, adopting him. And the mother had NOTHING to do with the allegations?

    The case was supposed to be heard in September, but got postponed until early November. We won. My husband’s name is not on the RIL. However, CPS still has the substantiation on file.

    Here’s what we found out about the allegations while we were waiting for the court date:

    1) Rockingham County violated the policy manual. They never, not once, asked my husband for a collateral that had knowledge of his relationship with the accuser. Instead, they used the collateral that he provided to Guilford County that pertained to the safety of MY children. Not the girl that made the accusation. When I pointed this out, the CPS supervisor asked if he would’ve provided a different collateral if they had asked for one themselves. Yes, he would’ve. Their exact words, “Well, we can’t help that he didn’t provide the correct collateral.”

    2) The accuser was asked to provide a narrative of one instance where my husband molested her. She told them that one night her mother, he, and her, in that order, were sitting on the couch, watching a movie. He put his hand under her and up between her legs and “played” with her “lips and clit” the whole time they were watching a movie. The mother weighs 350+ lbs., my husband weighs 220 lbs. and is 6 ft. tall, and the daughter, at the time weighed anywhere between 120 & 140 lbs. How was that physically possible? Oh, and when she talked to the CPS caseworker, she changed the seating arrangement to where she was in the middle.

    3) The mother prejudiced the forensic psychologist before she interviewed the daughter. The mother told the psychologist that he had molested a step-daughter from a previous marriage, a girl that went to the church they attended, the daughter of the woman he was in a relationship with AFTER they separated, and implied that it was probably happening to my daughters as well. And the mother had NOTHING to do with the allegations?

    4) The daughter also stated that her and her next youngest brother started a physical relationship after the separation, which the brother also denied. And the mother relayed that she believed the son was telling the truth. CPS removed both children from the home for a month and then returned both.

    5) The daughter asked her mother for a dildo for Christmas when she was 17 years old AND had been sending nude pictures of herself to men all over the US. Per CPS, she has serious mental issues.

    The mother married the 4-time convicted felon in September, they moved into a new house in October, and the last I had heard, they’re now separated.

    After fighting to have the substantiation reversed for over a month, I received a very nasty letter from the DHHS director that basically stated that we should just get over it because they were never going to reverse the case decision despite them being able to prove in a court of law that they had the right to place my husband’s name on the RIL.

    Some other tidbits that CPS told us: You can leave a child with a registered sex offender for no more than two hours and a registered sex offender can live in a home with children that are not his own.

    Now, I ask you, who’s really protecting our children?

    I know our costs haven’t been as high as some other and my husband got very lucky. I not bragging when I say, “If it wasn’t for me my husband would now be sitting in jail.” I was able to do the research that was needed to keep this from going further than what it did. Other men are not so lucky. Remember, you do not have to give a statement to law enforcement. YOU DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT! Under no circumstances take a Voice Stress Test (VST). This test is a shame to catch you in a lie. They will tell you that you’re lying even if the test indicates that you’re not. Instead, tell them you will take an independent polygraph test at a neutral location if you are ever arrested. The VST was developed by an ex-law enforcement officer who got his honorary PhD in psychology from a Christian college that was located in the same strip mall that he had his offices in. Know the CPS manual. It is available online. Use their own rules against them. Record ALL conversations with CPS WITHOUT telling them. As long as one party is aware of the recording (you), it is legal in the state of NC.


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    Comment by County Voter | September 2, 2015 | Reply

  5. Because of a current situation, the paternal side of a custody/domestic abuse case, have written, emailed, and called this Sarah Stevens, and she’s deferred us to Judicial Standard Commission and NC Court of Appeals. So, letters have been sent to them as well. We’ve sent an open letter to the Fayetteville Oberserver, we’ll see what happens, and we’ve called Fayetteville TV. Judge Stiehl made a ruling that is ludicrous and prejudice. He awarded custody to a drug-addict mother who has already been stripped of her partental rights for FIVE other children, and the father, my nephew a few hours every other week! My nephew presented affidavits and subpeoned documents as evidence while she lied in court about domestic abuse and drugs on the part of my nephew. Where’s the justification in that – I’m perplexed. I live in MA, my nephew is a NC father. This is a national epidemic. There are so many economical factors affecting families; single parents, divorced couples with children, financial problems, educational and mental, and the Federal SSA incentive for states to ensure child support payments from fathers only lines the pockets of legislative and judicial branches of goverment. It’s time to make reform happen – everywhere.


    Comment by Donna McLean | September 30, 2015 | Reply

  6. Union County CPS caseworker showed up at my temporary custody trial in April, 2012. There was no CPS case open and never had been, and still never has been. She claimed that she had talked to my daughter at school as a collateral witness for another case and that my daughter disclosed negative things about me. She provided a two page report for the courts that are 100% falsified, and my daughter will confirm this. On that day in April 2012, I lost all legal and physical custody of a child that I had raised alone for nine years. I had received father of the year awards from the school and one mother of the year. That caseworker was brutally and publicly terminated ten months later, but her reports are still admissible and being used by the courts today. I’m currently on the standard four nights a plan, ordered to pay child support I can’t afford, and have lost everything I’ve ever had.

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    Comment by Jeremy Bess | October 10, 2015 | Reply

  7. My case resides in Chatham County. The mother of my two toddlers ran away with my children on July 28th,2015. Since she left I have had zero access to talk with my children or visit them. My ex has confirmed she is living with her parents in a 2 bedroom single wide with both of my children living in cribs in their mothers bedroom. My ex has also informed me that she is getting custody of her 10 yr old son with severe ADHD and was born addicted to cocaine. Three children and their mother living in one 10 x 15 bedroom. I have Called Chatham county CBS three times and each time I’m told it’s not a legitimate claim because it does not involve abuse or neglect. Forcing my children to live in a cage with no room to walk around or play is prison. Their grandfather grows Marijuana in his bedroom under the same roof and ImCPS tells me I’m making this up although not one official has gone out to inspect this residence. Why not do your jobs rather than make up false claims of your own and harass innocent families? There are legitimate concerns and not once has this county addressed them


    Comment by John Smith | November 23, 2015 | Reply

    • Have you filed a custody complaint?


