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Judge Lee Teague Of The Pitt County NC Courts, Welcome Sir!

Judge Lee TeagueJudge Lee Teague is a newly appointed Judge in the Pitt County NC District and Family Courts that we want to welcome to the bench. In this article, we are going to point out some concerns that we feel Pitt County non-custodial parents, grandparents, step-parents, and other family members need for Judge Teague to realize when considering child support and child custody matters. This article will also be a wake-up call for non-custodial families in the county who are systematically being marginalized in the kids lives while the custodial side of the family is being empowered. If you are reading this article as a non-custodial family member, it is important that you either join us on FACEBOOK or our MAILING LIST so that you can help us build an organization of families in Pitt County who have an interest in seeing your children benefit from two equal parents and extended families rather than the historical case where non-custodial families support their children via a government agency and have very little time with their children. Additionally, in this article, we are going to point out our opinions on why this highly divisive system exists so that you can use this information when talking with Judge Lee Teague and other Pitt County Judges and Legislators at election time.

Judge Lee Teague of the District Courts

It should be noted that Judge Teague was appointed by Governor Pat McCrory after Judge Joe Blick retired.

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Non-custodial families in Pitt County are encouraged to use the comment system at the end of this article to express their concerns about the family courts process as well as extensively share this article on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other networks in an effort to help educate other families. As with all our articles, we encourage Judge Teague to contact us and give us his thoughts on this article or give us his side on how ethe family courts can be improved upon, or how they are working to benefit both parents and their children in it’s current form.

Furthermore, Pitt County NC non-custodial parents, step-parents, grandparents, and other family members should click on the red and blue graphic below to learn more about this issues we think need to see reform.

Pitt County NC District Court Judge

Judge Lee Teague and Pitt County NC Family Court Reform

judge in pitt county nc

  • First and foremost, non-custodial families are tired of hearing the going on 60 year scripted reasons why having two equal parents does not work. Judge, it’s 2013, the world is a much different place and quite frankly it is time for reform. Furthermore, we will not entertain any conversation on how equally shared parenting causes conflict. The truth of the matter is pitting two parents against each other in an effort to win custody and all the goodies that come with custodial parenthood (financial assistance, daycare assistance, Medicaid, food stamps, educational assistance, tax incentives, section 8 housing) is causing all the conflict. Parents under the current system are engaged in a 18 year battle to excoriate the other parent in an effort to maintain custodial parenthood, or gain custodial parenthood. Simply put, it is time to empower both parents and give neither parent anything to gain, except learning to work together and not denigrate each other for the best interest of the child(ren).
  • Judge Lee Teague should know that Pitt County NC non-custodial families are no longer willing to abide by the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence and NC Bar Association’s belief that if we have our children greater amounts of the time that we will kill them and our ex-spouses. The reality is that when parents are empowered and have greater access to and direct parentage over their child this leads to greater partnership. If you want violence, then continue the current system of empowering only the custodial parent while denigrating the custodial parent.
  • Judge Lee Teague and other Pitt County NC District Courts Judges should know that we have a real problem with what we call the “family court pay wall” by which it costs one parent nothing to leave a marriage/relationship and alienate a child from one parent, but costs another parent upwards of $15,000 to gain basic parental access. We are also concerned that hundreds of thousands of NC families in poverty are never able to find the money needed to hire an attorney and never see their children again.
  • Judge Lee Teague should know that we are rapidly and daily educating NC non-custodial families on Title IV-D and child support enforcement program. As a non-custodial family, you should know that this program generates federal money back to the county on each dollar enforcement collects in child support that is then used to replenish social services programs. In short, your value is not on direct parentage and access to your children because you would then pay less child support which the State of NC needs you paying to trigger federal money for dependency programs and employment at social services. NC Fathers also suspects this system is directly relational to low visitation awards.
  • Judge Teague should be introduced to the hypocrisy of Politicians and Judges lamenting about the wide numbers of absent parents in NC, then pushing those that do come to court to be active and engaged parents into absence 4 days a month assuming that the custodial parent isn’t allowed to move 8 states away. Perhaps when the courts starting sending the message that BOTH parents are valued, you will see less absence and attention from those that haven’t been socialized into “why try, I’m just going to lose.”
  • Judge Lee Teague and other Judges in Pitt County should know that non-custodial grandparents, step-parents, and likely many children are tired of visiting one parent in jail when tough economic times hit while the State holds the hand of the custodial parent and dumps a growing amount of assistance at their feet to make it and even then allowing them to call us deadbeat?
  • Judge Teague should know that Pitt County NC non-custodial families are tired of filing multiple contempt violations when custodial parents do not follow your orders at the cost of $3000 to us (multiple times)  and have you slap the hand of the custodial parent who gets to do this for free.
  • Judge Teague should know that our organization believes that lawyers are making about $80,000 off two parents over 18 years in a system that is designed to promote fighting. You know this sir, because the family courts are similar to revolving doors and a cattle call where the same parents come into court time and time again wanting something, or something changed. While this is good for the lawyers, we suspect that $80,000 would be better served with children who can use the money for college, to purchase a home, start a business, or pay off some medical bills.

Pitt County NC Judge Lee Teague and Non-Custodial Family Voters

NC Fathers wants non-custodial family voters to know that if you are sick and tired of being marginalized as it relates to your step-children, grandchildren, and children then you hold the key to making that stop. Non-Custodial families come from every single race and culture, economic status, political party affiliation, and educational level. You are in essence one huge lobby group and swing voter group but historically you have not united around one single organization who advocates for you in Raleigh.

One of the reasons you get the short end of the stick in the Pitt County family courts is that huge lobby groups that work for custodial parents have a seat at the table in Raleigh and have for 60+ years. It is time for Judge Lee Teague and Legislators in North Carolina to be held accountable for your marginalization.

This is especially important for African-American and Hispanic voters who have long been demoralized as natural absent parents, and for non-custodial Mothers and Women in paternal families who also deserve to have their voices heard because you are equally hurt in this system.

Again, we ask that you leave your comments below, and to share this article on Judge Lee Teague and the Pitt County NC District Courts with other non-custodial families in Pitt County.


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