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Judge Gordon Miller – Forsyth County NC Courts And Non-Custodial Families

Judge Gordon Miller - Forsyth County NC District CourtsJudge Gordon Miller is a newly appointed Judge in the Forsyth County NC District Courts who is replacing Judge Reingold after he announced his retirement. The purpose of this article is to encourage Forsyth County NC non-custodial parents, step-parents, grandparents, and other family members to give us insights on how Judge Miller is performing in the family courts as it relates to child custody and child support enforcement matters. Additionally, this article serves to educate non-custodial families on the many hazards you overwhelmingly face in the family courts, why we think this happens, and how you can change it. With that said, if you find this article compelling, then we hope you will share this article extensively on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other networks so that non-custodial families across North Carolina can learn more about our organization and mission. Additionally, we hope that you will join our MAILING LIST and FACEBOOK PAGE so that you can learn more about us and interact with thousands of other families facing the family courts in NC.

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Forsyth County NC Family Courts

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NC Fathers also invites non-custodial families in Forsyth County NC to use the comment section at the end of this article to give us their thoughts on the family courts in NC, how it has affected your entire family, how you intend to unite as a family of voters around equal parenting, and how we can best educate you on family law reform.

NC Fathers will continue to monitor future elections to see if Judge Gordon runs for a permanent seat on the Forsyth County District Courts, and to determine if anyone runs against him.

Family Court custody matters in NC

Specific questions we have for Judge Miller and other Judges in Forsyth County NC

  • No doubt Judges in NC are concerned about Domestic Violence in our State, but why is there a coordinated effort by groups in North Carolina to only end male on female violence while suppressing female on male violence? And why are these groups only using male on female violence to demand mother centered courts when there is ample evidence that women and mothers commit violence and harm children? Our organization feels that the only way to end domestic violence in the State is by stopping the blame game and capitalistic nature of organization pushing for statistics so they can get state and federal money for their gender based organizations and agendas.
  • Judge Miller is well aware that for 50 years legislators and public policy groups have been asking “where are all the absent fathers” as though men are naturally bad parents. But what about the fathers in Forsyth County NC who want equal parenting and more involvement, but can’t get it because we don’t recognize it in the state? If your answer is because it causes more conflict, what about when custodial parents are causing conflict and use the conflict to argue against shared parenting? What about the tens of thousands of fathers just here in NC who don’t have the money to hire a $15,000 attorney to secure basic visitation rights when a custodial parent purposefully alienates a child from the non-custodial family at the cost of $0? And how exactly does allowing custodial parents to move thousands of miles away help end the problem of absent parents?

District Court Judge in NC County

  • Judge Gordon Miller and the District Courts are well aware that a lot of importance is placed on child support, and we agree that child support is important – for parents who do NOT want equal parenting, or to be parents at all. Our organization believes that court ordered marginalization of parents who do want equal parentage should have it, and the best support they can give their children is through parenting of which can’t be accomplished as a visitor.
  • Why are Judges in Forsyth County NC allowing mothers and the Sheriff to excoriate fathers on social media sites and other media sites because of non-payment of child support when non-custodial families meet with hardship like the loss of a job, death in the family, sickness, but there is a massive safety net for custodial parents in the form off educational assistance, job assistance, financial assistance, daycare assistance, medical/dental assistance, food assistance, and tax incentives to make financial ends meet. Judge, sometimes we wonder if custodial parents who claim victim and hardship status don’t create an alienated parent in their life so that they can get these services.
  • Is Judge Miller aware of just how many non-custodial families there are in Forsyth County NC? And how many are created each day? Is this Judge aware that when they leave court shattered, they typically find this organization? How many vote, and how many will vote once we educate them?
  • Regarding mediation, does Judge Miller not realize there is no incentive for mothers to mediate when they have been socialized into knowing that if they hold out and go to court forcing families to spend upwards of $20,000 each that she can win much more than what she would in mediation? Judge, you do realize the statistics and systemic nature of disposable fathers supports that idea? We often wonder what kids could do with the $40,000 families spend in the courts later in life, like start a business, go to college, put a down payment on a home, or to start a family.
  • Judge the latest census shows that 47% of mothers in NC are having children while not married or married to someone else other than the biological father and the biological father by law does not have to be told of the pregnancy, plans for adoption, and has no rights as a putative father unless he somehow discovers the pregnancy. Thanks for strengthening families and creating a massive unethical adoption industry sir. Again, we wonder if the massive state and federal assistance programs you guys throw moms is resulting in disposable fathers, paternal grandmothers, and other family members.

Of course these are just a few of the problems associated with the family courts in Forsyth County, but we encourage you to scroll up and read the extensive article on Family Court Reform in the related section to get an extensive list.

Remember to join our mailing list and Facebook page, and start realizing your importance as a massive voter block in the county that comes from all cultural and racial backgrounds, political party affiliation, economic status, and educational level.

Most importantly, we want the many women in non-custodial families to realize that your despair from court ordered marginalization hurts you just as well. And we are sorry that Judges in Forsyth County NC allow custodial grandparents and step-parents ample time to help raise your young loved ones when you get to see them very infrequently if at all.

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