      Comment by Zachary | May 13, 2016 | Reply

  8. I’m an African American mature man at the time of my sons birth and (non felon). And she at the time a 26 y/o high school dropout running the streets but wanting to clean up her life.

    Durham, NC DSS\CPS:
    My lady friend found herself in trouble with IRS in Jan-March 2011 having her friend do her taxes with a fake company to illegally obtain $18,000 deductions with the birth of our new son and she already having two other children 8 and 13. I subsequently resolved moving on in hopes of moving forward with this little dream before us. Money wasn’t the issue with my earnings. But keeping my earnings without being stolen, illegally used, or applied specifically for my son was impossible if I left anything with a credit card number or checkbook around. I traveled for work.

    May 2011 While mother had me on domestic violence charges 2 weeks later after she returned with hideaway boyfriend felon with our then 10 month old ill son she started calling me. Of course she wanted money time so give a little (be with my son) to get something for her…money regardless of the domestic order she filed. So I gave in and got to be with my son but I refused to stay with her in same house. Following month June, her birthday month had me come over to get my son while she hosted a house party with her dope head friends. Stay there in our home about 30min seeing my son but didn’t feel right and said I was going to store not to return. She called me same night begging me to return. I refused told her “she can call me” and talk next day and I went to bed, Next morning 8am, no call from her yet and I had a very strange feeling. Went to house front door immediately heard my son crying loudly from crib by our bedroom window. Knocked at door no answer, called out her name no answer, son still crying and no answer. I had a DVPO and now guessing the worst for my son and implications of my calling police, Called out to her again and again hearing movement by living room window and then a very familiar sound of a lighter being clicked many many times, I knew then what was going on and why no response. She was smoking crack cocaine. Our son still crying loudly. Racing thoughts…police, jail, CPS, our son hurt. I found open window Kitchen window started climbing in seeing her on the sofa just sitting there looking at me and not moving the least little bit or startled. I stood looking at her and she said hey. I said what are you doing as I went on to our bedroom seeing our son still crying until I picked him up. Going back to living room holding him she remain sitting there under a blanket, eyes glazed, legs bouncing up and down rapidly and an ashtray with butted cigs and unraveled tobacco from the cigs. I asked again what is it with you. Then I removed the blanket used to cover just her legs and wham….cocaine package. This is the mother of a 10 month new born and our child…WTF do I do now with a domestic order knowing I call police its jail regardless my son? I called her mother and older brother (a NC bank robber).

    The next one and hours would be my worst nightmare for my son and I both. Her mother told the brother\son to TAKE my son from me and if I complained call police and tell them I brought the cocaine there. I left my son after this and called CPS\DSS whom investigated 3 days later. A week later my ex was calling and came to see me where I was staying. She was full of apologies for everything, actually shedding tears. No arguments from me I just listened. Leaving a tape recorder in room I left her in my room saying I was again going store. On return, she was on phone with her mother hanging up couple minutes later. She said she didnt want her mother to know she was talking to me. I grabbed my recorder, went outside and listened to her tell her mother how dumb I was and that she wasn’t actually doing crack but snorting only. And her mother again was telling her if I go to CPS to tell them I brought the cocaine in the house. Well upon her being cleared by CPS and having me under domestic orders she vanished with my son again for a month. She never called and now I’m going to CPS with recordings and they tell me my son is fine and she is cleared of any wrongdoings. She told them I had a DVPO and in spite of the recorded evidence of her admitting to use of cocaine and sales of cocaine they cleared her basically told me to move on as there is nothing more they need to do. An immediate drug test would have suffice to validate me. She would later tell me it was her friend she went to school with at CPS so I wasn’t going to get shit from her or CPS. I went to head supervisor, then a manager and nothing. Not even a safety factor of just give her a blood test for drugs. CPS ignored and to this day December 2015 with second issue in another county with my son (no 5 years old) in his own words to told me out of the blue “daddy blah blah gave me medicine I dont like, make me sleep daddy). The name I was well aware of and given by a non parent male felon friend of hers. I immediately went to the police filed report, with my son telling a high ranking officer the same thing. The officer referred to Greene County CPS\DSS and they REFUSED to call me with any investigative status knowing now that I filed for custody. I’ve called them 4 times leaving messages to no avail. I went to court on custody and the judge was aware yet CPS negated report stating I did same in Durham.

    The bullshit with CPS —- well 70+ percent woman protecting women; and if a domestic violence claim is filed on your hang it up. Whom are you as a man to believe even if you have recorded evidence and\or photos? YOu are fucked in NC.

    FYI – she filed since 2009 four domestic orders and 1 criminal charge for trespass and threatening phone calls of which all but 1 domestic dismissed and proven fraudulent false charge with getting her phone records for which she LIED stating I called when she was the one calling me. Green County – worthless, liars, hides wrongdoings and prone to screw you if you report. So don’t believe the hype to report if there are DV charges and you are a MALE.

    She told me later – you can get the f*ck out of NC now you can’t get a job here with DV.


    Comment by Mr. African American Daddy | December 11, 2015 | Reply

  9. I am dealing with DSS in Onslow County and they suck. I need help and advice. Email me back. They have took my gbaby from my whole family with no just cause.


    Comment by Lisa | February 9, 2016 | Reply

  10. Rutherford County DSDSwith the help of Rutherford County courts and judges,has tore my family apart. With no Proven “eminent danger”. My children have always been well cared for. DSS and the courts removed them from my home BC the judge ordered the father out of our home. She took my fiancée and my children father away from us at Christmas. Putting him on the streets. She ignored my pleas and anything we had to support our case. The judge also authorized limitless searches of our home to see if my fiancée was indeed there. If he was found in the home I was told they’d take my children. And they did, not because the children were EVER in danger, but BC they’re father wanted to see his family. There’s so much more, we NEED help. Were scared what they’ll get away with next!!! We want our babies back!!!


