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Judge William Zastera And Sarpy County Nebraska Families

Judge William Zastera Sarpy County Nebraska District CourtJudge William Zastera sits on the Sarpy County Nebraska district courts and is someone we think non-custodial families need to know about when they consider who to vote for in future elections. As a non-custodial parent, step-parent, grandparent, or others family member, it is time to realize that you represent a huge amount of voters in Sarpy County and Nebraska as a whole who can have a tremendous impact on elections using your anger within the family courts as a guide. For going on a century now, Judges in the Nebraska courts have consistently sent you from their court rooms completely marginalized in your children’s lives when you desired to have an active and equal role in their lives. We understand that Judge William Zastera is very quick to jail fathers over child support issues and in this article we are going to educate you on the many reasons why these parents many times have a hard time paying child support. But we do not want to just focus on parents because it is important to realize that all extended family members in the non-custodial family get equally hurt and marginalized within the family courts.
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District Court in Sarpy CountyThe first thing we want Sarpy County Nebraska non-custodial families to know is that you being a non-custodial family serves a purpose for the State of Nebraska and helps to fund social services programs for the growing amounts of people who are using state and federal money to live daily. According to the Social Security Act Title IV-D program, each dollar collected in child supports triggers one dollar in federal money for the state. If your child support award in $800 a month, then you generate $800 a month for Sarpy County social services and welfare recipients. If you were allowed to have equal parentage of your children, you would pay less child support and Nebraska would not get as much in federal money for which they are dependent in keeping social services afloat. Secondly, when two parents are encouraged to fight for 18 years within a purposefully manufactured unequal system, then they will continue to write checks to Judge Zastera’s colleagues (lawyers). Research shows  that the average child custody battle PER PARENT is $20,000 and that they fight two over 18 years. This figure comes to $80,000 PER FAMILY that goes to lawyers. The creation of a unequal system insures that two parents will fight and that is the goal. We find it disgusting that Judges in the District Courts would rather see $80,000 go to their professional colleagues rather than a child’s college education, medical expenses, a trust to start a business, or to buy a home.

Judge in Nebraska

Ask Judge William Zastera what happens if one parent leaves a marriage and alienates a child from the other parent and you do not have $20,000 to even get into the courts to remedy your situation. The fact is it cost the alienating parent $0 to alienate a child and the non-custodial family $20,000 each time they do it. Judges in Sarpy County know the system is setup like this and they don’t care. Nebraska legislators know this system exists and they don’t care.

But here is the good news for Sarpy County and Nebraska non-custodial families, you represent just under half the population in the county and you come from every racial and cultural background, economic status, gender, and political party affiliation and Judges are creating more and more of you daily. If you will just organize around a shared parenting or father’s rights organization, you can have incredible amounts of input on state and county elections. We especially want women in non-custodial families to realize your importance in your young one’s lives and to take action with your son’s as they are purposefully marginalized by district court judges because you will also be marginalized as a grandmother.

While THIS LINK is North Carolina related, we suspect that it accurately spells out what is going on with the Sarpy County Family Courts.

Judge William Zastera, This Blog Is Dedicated To You By A Father You Recently Jailed Over Child Support

There are many reasons why fathers do not pay child support, by Nebraska and Sarpy County judges want you to believe we are all out on our yachts drinking champagne and using our helicopters to get sirloin steaks from Italy and we are purposefully making our kids eat ramen noodles once a day.

  • It is important to remember that custodial parents get educational assistance, daycare assistance, medical and psychological assistance, food assistance, job assistance, tax incentives, housing assistance, and other incentives when they have financial troubles. Non-custodial parents get none of these services.
  • If you are a non-custodial parent and your wife gets sick and you encounter massive medical bills because of it, Judges in Sarpy County have no problems putting you in jail because politically it looks good.
  • If you lose a job and can’t find another, Judge Zastera will have no problem putting you in jail.
  • If you helped create a child, and were never told that you have a child and the mother decides to wait ten years before filing a child support action, then you will owe ten years of back child support and if you can’t pay it, Judge Zastera will have no problem putting you in jail. According to the latest census, 42% of mothers are having children while not married and many never file for child support early. This gives you no ability to be an active father, and it insures that custody will never be reversed because of consistency.
  • If you get sick, and you can get no assistance because you are not a custodial parent, Judge William Zastera and other judges in Sarpy County will have no problems putting you in jail while they prop up the custodial parent for being responsible even though they are living completely off free money.
  • Judge Zastera knows that custodial parents get free lawyers to handle their petitions each time they want more money, and he knows that you are forced to pay for private attorneys which clearly puts non-custodial families in a financial bind. If you can’t pay child support because you have back to back child support actions, Sarpy County judges simply do not care.

It is time for non-custodial families to wake up.

Please consider extensively sharing this blog on Judge William Zastera with the Sarpy County Nebraska family courts on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other networks so that other non-custodial families can learn why the courts have been created to be divisive and unequal for profit.

