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Do Women Learn Domestic Violence From Their Fathers?

Do Women Learn Domestic Violence From Their Fathers?Feminists have always asserted that women learn to be violent from their fathers, otherwise they would be naturally protective parents who have no capacity for natural violence. We also know that feminism holds the idea that men are naturally violent because of patriarchy and our genetic makeup.

I am guessing this narrative was manufactured due to the fact that the media is starting to report more and more about women who commit domestic violence, or who kill their children and feminism needs to shift blame onto their typical scapegoats (men/fathers) to keep this problem from getting into the hands of legislators and the national consciousness. This narrative serves two purposes, to provide women abusers protection and to ensure that women who are abusive protection to maintain custody of children in the family courts.

It is not uncommon to hear in the courts that abusive men must lose their homes, their careers, their retirements, and access to their children because of violence while there is little talk of treatment for these men. But, on the other hand, there are a significant number of women’s groups talking about women not being labeled as criminal abusers when they commit violence and who should not lose access to their children because they were taught to be violent by men.

In short, women have a lot of rights without any accountability, while men have few rights and all of the accountability and this is directly related to academic feminism and the industry of victimology.

Unfortunately, because women are learning that when they commit violence there will be a safety net they can use to escape any consequences, this will lead to a further escalation of violent women and mothers which will be reported as an increase in men being violent. This fits perfectly for an industry that needs violence to continue to build organizations and the funding for these programs, reasons to write books, employment in the grievance industry, university programs to empower women at the expense of men, and to maintain governance that men are bad and women are good.

However, there is a problem with the feminist narrative that women learn to be violent from their fathers.

With just under 50% of children in the United States being born to women who have no idea who the father is, how exactly are fathers training their daughters and sons to be violent?

Of the 50% of active marriages that end in divorce, where a father is typically pushed out of their kids’ lives, how are they training their daughters and sons to perpetuate violence?

In looking at the first figure, if we are to believe the feminist narrative, domestic violence statistics should have dropped by 50% in the past five years given that there are no fathers involved in 50% of the births taking place in the United States.

But we can’t have a drop in violence against women can we? No certainly not.

How else are feminist groups and academia going to continue to get funding, write books, maintain employment, build political organizations, and run universities without violence and bad fathers?

The time has come to end the blame game, politics, and gender warfare on domestic violence. The time has come to put an end to the notion that women learn to be violent from their fathers and we all work together to end ALL violence.

It would also help if the industry surrounding domestic violence stopped writing books they profit from, building non-profits that get $400 million dollars a year and started giving this money to local shelters that desperately need the money.


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