    Comment by Distressed in Ruthercord County | February 21, 2016 | Reply

  11. My friend was assigned kinship care of her two grandchildren. Two weeks later the social worker asked her to take the kids to the park to see their father. She went to the park and was met by the father, his mother and two big men (she is very petite). The two men stood between her and the children while the father and grandmother put them in the car. She called dss as they left and the social worker said yes she knew that the father was taking the children to Texas to live with him. What a dirty trick! That’s not the end of it though. About a year later (last October 2015) my three grandchildren were placed into my care (my daughter refused to have her hair buzz cut for a drug test for the third time as she had already done twice before and passed). The father was in jail at the time. We let the kids visit their aunt and grandfather whenever they asked to see them. The day before Thanksgiving (2015) I took the kids to meet their father’s sister (he just got out of jail and wanted to see them). The social worker and her supervisor were there waiting for me to bring the kids. When I got them out of the car the two dss workers stood between the kids and me. They said that they wanted to close the case and this was the fastest way to do it. The kids now live with their dad and his sister. DSS refused the mother and I supervised or any other visitation. The Father and Aunt have refused all communication with us. There is no custody order. DSS closed the case. Our only option is to hire a lawyer. We haven’t had contact with the kids in 5 months. We are saving money for a lawyer but that will take at least a year. I really want to know if it’s just me or does anyone else think this is all wrong? Where do you go to report midconduct for DSS workers?


    Comment by Mad in Marion NC | April 10, 2016 | Reply

    • The only people that will handle DSS complaints in North Carolina are your local state Representatives and Senators unfortunately. Many lawyers will not sue DSS for fear of reprisals unless it is a huge blatant case.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | April 19, 2016 | Reply

    • The only people that will handle DSS complaints in North Carolina are your local state Representatives and Senators unfortunately. Many lawyers will not sue DSS for fear of reprisals unless it is a huge blatant case.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | April 19, 2016 | Reply

  12. I have contacted your organization Numerous times, with no reply or response. Currently, we are experiencing a list of Dss driven travesties. I need someone who will help us to right the wrong going on and bring it to the light as its currently been being kept in the dark and hidden by not only our counties DSS but with the assistance of local law enforcement and the counties courts. I again will send in an email to your organization with my contact information and a screenshot of this post, so you will know I am all the same person. Please take this seriously! Please help my family!


    Comment by Distressed in Ruthercord County | April 18, 2016 | Reply

    • Distressed in Rutherford County, thanks for contacting us regarding your DSS complaint. Our organization does not actively help individuals, we are more of an informational database so that others can educate themselves on how social services works and how they get state and federal money by being involved in kids and parents lives. The best people to actually contact, and the ONLY people who can do anything is your local state Representatives and Senators.

      However, on reply, we would love to hear the details of your case without actually mentioning any names except for DSS officials involved.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | April 19, 2016 | Reply

  13. Craven county cps has taken my neighbor kids and I have kinship of them and they are constantly questioning the 13 ur old boy about porn on his phone and magazine he had I mean is he not allowed to be a boy and then they are making me feel bad and like they going to take the kids because the boy has problems in school and hasn’t straighten up but I’ve only had them 2 weeks got to give it time and they are always making me feel stressed I went from one kid to 4 give be a break and offer me some damn assistance I haven’t got help with food stamps yet and financially my hours got cut at work because no one is suppose to watch the kids unless its me or my husband so I went to 250 a week to 125 a week and my husband makes 500 and our bills are 2000 a month and we struggling I figured they would have offered income supplement but no and these kids don’t want to live with anyone else but me I’ve made there life normal like it should be and they are happy but if a family member steps up the kids will be gone and I think they should ask the kids where they wanna be they are 7, 11, 13 I think they smart enough to know what they want uggghhh rant over craven county social services sucks


    Comment by Kristen | April 25, 2016 | Reply

  14. My daughter accused my fiancée of molestation her 4 years ago she was suspended for drug use and possession at school we took permit and cell and she ran away the next day to my shock she had the lady she babysits for take her to the sheriff department and made the allegations she also said her father was a drug addict and couldn’t like with him and his wife. She was placed in kinship with a friend on the threat of I didn’t place her that they would take all four children and place them in foster care. Over the past two months she has made new allegations saying that my fiancée and I do a variety of drugs and called our lifestyle into question because we know several couples that swing but we do not , she also said that we have sex in front of the children on a regular basis and that I am an alcoholic. We were made to take a drug screening which came back clean for both of us the officer had to come out and inspect the house to make sure alcohol was secured properly which it was because that was yet another allegation she threw put or was coerced into saying that we allow our children to drink as they please total lie. So on the initial allegations they removed my fiancée from the house and he is the sole bread winner for our family. And even though the allegations were for sexual molestation they placed him in the home with his sister who has 3 girls and said it was fine. He has been granted 1 hour 1 day a week to visit with the children in a visitation center. We asked to have both of our girls independently tested but we’re told no they couldn’t take an independent test it had to be their doctors. The forensic psychologist said she feels that my daughter may have been touched inappropriately but they couldn’t confirm it because she is sexually active. Now we were told last week by chatham county dss that they had all the information they needed to close the case and now they are saying that they are waiting on more information from chatham county sheriff’s department and because another case came up the investigating officer put our case off to deal with it saying he didn’t have time to go talk to the district attorney. All information has been withheld from us unless we ask or hear from my stepchildrens mother who has been given both cme report conclusions even though she is not my daughters mother and a copy of the police report which we have been denied. They have cut all communication off between me and my daughter saying I need therapy to come out of denial and support her but I cannot trust her because she is a wild child that drinks, takes drugs (molly, xanax, pot), sneaks boys into our home while we are sleeping, and constantly lies case in point she started the rumor she was pregnant when in fact she can’t be because of an in plan on in her arm she went as far as to convince the school counselor and nurse that she was in fact pregnant. I aheb know my fiancee for 23 years and he has helped raise three boys and another girl that were not his and there was never any complaints from the other children. I feel that they are abusing their power by withholding information and telling lies as to when they are able to wrap things up and basically dragging their feet trying to find more information on us because they keep interviewing all 3 children left in home and then her as she has been placed with her father. My dss worker is constantly changing things she has said and her supervisor covers for her everytime she is fresh out of college and has admitted that she’s never had a case where the parents retain custody of the children. I’m scared that they are going to try to come in and take the other children even they say there is no cause for concern with the other children. Can you recommend a good lawyer outside of chatham county nc that isn’t afraid to stand up for us?


