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Senator Rick Gunn – NC Republican Ignores Families

Senator Rick Gunn - NC Republican Ignores FamiliesSenator Rick Gunn is Republican lawmaker serving Randolph and Alamance counties in the North Carolina Senate. Earlier this week we sent Senator Gunn an email I think voters in North Carolina, especially non-custodial family voters, need to known about as it has devastating consequences for children and families in our state. As of 1/15/2014 Senator Gunn has failed to respond to the information in our email to him leading us to believe he has no interest in dealing with the issue we attempted to discuss with him. Furthermore, we believe this is yet another example of NC Republican lawmakers looking out for the political elite lawyers in our state who make tons of money when two parents fight in the family courts for 18 years. If you are a NC non-custodial family member, be it a parent, step-parent, grandparent, or other family member who has been in the family courts, then you know just how dangerous the courts can be to families. Therefore, we ask that you extensively share this article on Senator Rick Gunn with other families on the major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ so that they can learn more about our organization. We also hope that you will review our mission and join either our mailing list and Facebook page.

Alamance and Randolph County NC

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NC County attorney
NC Fathers encourages Senator Gunn to contact our organization and explain how parents spending roughly $80,000 over 18 years in the family courts with lawyers is in the best interest of children. Or, is it in the best interest of lawyers? In the family courts, where one parent wins custody and spends the majority of the time with a child while the other family is marginalized to visitors, how exactly is this in the best interest of children Senator?

Why do we not have a neutral and equal system where we empower BOTH parents, and have Judges tell both parents that neither is going to win something over the other parent? Would this not end the 18 year battle that parents inflict on each other and their children? Does NC Fathers really need to tell NC lawmakers about the state of our children when it comes to teen pregnancy, violence, graduation rates, teen suicide, and substance abuse that just keeps getting worse? Could this have anything to do with the breakdown of families and pushing one parent out of the picture so that several industries can flourish?

Our email to Senator Rick Gunn and other NC Republican lawmakers

Senator Rick Gunn and NC Families

Senator Rick Gunn,
I want to draw your attention to a matter that I would like your feedback on regarding our family courts. Often, we hear legislators and judges tell us that the family courts are only about the best interest of children but as we see in the example below, that is not always true.

When two parents separate in North Carolina, one parent can legally keep a child from another parent until there is a court order for visitation or they mediate another arrangement. It costs the alienating parent $0 to keep a child from the other parent and extended family. Yet, it cost the alienated parent upwards of $15,000 to remedy the situation.

If that parent is unable to get that money together, then it is likely he/she and the entire extended family (grandparents, step-parents, aunts and uncles) never sees that child again.

Given the scenario above, it seems money is a barrier to a child’s best interest to know and be nurtured by their entire family even after divorce. Are we sure that we are not looking out for lawyers best interest?

What legislation can you sponsor to correct this?

— end letter —
As a non-custodial family in Alamance and Randolph County NC you know how devastating it is to have one parent purposefully alienating a child from another parent, grandparent, aunts and uncles, and step-parents. And you know that if you do not have the money to hire a lawyer, that there is absolutely nothing that can be done to remedy this situation.
NC Fathers believes that hundreds of thousands of NC voters in non-custodial families experience this each year and it must come to a stop and we are encouraging Senator Gunn to talk with other legislators in the Judiciary committees to make it happen.
Additionally, we would like to see the Senator make it either a crime or make it a non-discretionary issue for Judges when one parent disobeys a court order and willfully keeps a child away from his or her family members.

Senator Rick Gunn Needs To Hear From Alamance and Randolph County NC non-custodial families

NC Fathers is sending the message to the Senator that non-custodial families in North Carolina represents a huge amount of voters in our state and judges in the family courts are creating new marginalized and very angry families each day. These families come from every racial and cultural background, socioeconomic level, educational background, and political party affiliation.

The Senator should also recognize the many women in our families who get equally devastated when judges marginalize their new husbands and sons.

NC Fathers is encouraging readers of this article to join our organization and help us build a massive repository of non-custodial family voters in the State of NC that we can use to start putting pressure on law makers to end the family court industry and do everything possible to empower both parents for the best interest of children.

Lastly, we again remind you to routinely share this article on Senator Rick Gunn with other family members on social media sites so that they can learn more about our family court reform efforts. And, we hope you will use the comment form below to leave your thoughts on this article.

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