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Matt And Melanie Capobianco – Lame Duck SC Adoptive Parents?

Matt And Melanie Capobianco of SCMatt And Melanie Capobianco of Charleston SC are the adoptive parents of Baby Veronica and are currently involved in a multiple State battle over her future with her biological Father Dusten Brown. Mr and Mrs Capobianco adopted Veronica after the birth Mother placed the child up for adoption after she ended the relationship she was in with Dusten Brown. It should be noted that in both Oklahoma and South Carolina there is a law that allows for a birth mother to never inform any potential birth Father that he has a child, or that she plans on adopting the child out. Additionally, both States place all the burden on a birth Father to somehow discover all this and stop the process usually within 90 days. However, the big question is how are these putative Fathers suppose to stop this process if the State allows and even encourages birth Mothers to never inform a Father? This is how Matt and Melanie Capobianco capitalized on getting baby Veronica although in this case the birth father did know about the pregnancy, but not the adoption. Matt and Melanie Capobianco are claiming that sense Dusten did nothing to support the Mother, he is disinterested in the child and therefore they are saving Baby Veronica as adoptive parents and should some to live with them in South Carolina. However, court records clearly show that the birth mother ended all contact with the birth Father and never told him she planned to adopt the child out.


But the intent of this article is not to debate the legal aspects of the battle Matt and Melanie Capobiano have with Dusten Brown as it relates to baby Veronica. This article will point out where we believe Matt and Melanie will now be lame duck adoptive parents to Veronica given that she has been with her biological Father for two years and calls him daddy, and the fact that this case has acquired national attention which the child at a reasonably early age will likely discover. We also believe that at 18 years of age, the child we be well aware that she was adopted out to SC while living with her biological Father and taken from her Native American heritage and culture. Unfortunately for Matt and Melanie, this will likely lead to Veronica returning to what children naturally want, and that is to be with one or both of their biological parents. Given that Veronica is now 4 years old and her legal battle could go on for another year, we believe that Matt and Melanie Capobianco will have about 7 years with Veronica before she begins to realize what has happened, and then another 6 years before she is a legal adult and can tell Governor Nikki Haley, Governor Mary Fallin, the family courts, and her adoptive parents to go to hell and return to where her biological roots and culture is.

In short, both Governors Haley and Fallin, along with the family courts are setting Matt and Melanie Capobiano up for failure even if it is found that they are on solid legal grounds. Personally, if I was an adoptive parent who had legal backing and discovered that there was a birth Father who wanted to raise the child and who was caught up in these horrible adoption laws U.S. States have with putative Fathers, I can’t imagine that I would want to stand in the way of that bond even if it meant enduring emotional pain, and certainly not if the child has been with her biological Father for two years. But, apparently Matt and Melanie Capobianco do.

What The Likely Future Holds For Matt And Melanie Capobianco In SC If They Win Custody Of Baby Veronica

We suspect that Matt and Melanie Capobianco have a huge following of supporters that most likely comes from the adoption industry and other adoptive parents who gained children where the biological Father never had to be informed that his biological child even existed.

We believe that the baby Veronica case has taken the once beautiful adoption process by which children who had no parents were taken in by loving adoptive parents and turned it into an obvious industry where adoptive parents capitalize on laws that prevent one of the biological parents from even knowing about the birth of a child.

We believe that Matt and Melanie Capobianco will likely come into contact with many in South Carolina who have experienced exactly what Dusten Brown has experienced which is an insanely biased family court which has no value in Fathers. Veronica will likely have female school teachers who’s sons had their children adopted out, or who were beaten down by the family courts. Matt and Melanie will likely have contact with Armed Forces service members who had their children adopted out or who were prevented by the family courts in being an active Father.  We even suspect that Matt and Melanie Capobianco have friends who have sons they fear this could happen to.

With over 46% of children being brought into this world by Mothers who are not married, and who can legally never inform a birth Father of an adoption process, we suspect that the Capobianco family will likely come into contact with a lot of people in SC who have experienced this. These people will include Fathers and Women in paternal families who have learned about the new dark cloud over the adoption process and who most certainly have had to deal with a biased family court system.