    Comment by Sandy Woody | June 29, 2016 | Reply

    • Contact Selena Lackey and see if she can help. She travels. 99.99% of lawyers will not sue social services because it can hurt them politically.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | August 1, 2016 | Reply

  15. Durham county, NC

    These people have been colluding with the paternal grandmother for over 15 years to destroy my life! First, the sided with the paternal grandmother to have physical custody given to the grandparents, by allowing and siding with the grandparents to make up lies and allegations that were untrue and unfounded in court. Then, the paternal grandparents get custody and in the custody order there is NO order for child support, plus, the grandparents denied me ANY form of contact with my child for the next 14 YEARS. Then, I get a random contact from Durham county DSS 14 years later stating that my biological daughter is admitted to a psych unit and the grandmother refuses to allow her custodial granddaughter to return to the home. Now, DSS is coming after ME claiming “abandonment” (even though the grandparents had LEGAL physical *and* LEGAL custody!) and claiming that I’M responsible! I stated that I have no idea what they’re talking about because I was pretty much “banned” from my daughter’s life by the grandparents for 14 years and I was in no way, form, or able to take a 15 year old that I was unprepared for and (to my knowledge) had my parental rights terminated against years ago. Not good enough for DSS! Plus, they are forcing NO CONTACT with my child too- I’m good enough to send payments, but not good enough to even have contact with my child- and I mean, they are HELL BENT on not letting me call, email, or ANYTHING.

    THEN, they fail to provide me *any* court documents, ANY notification of *ongoing* court hearings, that I had a COURT ORDER to complete a “treatment plan” (even though DSS allegations were not against ME, but against the GRANDMOTHER) or anything else. I’m told I have to complete a home study, participate in my daughter’s therapy, do parenting classes, etc. Of course, (being in ANOTHER STATE) I get *NO* help from Durham DSS caseworkers on how to complete these things or even who to contact. Each step I make, Durham DSS sticks their nose in to it to make it as complicated and difficult to do as possible in a DELIBERATE effort to keep me from making progress with the court order. Nothing I do is “good enough” and they conveniently start “changing the rules” or “interpreting” the court order to their own advantage. This has now went on for over TWO YEARS of my daughter being in foster care.

    Yet, DSS *refuses* to proceed with TPR (termination of parental rights) because they ALSO out-of-the-blue, after over two years, decide to spring a surprise child support enforcement order on me too! and of course, it’s calculated ALL WRONG so I refuse to sign it, Then, I’m threatened with “If you cannot agree to the worksheet order administratively, it will be brought to a court hearing”. OK. So they do that- WELL! *NOW* they want 2 years *back* support (even though they failed to file for child support after 2 years of my daughter being in foster care) *and* medical, *and* current, *and* for me to pay the state’s court/attorney fees! RIDICULOUS!

    Plus, they tell me that I can’t file a voluntary surrender of parental rights because my daughter refuses to consent to adoption, and without an adoptive parent in place, a judge wouldn’t allow my daughter to be a ward of the state. BUT SHE ALREADY IS! AND HAS BEEN FOR THE PAST TWO YEARS. The *real* reason they won’t? Because if my rights are terminated, the child support check stops.



    Comment by RileyK | July 10, 2016 | Reply

  16. Currently a guardian of a toddler that’s been in my care for over a year. Mother was convicted of felony child abuse, father has been in and out of the justice system for domestic violence. Both were told to be financially responsible for this child, neither have, yet mom did not give up her food stamps or housing benefits, dss did nothing. We currently have a court ordered no contact, yet dss continues to request we maintain contact because it’s “unfair to this child’s mother”. They have completely ignored the restrictions placed on her by the courts, conditions she accepted as part of a plea bargain. They claim they want to close the case, but where this child ends up is up to his parents. They want him to go to his father, who in the last 4 months has been arrested, and had the police at his house twice for domestic violence. This child has adjustment disorder and his father continues to introduce him to girlfriends that disappear once they get tired of his mess, he’s currently on number 4. How is any of this beneficial to a child? Neither parent has maintained consistent contact with des, they have scheduled drug tests for his dad, he knows every date and time, so even though he is still drinking he can pass these tests. I have asked for a petition repeatedly, I have asked for friends to be able to pick him up in an emergency, nothing. DSS bends over backwards for unfit parents but does NOTHING for the child itself. Even the social worker has said this case was mishandled, but still nothing gets done. They keep saying they want out when they could have been out, they just keep waiting for the parents to get their act together. They have come to my home saying this child will stay here, then tell us in a meeting something different, it is nothing more than a bunch of lies. I wish I knew a lawyer not afraid to sue the he’ll out of them.


    Comment by Annon omuss | August 16, 2016 | Reply

  17. CPS sent me a text message state in my children was in foster care. Used the death of my husband their father against me. Used my accomplishment such as SIOAP classes to negative results, all children had passing drug screens, used hair testing results against me with passing urine testing, turned negative drug screenings to positive results, kids in kinship and not allowing me my visitation rights, kinship Guardian’s speaking for my children with lies and false accusation. Not allowing me to see my children. Making deals for me to do things and I do and CPS, and kinship turns into false accusation. Keeping me at supervise visitation that I don’t receive. Over the summer kinship allows children to stay nights with me and than takes them away from me again and lies on stage. Fighting for almost three years and can’t seem to get help my kids and I need to be reunited. Please help us please.


