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Judge David Bragg of the TN Courts, You Suck Sir

Judge David Bragg lets Elizabeth 'Leigh' Garner escape jailJudge David Bragg of the Rutherford County TN courts recently let a 42 year old woman (Elizabeth ‘Leigh’ Garner) and ex-NFL cheerleader escape jail after she pleaded no contest to fondling a 12 year old boy while she attended a party thrown by the boy’s mother. Anyone want to guess what Judge Bragg would have done if Elizabeth was Edward and had done the same thing? But in this case, we suspect there is more, and we actually suspect this happens quite a bit in criminal and family court matters where nationally everyone knows that the courts are biased against men and fathers. If you had doubts, this case should solidify that. If you still have doubts, then your an idiot. Who wants to bet that Judge David Bragg was so enamored by Elizabeth ‘Leigh’ Garner’s looks and physique that he found he had to let Mrs. Garner go? If anyone in Rutherford County TN has any doubts why there is a massive fathers rights and shared parenting movement rising to take on the bias in the courts, they have to look no further than this case.

Rutherford County TN Courts

How many fathers and men have left Judge Bragg’s court shaking their heads wondering what just happened; be it a criminal trial or family court proceeding? Could this be why?

Rutherford County TN Judge David Bragg

TN CourtsSo my question to voters or elected officials in Tennessee, what are you going to do about corrupt Judges in the county who continue to hide behind their immunity and make some of the most bizarre decisions anyone could comprehend?

Does anyone wonder what this Judge has to say to the victim of this woman, or to the mother of this child?

Who wants to bet that Judge Bragg will not face any blow back from this decision, and that he will continue to hear cases in Tennessee?

Of course, we will be happy to hear from this Judge or his handlers on any evidence they have that shows where it is perfectly acceptable to let a person walk free after touching a 12 year old.

I wonder if Judge Bragg will tell you about sentencing disparities between men and women for the same crimes? Will this Judge reveal the percentage of mothers who gain custody of their children over fathers in a court that is supposed to not be biased? We suspect not because he knows he has immunity and that Legislators will turn their back on this issue.

But for now we can only say that you suck, and you suck in a big way and I hope that voters in Rutherford County TN take issue with their elected officials over this matter.

Be sure to share our article on Judge David Bragg with others in TN via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and other social networks because this story needs to get out. Also, we welcome any comments you have about this Judge or the TN courts as it relates to bias and corruption.

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  1. WOW! Just WOW! I live in NC now, but for awhile I went to school at Middle TN State University in Murfreesboro and that is where my initial child custody case was decided. While it was not this Judge, I am not surprised by this at all!


    Comment by Kevin | November 16, 2013 | Reply

  2. A man would have gotten 18 years, and she gets 18 months probation? Yes sir, now mothers who are losing custody know what is driving the fathers rights movement.


    Comment by Antwon | November 16, 2013 | Reply

  3. This Judge is a disgrace to TN, the courts, and the voters in our state! Completely sexist! I hope his wife divorces him.


    Comment by Kelly | November 16, 2013 | Reply

  4. I can tell you this, if Judge Bragg would have let my child’s molester go, regardless of gender, there would be HELL to pay.


    Comment by Dawn | November 16, 2013 | Reply

  5. It will certainly be interesting to see if his wife leaves him for sure. I can understand a plea bargain as it happens in these cases, but 18 months? No way! Complete bias and it’s very clear why.


    Comment by Delvin | November 16, 2013 | Reply

  6. I don’t know if this Judge heard cases in the family courts or not, but I think at the very least someone needs to re-visit all of his cases and perhaps look at the attractiveness of the party he ruled for. This should be very scary for any man in a criminal or family matter.


    Comment by Michael | November 16, 2013 | Reply

  7. The whole court system is bias, if this does not get it through your thick skull then nothing will. I suspect the ONLY people who will side with Judge Bragg and the TN courts will be those who have benefitted from it in the past.


    Comment by Kimbrell | November 16, 2013 | Reply

  8. The Judge in my custody battle was a man. My ex-wife came dressed to impress, heels, short cut dress. And hour of make up and hair all teased out. My wife walked out of the court a winner.