If we take a hard look at this adoption process, it is maddening. In seeing no value in Dusten Brown, is Matt Capobianco essentially saying that he has no value in him being a Father? And, does Melanie Capobianco see the sons of South Carolina mothers as nothing more than a gender that can create a new set of adoptable children for future adoptive parents?

How is the Native American community in SC going to receive Matt and Melanie Capobianco?

Why in the world any adoptive parents would want to endure this, along with a child turning on them at 18 years of age is beyond me.

Is Matt and Melanie Capobianco Ready For 12:01am on Veronica’s 18th Birthday?

NC Fathers doubts very seriously that this saga will end if Matt and Melanie Capobianco wins the final court battle and they successfully have a hand in sending law enforcement out to Dusten’s house to take Veronica from the arms of a Man that she calls daddy.

Are Matt and Melanie ready for the minute Veronica turns 18, for there to be thousands of websites that go up calling her home? Do they not realize that children search their names on the global Internet out of curiosity?

We suspect that long before age 18, Veronica will have already stumbled across her name on the Internet and will have a basic understanding that she had a Father who fought for her, whom she lived with for 2 years, whom she sees videos of holding her at age 4 and her calling him daddy. And this adoptive couple is seriously going to go through with this?

If so, I respectfully say that it is time to question all adoptive parents in both South Carolina and Oklahoma because this is not what adoption is supposed to be about. And, it is time for advocates for biological parents to rise up in very strong unification and demand that politicians who refuse to fix these adoption laws be sent home and replaced with one’s that actually have the best interest of children at hand.

Perhaps if anything, some good could come from the baby Veronica matter. Perhaps this will be the final straw that sparks a massive uprising of Fathers and Women in paternal families who end the century old practice of destroying our lives so that lobby groups and special interest can further their agendas.

Perhaps in addition to the baby Veronica matter, the legacy of Matt and Melanie Capobianco will be that they started a renewed Fathers Rights movement.

UPDATE 9/23/2013: Earlier today it appears the Oklahoma Supreme Court removed the stay in place keeping baby Veronica with her biological Father and there are conflicting reports now that federal marshals are executing their power to remove baby veronica from her biological Father whom she has been with since age 2. Veronica is now 4.

For us, this case marks a shift in adoptions being seen as a good thing to one where millions of children are being made available to adoptive parents through very unethical laws that allow a birth mother to conceal a pregnancy and adoption plans from a biological Father.

Matt and Melanie Capobianco may have just sealed what we think will be far reaching adoption reforms, and as we have said, we believe they are setting themselves up for incredible pain at 18 years of age when Veronica Google’s her name and learns what these SC adoptive parents did. Sure, they may have law on their side, but unfortunately for them at age 18 Veronica will not be thinking about law.

It appears that baby Veronica is indeed in the hands of Matt and Melanie Capobianco at this time after the biological Father peacefully handed the child over to authorities.

UPDATE 10/10/2013: In this update we are going to provide a few sentences from a press conference Dusten Brown and his wife gave today regarding baby Veronica this is so important, it pretty much sums everything up about this matter and why we believe Veronica was best served by being with her biological family. This is a testament to TRUE parents and their love for their children.

During this four-year fight to raise my daughter, I had to make many difficult decisions—decisions no father should ever have to make. The most difficult decision of all was to let Veronica go with Matt and Melanie Capobianco last month. But it was no longer fair for Veronica to be in the middle of this battle. It was the love for my daughter that kept me going all this time. But it was also the love for my daughter that finally gave me the strength to accept things that are beyond my control.

The time has come for me to let Veronica live a normal childhood that she so desperately needs and deserves, and that means stopping the ongoing litigation here in Oklahoma. Veronica is only 4 years old, but her entire life has been lived in front of the media and the entire world, and I cannot bear for that to continue any longer. I love her too much to continue to have the spotlight on her. It is not fair for her to be in front of the media at all times. And her safety, happiness and well-being have always been my number one priority.”