    Comment by Jewlz | August 31, 2016 | Reply

    • We hear social services complaints like this from all NC counties on a daily basis. The problem is, there is nobody to help you unless you have 5,000 dollars to hire an attorney and social services knows that and can do exactly what they want until they stop receiving federal money received from being involved. As soon as that federal money which keeps them employed runs out, they will reunify.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | August 31, 2016 | Reply

  18. In Pitt County, NC cps started a investigation. I had two children in my home (whom have the same father). (the first one asked me to agree to a safety plan leaving my children in my home) while they investigated, the next day I received calls and knock at my door with a different cps investigator and investigators Supervisor, I was told that they had the right to take custody (which later found out was untrue) and that my only option was to accept something called “kinship” placement temporarily. They did not specify what it was and would not give me any information regarding time frames, plan, back ground checks, nothing).

    Pitt County social services did not petition for custody of my oldest until 5-6 months later. Before that occurred my 5 year old was with a family member per unsigned, unseen kinship “agreement”. After being denied visitation or calls from my 5 year old by my family member who Pitt County DSS used for kinship placements with relative and her boy friend, we later discovered he has many criminal charges (including DUI, assaults, stalking & more) in Other Counties (the department only did a county search). After calling the department repeatedly without response or concern I went down to talk to the supervisors and they agreed to move her to another safe family members home after doing home evaluation and checks which all checked out.

    The family member and her boyfriend hired a lawyer an provided false information by there sworn affidavits which they were granted a ex parte order for temporary custody.

    Social services removed my 5 year old from their home the day before. But due to the ex parte court order in family Court Pitt county cps stepped out of my daughters case, leaving my case in family Court where I had to fight pro se due to not having enough money at the time, in the beginning to hire a attorney.

    If social services would have had cause to place my children out of the home with out a court order and not petition for custody of my daughter I’m the DSS court I would at the very least had legal representation/ court appointed attorney.

    How can children, my children (who have a biological parent fighting to have both of my children returned and us all reunited!

    And what is the REAL Definition of FAMILY REUNIFICATION???? I was under the impression to REUNIFY would mean to reunite the child or children to the parent or parents who had them their entire life?


    Comment by nc | September 7, 2016 | Reply

    • Pitt County social services played a game that all agencies do in the state which is they don’t petition the courts for custody, they threaten a family member to file an ex parte, lays down some hoops for you to jump over. By law, they have to reunify unless there is a significant history but they will make you think they are going to keep your kids.

      But the real destructiveness is that they know very few people in the county have 5,000 to hire an attorney and they use their power to run over people. You also have to remember social services and CPS workers have to eat and pay their bills as well. Without that federal and state money in being involved in families lives that can’t do that.

      We know of parents who have lost contact with their children till 18 years of age because people don’t have the money to hire lawyers.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | September 7, 2016 | Reply

  19. Avery county DSS child protective services was great. They investigated for 45 days and found nothing did the mental health evaluation drug test came up clean. But yet because I was being investigated do to my wife’s allegations s they never wanted the videos of my wife’s drug use and violent out burst. I loved how my investigation was concluded weeks after the domestic abuse hearing. I think their info would have helped me. I also enjoy how they ignore court orders on supervising my visits. So I am stuck with an angry mother in law supervising my visits who is always late. Avery county court was great. I was served only the ex parte never served a notice to appear in court. So I was late for court because my attorney had to make sure it was okay I appear didn’t want to violate the ex parte. So I was 150 feet away from the court house. I have so much evidence that my wife was the abuser it’s not even funny. I have so much evidence of false police reports that she filed thank God the DA was smart. I lost custody of my little girl for up to a year under the allegations that I put a gun to my head. It didn’t help I served in Iraq because that was mentioned a lot too. Just curious if the person you loved actually put a gun to their head. Do you put them in jail and take their family away, or do you love them and put them in a nut house so they can get help. My ex is so incompetent I had to go and file for her own child support she was to lazy. As far having to file myself to pay for child support. It was an awesome day because I only get one hour supervised visitation. It made me feel like a dad. This state goes by who files first they don’t investigate.


    Comment by Kenneth Cain | September 28, 2016 | Reply

  20. Onslow County DSS case workers are liars. I had full custody of my 7 year old son. My exgirlfriend was mad at me for breaking up with her and she teamed up with my son’s mother and called DSS and made false allegations. My son is now living with his non custodial mother whom he really does not know because she would only request to see him once every 4 to 6 months and her felon boyfriend lives in the house. I put my son at my sisters house because I knew the exgirlfriend called the police and said I beat her up, hospital records said nothing was wrong with her. Anyway my son was at my sisters and they took my son out of kinship. My sorry attorney ask the DSS case worker why? I hope everybody is sitting down when you read one of the reasons she felt the child was in danger. THERE WERE CHICKENS RUNNING AROUND THE YARD. Anyone seen any big killer chickens lately?? They reported that the mother did all the test and classes on time. When I went to do the parenting classes. I was told DSS had not put in my referral yet, so by the time court came around, it was reported I had not completed my classes but no one told the judge why, not even my attorney but guess what I have my CFT meetings recorded where the DSS worker says I am sorry that was my mistake , and her mistake because she put me in the incorrect class and when I tried to bring it to her attention she said just take the class and be quite. In the permanency planning action team review worksheet it states that I did not comprehensive clinical assessment. I did take the assessment but the caseworker failed to state to the judge that I did take it but I needed to take it again because she said I lied on the answers, really how does she know, her other reason was the licensed social worker did not ask the correct questions and did not read the referral correctly . I spoke with the facility I went to and they explained to me that the state tells them what questions to ask and that the clinician did read the referral. However before I even got to that point my dss case worker did not have the referral they when she said she would. So more missed work. Then she used the excuse the facility gave her the incorrect fax number. The she tried to persuade me to go to another place to get tested that was in another city. On the third day of constant phone calls I finally got the referral and then they told me it was not valid. I had a court order to see my son only two Sundays a month for 8 hours a day. The court order said that my mother was to supervise and to make sure that I do not drink in front of my son. No more stipulations. Even my attorney said that was the only stipulation. One Sunday after picking him up which it is a 45 minute drive each way, my mom stopped by my house so I could get some food from my house to take to hers. My case worker found out about this and said I lost visitation. She said that it was part of the court order. I pointed out to her that it was not on the court order for me not to go by my house and she said well everything is not always put on a court order. My mom is a paralegal and straightened her out about that. But my attorney did nothing to help with that . So now I see him for two hours every two weeks. So much corruption . I could go on and on. I just know I have enough evidence from all my text messages from the DSS case workers and all my recordings that are opposite of what they said on the stand. They have committed perjury. I just need to know how do I appeal this without any money? Sell my killer chickens???