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  1. My name is Jeremy Barnhill Case # CI 12-300 and I personally was jailed for 90 days by this judge over a child support order that violated the state of Nebraska Child Support Guidelines. He thinks and says that he is above the law and that “he runs his courtroom and that he decides what happens there”. In my opinion he needs to be criminally charged for his actions and brings shame to the black robe and gavel and gives good judges a bad name.


    Comment by jeremy barnhill | November 5, 2014 | Reply

    • Judge William Zastera likely is concerned about one thing. And that is keeping the politically elite lawyers in his county happy so that they support him in future elections. You will likely see that a group of attorneys in Sarpy county always win. This Judge also realizes that his county gets federal money on the amount of child support collected and this keeps the politicians happy. Until half the population of non-custodial parents who aren’t happy get vocal nothing will change.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | November 27, 2014 | Reply

  2. Number one, not all lawyers are rich, that is why public interest law exists. Number two, not all family law attorneys enjoy family law or try to run up the bill for their own personal enrichment. Lawyers are like any other profession, some are wonderful, some are scum, most are simply struggling to pay off the crippling 6-figure debt they accumulated in law school. Number three, I work in the legal community and some of us are also parents, single parents, non-custodial parents, divorced parents, and alienated parents. I myself have never gotten dollar one for my child, and because my income is too high (despite my debt constituting 150% of my paralegal income) I cannot receive assistance or a “free” lawyer. I am in the same position as many outside the legal community, yet I have to hear these kind of hurtful assumptions and attacks. I wish I never had to assist another ungrateful, sanctimonious, potentially even violent or dangerously vindictive, family law client ever again, But sadly, it is our job to advocate within the bounds of the law for the benefit of the client. I myself have seen lawyers shot dead by their disgruntled and insane clients and been told that they had it coming. And to be fair, of course I’ve also seen bad Judges, whether creating bad outcomes because of their own horrible biases, or because they fail to empathize with a situation to which they are ignorant personally, or just because of the bad state of the law which they must implement. In summary–clients whether paying or for free—are no picnic either. I wish none of us needed to exist, but people will always get into disputes so there will always be clients and lawyers, good and bad.


    Comment by HonoluluWampum | August 28, 2015 | Reply

    • First of all there are no “free” lawyers in family law regardless of what you make. Back to school for you! Then you come on our webpage to tell not all lawyers are like this but then make blankets statements about family law clients. Interesting. Come back when you have something to add to the conversation.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | August 28, 2015 | Reply

  3. This really concerns me reading these comments on this Judge as my son just went before this judge , the story behind this whole mess is too long to tell, but my sons ex wife did not send his daughter back after summer visit, she should of been held in contempt of court, if my son had done the same thing he would of been in jail.
    We went back to court 3 times and she still has my sons daughter, now there is going to be a trial, my son is in the military, there is no justice as far as I’m concerned, she gave up custody because she didn’t want to parent and had several affairs while my son was overseas.


    Comment by Sandra Thompson | September 17, 2015 | Reply

    • My boyfriend went before the same judge going through the divorce as I text this message she has been in contempt of court numerous times but was never charged it was overseen by the judge and he did not care but you are absolutely right if my boyfriend had done any of what she had done by not listening to the judge he would have been placed in jail or had fines against him for contempt of court. This judge is a piece of s*** he should not be on the bench


      Comment by Hollie Budka | August 23, 2016 | Reply

  4. Thank you to whoever wrote this? I am a father beat down by this judge and he openly sides with and only with the mother. If shes not a crack head with convictions he could care less what the father has to offer…other than his paycheck of course. These sideways crooks in nebraska only care about the money they can squeeze from the dad. What a joke. Dont believe a word any nebraska judicial advocate has to say. I am a hard working succesful father with a loser ex that cant wipe her own butt. This “judge” gave and continues to give her every tool she needs to completely drain me everyother week while she is spoon fed propoganda from the state lawmakers to bring me forth every 3 years to rape my accounts for every drop. Nebraska is the biggest joke of a state i have ever seen and i am embarrased to admit i lived the majority of my life there. Eleven more years of this disgusting unfair judicial system and another state will be gettin my lifes hard earnings. I cannot wait!


    Comment by Ryan Cartwright | November 12, 2016 | Reply

  5. Thank you for this. I have struggled with this judges rulings for 10 years. I am the non-custodial parent…and have been alienated. Ive paid my support but been close to being jailed but there was theft from my ex and the state messed up my child support and child care accounts. I was paid up but their own accounting had me overpaid. It required a judges order for the state to correct…guess who had to pay for that in court too? Your article is 100% truth…ive lived it. I hope grace and good things come to those of us who truly suffer by paying the nose and get less or no quality time with our kids…truly a cruel system rigged for bottom feeder mothers and lawyers. They protect themselves…this article is truth.


    Comment by Jk | February 14, 2017 | Reply

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