That statement shows exactly why we believe Dusten Brown is the better parent. He is willing to go through immeasurable amounts of pain for his biological offspring, something that Matt and Melanie Capobianco never did in their effort to obtain a possession.

More updates as we learn about them.

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  1. Why are authorities ignoring the Indian Child Welfare Act? Veronica and her father are in my prayers. I hope they will be together again some day. My cousin was illegally adopted 66 year ago. She found her family when she was 40. We were so blessed to finally welcome her into our family after so many years.


    Comment by Inez Larsen | September 23, 2013 | Reply

  2. As an adoptive parent and South Carolina resident, I fear that this issue has brought a very dark cloud over the adoption process and adoption agencies. Your words that the Capobianco’s may have had law on their side, but continued to press on even though Veronica was safe and with a biological parent speaks very loud.

    All adoptive parents I know actually want the child with biological parents, and only want them when both bio parents relinquish and that is what stands out with me the most.


    Comment by Casandra | September 23, 2013 | Reply

    • Casandra,
      Thank you for your words. Be sure that the Veronica case has brought a dark cloud over adoptions not only in Oklahoma, but in South Carolina as well. I imagine that there are hundreds of thousands of adoptive parents that share your worry tonight.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | September 23, 2013 | Reply

  3. I am an adult who was adopted out, and I can assure you that Veronica will find her way back to Oklahoma or wherever her birth parent is. So these people had law on their side. There is a bigger law at work here that no Judge or Governor can touch and that is the law of biology and culture. She will always wonder why the Capobianco’s do not look anything like her, as she gets older she will get curious and get on the Internet.

    I share your sentiment that when she puts all the pieces of the puzzle together it will be a sad day for Matt and Melanie.


    Comment by Joe | September 24, 2013 | Reply

  4. I read your article on Governor Fallin, and it disturbs me to know that 40% of our children are born to unmarried couples and that States allow for Mothers to conceal pregnancy and adoption plans from birth fathers. And, that there are adoption agencies and parents willing to capitalize on that.

    What a disgusting world we live in.


    Comment by Kendra | September 24, 2013 | Reply

  5. As someone supportive of the adoption process I can tell you I am disgusted with them now. I am disgusted with Matt and Melanie, I am disgusted by our Governor, and I am disgusted that they would actually approve of a process that took a child from someone a child calls a Father using law enforcement.


    Comment by Carmen F | September 24, 2013 | Reply

  6. This should be a wakeup call to Fathers and Women in our families. If anything good comes from this it will be that Fathers rights and the importance of biological Fathers has a light shined upon it tonight.

    Governor Haley, you just lost any future votes.


    Comment by Carnell in South Carolina | September 24, 2013 | Reply

  7. Every Mother in the State of South Carolina with a Son should get with him today and let him know that evil is alive and well in the State.


    Comment by CL | September 24, 2013 | Reply

    • Actually CL, South Carolina adoption law mirrors Oklahoma adoption law, which mirrors all U.S. State adoption laws. And yes, Mothers of Sons should be very worried that evil is alive and well in ALL US States as it relates to adoptive parents. Here is the wording of the OK law:

      “A birth mother is under no obligation to inform the putative father of her pregnancy. In fact, if a birth mother creates an adoption plan during her pregnancy, she is not required to serve the Notice of Plan for Adoption on the putative father. If a putative father is served a Notice of Plan for Adoption, he must follow one of the options outlined in the notice. If he fails to act upon the Notice of Plan for Adoption, his failure to act will be seen by a court as a denial of interest in asserting parental rights and will be sufficient grounds to terminate his parental rights.”

      Furthermore, that…

      “Oklahoma law places the burden upon the putative father to learn if a pregnancy resulted from a relationship with the birth mother.“

      So in other words, your sons by law do not have to be told about pregnancy or adoption plans, but the burden is on them to somehow find out and stop it within 90 days.



      Comment by stompkinsnc | September 24, 2013 | Reply

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