    Comment by heartbroken#NC | October 29, 2016 | Reply

  21. I have worked my entire life and am now Disabled. It was humiliating enough to apply for assistance when I needed it. Much less fighting for Medicaid for 18 months before getting it. During that time, I remarried for a brief time, but was separated before I actually was approved 18 months later. I reported everything, yet Craven County DSS has made it their mission to continue to harass me, even as far as calling my daughter’s father in Missouri, and my estranged Husband’s ex wife to ask if we’re living together, etc. I’m a private person and don’t share my business with the world.


    Comment by Tonya Shearon-Schell | November 26, 2016 | Reply

  22. McDowell co. Dss has taken my children and placed them in a children’s home. They did not attempt to contact any family members. I have proof contianing court documents. Emails from social worker playing games by moving children around. They will not answer mine or family calls or return them. I have recordings of worker lieing about paper work


    Comment by Sheldon Wagner | December 1, 2016 | Reply

  23. Rutherford county social worker nicole Wilkins she had interviewed my case found me to be a fit parent but wants to get involved in my court case which has nothing to do with her I want her out of my business off my case the case was to prove my children were safe with me at my home and that my home was clean that I was not beating my children and I wasn’t but now she wants to get involved in the case I have and I do not need not want her help she needs to close the case because of the false accusations against me and stay away from my children and me.


    Comment by Mad parent | December 22, 2016 | Reply

  24. Bottom line: CPS in N.C needs to be reformed. Williamston N.C is corrupted. They will take every child based on just a allagation. The agency is not follow the guidelines. They violate due-process. Once a child is illegally taken- the supervisor will run the ( train) she will lie to the judge for federal funds. They(DSS) has a well organized illegal practice they use to steal from the federal government. My family & several more have been through this corrupted agency. The judges know what is happening & are part of the scam. This is the most illegal child racketeering ring ever.

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    Comment by Bill | December 23, 2016 | Reply

    • Agree 100000%


      Comment by Elizabeth Owens | January 3, 2018 | Reply

  25. I had to deal with rockingham county Cps from2012 through 2015 and I agree they are NOT for families


    Comment by Alice | March 22, 2017 | Reply

  26. My son came home with bruises on his legs that you could easily tell were hand prints and a chemical burn down the side of his leg. My ex’s boyfriend had done this to him my son told me what happened. I contacted DSS in surry county where my ex and her boyfriend lived, a couple days later they sent me a letter saying there was not enough reason for them to investigate this and nothing was done about it.
    A few months later my 5 year old daughter came home saying she had been sleeping in the bed naked with the boyfriend and was telking so preverted would make a salior blush. I put her in the car and went to DSS in my county. They assured us this was going to be looked in. Well a couple days later i get a letter saying the claim was accepted but had to be sent to surry county because thats where they lived. Two months have went by and surry county has never looked into it. I know mulitiple people that have writen letters to roy cooper over surry county DSS none of them have gotten letters back and nothing has been done about the way DSS works in that county.


    Comment by Joe | October 3, 2017 | Reply

  27. never even looked at other family members that she could have been placed with and put her in foster care! In Caldwell County NC


    Comment by Erica | November 25, 2017 | Reply

  28. Decisions made by Court of appeals are not followed either by the Civil courts in Cabarrus County and most probably other counties


    Comment by Grace Sanders | November 30, 2017 | Reply

  29. I have hard evidence that my wife is using and selling drugs, I have given this evidence to DSS in Lincoln county, they have only sent her to drug abuse classes. There are also allegations that she is providing tobacco and alcohol to my children, along with allowing my 14 year old daughter to date an 18 year old and allowing him to spend the night. Nothing has been properly investigated. Please help me as I have run out of options.


    Comment by Jeffrey Delaney | December 14, 2017 | Reply

  30. North Carolina DSS has in court stated that they do not want to be recorded and if they are being recorded they will limit their engagement with me. I have set my phone to automatically record conversations with DSS because they have lied multiple times in court or cherry-picked information to portray events in their favor essentially manipulating the information. These statements were in court so I can provide that court document to you showing that the DSS attorney has said that they do not want to be recorded and in doing so will limit their conversations to email.


    Comment by Robert Walls | January 28, 2018 | Reply

  31. Mcdowell County DSS, We made a report to DSS to help and solve an issue they immediately turned on us and we are now being investigated and punished for something we reported! They haven’t spoken to us and they dropped the ball!


    Comment by PissedofFather | February 20, 2018 | Reply

  32. Guilford county CPS is very crooked. They are focused on keeping a child in the system especially when a foster family is interested in adopting the child. They don’t even contimplate reunification even though it’s shown and proven over and over that the parent loves and cares for their child. It is baffling and also the child support court judge who tells a mother that her paying daycare for her child is laughable because the judge is paying for the childs food. So a child being in their only familiar sorounding means nothing to a heartless, ignorant judge. Also court appointed lawyers in CPS court is the biggest joke ever


    Comment by Lisa | March 20, 2018 | Reply

  33. My family was victims in martin county. A supervisor tried to make a social worker make my wife sign a assessment that was missing several pages. When refused- the social seized the child. The father reported several false allegations. Many more familys have been done wronged in martin county.


