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Granville County Department of Social Services Complaints

Granville County Department of Social ServicesNC Fathers believes that many Granville County NC Non-Custodial families have complaints, a history of observing bias, and potentially experiencing abuse and illegal acts committed upon them by the Granville County Department of Social Services. NC Fathers is a growing organization of Granville County and NC Non-Custodial Families who are working hard to bring about changes in the NC Family Courts and NC Social Services Agencies. We will explain why in a minute, but for now we ask that you review OUR GOALS, join our MAILING LIST, and come introduce yourself to us on FACEBOOK. In this article, we are going to explore several ways in which the Granville County Social Services agency has an incentive to see you marginalized and alienated from your children as non-equal parents and extended families. Additionally, when we refer to FAMILY, we mean non-custodial fathers, step-mothers, paternal aunts and uncles, and grandparents. Clearly, all of these family members get hurt in the biased family courts, and when NC Social Services gets it wrong in child protective services investigations. NC Fathers asks that you please share this article on the Granville County Department of Social Services in NC with other non-custodial families across NC using facebook, twitter, linkedin, and other social media sites. Again, our goal is to build a massive organization of just non-custodial family members that we can use to influence Judges and NC Legislators to bring news laws that promote equal parentage and access by BOTH parents and extended families so that children gain more resources and opportunities not being received by federal enforcement (child support).

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Granville County Department of Social Services - and non-custodial fathers

NC Fathers believes that the Director, Supervisors, and Staff at the Granville County Department of Social Services and Child Protective Services have no idea what NC Judges ask non-custodial families to live under for 18 years. Therefore, we are inviting them to click on the BLUE and RED graphic below to look through the divisiveness they create, and we would like for you to start asking them why this exists, and what they are going to do to stop it. None of the issues outlined here has anything to do with the best interest of children, as we feel it has everything to do with securing money for Welfare and Low Income programs at NC Social Services agencies. By clicking the graphic below, we ask that you pay particular attention to the Title IV-D program written into the Social Security Act, as this legislation is the marching orders for Granville County Social Services to deal with you differently compared to custodial families.

Abuse, Bias, Complaints, and illegal acts at DSS

Granville County Department of Social Services and Voters in NC Non-Custodial Families

The Granville County Department of Social Services, Judges, and Legislators NEED Non-Custodial Family Voters, but they realize there is no large organization or lobby holding them accountable for making just biased decision in the courts, or abusive decisions in matters like child protective services. This is why we are here, to build that organization, and it shouldn’t be hard given the numbers. Each day, in all 100 counties, seven new non-custodial fathers are created, and there are at least three women in that family that get marginalized as well. This equates to 700 new fathers per day, and 2100 WOMEN in paternal families per DAY! The moment this number of very angry people unite around a central organization and collectively use their power as voters, the NC Family Courts and NC Department of Social Services agencies will develop new policies and procedures that bring you equal parentage and access to your children. There is not one Judge or Politician that can keep her/his job with this much opposition. Additionally, the Granville County Department of Social Services forgets that non-custodial families come from every political party affiliation, socioeconomic status, and racial and ethnic background. Lastly, 40% of children being born in North Carolina in 2012 are being conceived by parents who are not married, and zero of these fathers have any legal rights to these children.

Granville County Department of Social Services, Domestic Violence, Child Support Enforcement, and NC Non-Custodial Families

NC Fathers believes strongly that the Granville County Department of Social Services BENEFITS from non-custodial families and domestic violence stigmatized fathers because they use these statistics to generate more and more federal money from the government so that jobs, programs, services, and infrastructure can be payed for. Unfortunately, we also think that they help create these fathers and families to ensure that future federal money filters back into NC and Social Services.

In looking at the Social Security Act, Title IV, Part D, Section 458 conveniently named “Incentive Payments To States”, this legislation mandates that for every one dollar collected in child support, one dollar will be given back to the State of North Carolina and NC Social Services agencies to combat welfare and low income expenditures. Without non-custodial families paying increased child support, there would be less money for these programs. Social Services has no incentive for non-custodial families to be equalized compared to custodial families because if they were, they would not be paying child support (or much less of it) and triggering less federal dollars. Therefore, we believe that the Child Support Enforcement Office at the Granville County Department of Social Services is more interested in generating money for these jobs and programs than helping children, because we feel they know children get more resources, support, emotional growth, psychological support, opportunities, and physical interaction from BOTH parents and extended families than any big government agency or social services staff will ever be able to provide.

NC Department of Social Services Agencies play a huge role in dealing with the pervasive nature of domestic violence, and they get a lot of federal dollars to make sure jobs, programs, and services are there to meet the growing demand of people being affected by this. However, NC Fathers believes that despite the newest federal statistics showing that women hit men, intimidate, and control at the same rates as men do, social services is only focused on male on female violence. And, federal statistics show that male on male and female on female domestic partnership violence happens at the same rate as heterosexual violence. But you do not see any male shelters, programs, or services for male victims at the Granville County Department of Social Services do you? Historically, NC Social Services agencies have provided help for only women and children using money fathers pay to child support enforcement. If Granville County DSS had to open male shelters, and develop programs, it would cut into the allotment of federal money. NC Fathers is also acutely aware that WOMEN in non-custodial paternal families are seeing a culture of hopeful custodial mothers using false allegations as a tactical tool in the NC Family Courts to ensure that they get further resources and win custody battles. These false allegations are many times pushed through the courts as convictions, which raises statistics, prevents a father from having access to his children, increasing child support and further statistics, and flooding NC social services agencies with more and more federal money.

In short, both child support enforcement and domestic violence have become an industry that secures federal money for jobs, services, and programs; and it needs fathers as “Deadbeat Parents” who abuse women to make sure that federal money comes back to them. NC Fathers believes that bias, abuse, and illegal acts are committed on Granville County NC non-custodial families by NC Social Services Agencies as a result.

In reading this article on the Granville County Department of Social Services as a non-custodial family or other interested party, we ask that you routinely and extensively share it with other families using social media to help bring about greater awareness. And, we certainly hope you will join our MAILING LIST and FACEBOOK PAGE to that we can build the authority that convinces Judges and NC Politicians to change their ways.

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