    Comment by Bill | March 25, 2018 | Reply

  34. McDowell County Department of social services in Marion, NC. They have made so many mistakes, on paper, and too many inconsistencies with my case to the point that I finally told them that I was going to be hiring and paying for my own attorney. I made them aware of not wanting a court appointed attorney from them but instead had hired and had an appointment scheduled with my lawyer all ready and I wasn’t talking to or signing any paper work unless my lawyer was present. They asked me who I retained as legal representation and I told them, unaware of what they would do next. They returned the next day with a court order taking my 1 year old son from me and low and behold had appointed me a lawyer I’m not familiar with and somehow appointed my ex, who is not even the child’s father, the lawyer that I already had an appointment with. So now the lawyer that I was going to have represent me can’t bc DSS and the Judge assigned him to my ex…. seems kind of shady to me… how coincidental. And all of this started when I refused to sign a document that I didn’t understand and stated that I had rights to my attorney being present before I said or signed amything from them. So because I exercised my right to an attorney and pissed them off they took my child.


    Comment by BAN DSS | June 8, 2018 | Reply

  35. Yancey county dss has unfairly treated me n my husband my step sons birth mother was on drugs nothing to do with us yet we have been fighting 2 get him 4 over a year with no success


    Comment by Amber fox | July 23, 2018 | Reply

  36. I had a case opened last year and was closed but the worker said if we got another call they were transferring it to a in home case well we got switched to a bunch of workers and then told to bring our girls to them. We didnt know they were post to take it in front of a judge. We passed the drug test they had us take that night. We have no family or nothing to help us get around we have walked rode bikes to see our kids and do job apps. Our dss worker half the time doesnt text or return our calls and now we have court nxt week and she is recommending they terminate our rights and is saying she can take us anywhere we need to go ok what about the rest of the year we have been trying. The foster family wants to adopt our children and thats what it feels like they are trying to do. When I have never neglected hurt or anything to my children. Its hard to stay clean when regardless they are trying to take my babies. Randolph county dss


    Comment by Ashley greene | August 6, 2018 | Reply

  37. Can u help us file a lawsuit we are trying to get our kids


    Comment by Joyce sasnett | August 26, 2018 | Reply

    • We are not a law firm, nor have any knowledge of how to file said lawsuit. We are just an advocacy group.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | August 27, 2018 | Reply

  38. My boyfriend is fighting for his boys right now in cabarrus county nc. His ex (their mother) had her sixteen year old daughter lie to the police about an “incident” that took place at their home. After the children were removed the mother took off and has not been back since. The 16 yr old told dss her mother made her lie to get him in trouble. So you would think they would return his children right? Absolutely not he has had to jump through hoop after hoop. He has had evaluation after evaluation. He chose to seek out his own therapy and not go to the place they wanted and that pissed them off further. He went to three different places they all dismissed him saying they had no findings to support dss claim that he had anger issues. He has been to every one hr visit at social services showed up for every court date and has did all the other things they have asked of him. It’s been six months and he’s still fighting. They removed the kids from his mothers house and placed them at her mothers house yesterday. It’s forty five min away from Cabarrus county and they have switched the oldest ones school. So now he has been removed from his dads placed with his grandmother jerked from his grandmothers moved into a 2 bedroom house with dogs and two adults plus the 16 yr old half sister with serious mental illnesses whom has taught them to cuss flip the bird lie and god only knows what else. So now they can’t be with their father bc of his so called anger. Even though he has an apartment a job a car and his kids best interest at heart plus he is in therapy even tho they said it wasn’t needed they are letting these two little boys live in a cramped house with a mentally unstable teenager that has ran away tried to commit suicide and everything else who also lied about her step parent (the boys father) supposedly knocking her down trying to open the door bc she locked him out. I just don’t understand. Now it’s been six months of torture for those two boys that cry for their daddy every night and also the grown man that’s reduced to tears on a daily basis bc of the unfair unjust treatment by the department of social services. Where’s the justice? Who is their voice?


    Comment by Candice | September 10, 2018 | Reply

    • Hi Candice, if you get this note, please reply back, and I will give you my contact information. I am going through some difficult times with Cabarrus County DSS as well. May be we can help each other out. Thanks, E


      Comment by E | February 28, 2019 | Reply

  39. Richmond County reunited children with a mother that did not complete parenting classes or drug abuse classes. She was back in jail and her children has ended up in foster care because of her bad choices.


    Comment by Marie Cummings | October 2, 2018 | Reply

  40. My daughter had her son removed from her home by Brunswick County DSS. She is in a substance abuse program and they said they had 2 positive drug screens for cocaine. When she asked for a copy they could not produce one and she did not test positive at the Dr office. When she went to court they could not produce the proof of those drug screens so they wanted her to admit to domestic violence. Because she wouldn’t they are charging her with neglect. She does not go back to court until January, 2019. Meantime she has to be supervised while she visits her children.


    Comment by Lisa | November 7, 2018 | Reply

    • Hi Lisa, I should hope by now your grandson is returned. We too are now dealing with N.C. Brunswick County DCS and to be honest, they have overstepped, embellished & lied regarding my daughters case. Just last week, my 9 year old grandson had a big row with his mom because he was bored and wanted internet in their home. They are young and struggling but viable great parents to their 3 beautiful boys. They choose to not have internet because of the implications of what it does to our youth & the expense is a costly strain to their budget. Well, my grandson stole his mom’s phone and told her he was going for a bike ride. He then rode off somewhere remote and called 911! He told the operator that he has no internet because his parents spend all their money on drugs. Well of course you can see where this is leading. Several minutes later my daughter had 4 cruisers in her driveway, gawking neighbors and after an hour or so a DCS worker rode in on her broom stick to investigate. What my daughter did not know was that she had NO obligation to let her in because she had no warrant & no police accompanying her. She allowed this woman in her home (big mistake) and now the boys are being made to stay at their grand mothers home ( a very emotionally unstable woman) until this is settled. My daughter has court in a few days via a phone call from the DCS agent informing her of that fact. DCS also said her mother in law has full medical control of the boys as well. My daughter has signed nothing to the chagrin of DCS who attempted to persuade both parents to sign some form of consent. We now have to lobtain a reliable atty. , we have read that we must be careful with choosing one due to many local family lawyers work with/for DCS and are really not on your side regardless of you obtaining them. They often, for monetary reasons, give client privileged information to DCS behind your back in order to get their cutbacks. It is so emotionally frustrating & infuriating having these monsters in your life. They say they are there to help but that is a lie. Any feedback regarding your daughters case would be greatly appreciated.


      Comment by Maggie | August 22, 2019 | Reply

  41. I am a grandmother to children who have been taken away from there parents in Iredell County NC. I have not seen my grandchildren, that stayed with me almost every weekend and also went on summer vacation with me in months. The mother of the children decided to place the children with her dad, who the children had never even spent the night with. DSS claimed putting them with a total stranger would be better for the children because he could keep all five children. All five children have been abused. I am filing complaints with the licenseing of social workers. There father who has been with all five children since birth has had no say in anything.


    Comment by Stacey Vance | April 2, 2019 | Reply

  42. DHS is liars they take children that are taken care of and loved and make up lies to do so this system is definitely corrupt


    Comment by Courtney Stirewalt | May 29, 2019 | Reply

    • This is cabbarus county they have stated several lies on me and my children they dont return phone calls or answer the phone they have had my kids one week my son already has 3 stiches in his lip and he has never had stiches at all. They haven’t tryed to start home studys yet forthe family i gave them my kids are loved and very well taken care of and never put in danger and these people try to make you look horrible god knows the truth


      Comment by Courtney Stirewalt | May 29, 2019 | Reply

  43. Randolph county dss took my rights from me after i did 7 months in jail to clear up my charges i had pending after i got out they wouldnt give me my visits till i passed a drug test i called everyother day and even had the judge order her to test she still didnt then took my rights a month later it was lie after lie alot of them i proved dss was lying i cant get any wher with them people down ther


    Comment by Jacob | October 9, 2019 | Reply

  44. Montgomery county nc we have done everything they’ve asked…they tell us the next court date they’ll start reuniting…then hit us with more bs more classes now its 2 years in and we’ve had 7 diff case workers been in 4 diff counties and one child of the 4 has had 5 diff abusive Foster homes and they’re saying they want to stop visitation all the sudden claiming she has ptsd…from us…we have had one hour supervised visits for almost 2 years AT dss. Now our next court date is months put again pending some medical evaluation or some crap on our daughter who has severe asbergers and is only 5…for ptsd…they gave our 6 year old to his bio dad n a hearing we didnt even know about and used someone else’s charges against us…we have no criminal records. Everytime they get caught on their lies they blame the last county or last worker or claim to have misplaced documents. Meanwhile we are paying 2 grand a month n child support and they get her state check for disabling. There were 4 kids to start involved now its 3. And the GAL KNOWS the foster parents and is the only one objecting to us getting them back and screaming at us on the stand. Even lied and said they’d met us 6 times after only seeing them once…after we persisted no less…. I’m suing the state I wont lay down and take it. They got the wrong family this time.


    Comment by One mad momma | October 21, 2019 | Reply

  45. This is exactly what we feared when we obtained custody of our granddaughter in 2013/14 the department helped us and now has turned and taken both girls. My daughter ismentally impaired and anaddict, we were raising them together in traditional setting when allegations that we were drug addicts came to light I have NEVER used illegal drug n stopped meds due to the family member that now has them in kinship care threatening me about them,she is an employee of theirs….I’m ready to go to the capital and show them just what nasty liars they are in Gaston County


    Comment by Sherri | November 6, 2019 | Reply

    • The kinship care of my grandson is an employee or GAL and foster care volunteer in iredell county. His maternal grandmother. And I sympathize for the whole set of new issues that type situation gives you. Yout are in my prayers. These children are being advised emotionally by these govt. Institutions and getting paid to do it .


      Comment by grannys2boys1970 | November 23, 2019 | Reply

  46. My grandson is being kept from his drug and alcohol for gainfully employed NON OFFENDING parent who owns his own home . Going against court orders to keep him away as well as continuing kinship placement with the other grandmother even when the attorneys have said it’s a conflict of interests. That’s Just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve relied to NC AUDITOR ATTY. GENERAL. DIRECTOR OF DSS, CHANNEL 9 NEWS and no one can be bothered to help me find what we’re need to do to hold then accountable. Even the dss investigator committing perjury doesn’t get their concern even tho the are 3 witnesses to attest to the truth of the lies she told. Who is to protect my grandson from this morally empty corrupt institution


    Comment by Sheila Gryder | November 23, 2019 | Reply

    • Every NC county social services agency gets federal money by having open cases. They will typically create or manipulate to keep cases open as long as they can. They also don’t need parents getting along, or one parent forced in to absence by the courts to maximize support and thus the Title IV-D federal reimbursement money.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | November 23, 2019 | Reply

  47. Iredell County
    Lies to and on parents grandparents and even the child
    Non offending parent in separate household gets less time than the parent passed out drunk in a parking lot with the child because beer mom is GAL and foster parent and also has kinship custody of him even when both attorneys agree it’s a conflict of interests but its all about the dollars. They drag it out and never do what the judge tells them but nothing gets done to enforce the judge’s ruling so who really has the power in that courtroom?? Investigators lied on me(paternal grandmother) with 3 witnesses for me and no one will even return my call as to how to change court records to show truth and make her pay for perjuring herself. Meanwhile my grandson is kept away from hogs non offending drug and alcohol free father who is gainfully employed had his own home and has jumped through hoops for dss and hes non offending parent!!!


    Comment by grannys2boys1970 | November 27, 2019 | Reply

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