    Comment by Tom in TN | November 16, 2013 | Reply

  9. Here’s the “equality in sentencing” gender contrast-

    28 year old male perpetrator
    13 year old female victim
    no probation here!

    sentence…250-1000 YEARS in prison!!!


    Comment by Navin R. Johnson | November 17, 2013 | Reply

    • I’m with you Navin Johnson – This judge should not be on the bench – he belongs in jail.


      Comment by Francis Drake | November 18, 2013 | Reply

      • We ALL sin. It was a good run but you’ve counted your chickens before they hatched. This particular person was a lawyer before he became a Judge. He sought a very open opportunity with little competition for Judge. A position that would put him in at the center of a huge whirlpool of corrupt revenue. Hundreds of millions of dollars that apparently has just disappeared, likely into overseas accounts, and the citizens of Rutherford county have no idea how it horribly effects their community and family when there are hardly any normal programs or services offered to the national record setting population growth of petty criminals and the horrible growing crime rate in Murfreesboro, Rutherford county. Along with the criminal courts and puppet like DAs that have developed and fertilized such an intimidating, self governed, unconstitutional practice of entrapment type proceedings, limited trials, and harsh sentencing on misdemeanor cases. This makes the common repeat criminal very vulnerable to the growing poor environment, poverty and encouraged crime. They follow the same path and right back into the Rutherford county corrupt court, and jail system they go. One thing for sure, the self righteous Rutherford County Criminal Courts do not discriminate against ANYONE. The power and greed of hundreds of millions of dollars, clearly makes him ammune to whom they harm in the process. Ferguson, Missouri was shameful enough with their targeting African Americans for almost all their revenue, but Rutherford County Criminal Courts make Ferguson, Missouri look like a weekend carnival. Like this cheerleader story and others, his obvious disregard for children and any attempt to seek fair trial will soon be recognized. Like Herod and his cruelty, John the Baptist would likely ask this judge to confess his sins and crime against humanity. It’s time for the citizens of Rutherford County to stand up, be brave, and reform their community to an awesome place with all that money and the civil removal of anyone involved in the corruption. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW, and you CAN NOT buy your way to Heaven. Lets pray for those that have this disease of greed that destroys families, instead of reform them. Pray the FBI can establish quick justice and recover these hundreds of millions of dollars that could help the community so much, and put an end to the suffering of thousands of innocent children that have endured the courts arrogant abuse of power that robs parents of any chance to recover from the Judges powerful, immoral circulation of offenders.


        Comment by Dan Whistle | April 9, 2016

  10. If convicted, she could be sentenced to more than eight years in jail…

    The other issue that none of the news stories is reporting- was her husband “the man” in attendance at the party???


    Comment by Navin R. Johnson | November 17, 2013 | Reply

  11. If you’re a woman the courts in NC assuredly gives custody to her without hearing anything the Father has to say. They are truly a bias bunch of judges. All the neglect the woman does is insignificant to these judges. I give everyone of these judges especially in Cumberland County and “F” for failing to comply with a FAIR HEARING INVOLVING THE FATHER AND HIS CHILDREN. All the woman has to do is shed some tears, tell some lies and act innocent and the inept judges side with her no matter what kind of behavior or conduct she has displayed. Can we get Judges fired for inept proceedings? If there is a way, will someone tell me because I’d like to have some of these Judges investigated for failing to follow the law in Father custody suits.


    Comment by Francis Drake | November 17, 2013 | Reply

  12. He is ridiculous I hate him. He is the most bias judge I have ever seen. He is a fan of the DAs office and always rules in their favor. If your a man charged with a crime in his courtroom your done. It’s funny that he starts court of with prayer. Haha he is the devil.


    Comment by Jack | April 1, 2014 | Reply

  13. I just went in front of this judge yesterday! He will be the judge hearing our divorce proceedings. My wife and her attorney asked that the order of protection I took out be heard by him also, my attorney agreed mister John Drake he said it’s common practice, Judge bragg heard how my wife was arrested and charged with domestic violence and child endangerment which she has to answer to at a later date, under oath my wife admitted to contacting me after the arrest nearly 50 times calling 20 times in less than a hour, she also under oath admitted to showing up at places I was at in vehicles not hers as not to be notice ALL of which are in direct disobedience to her bond conditions,I testified of the threats she has made while breaking her bond conditions,I also made the judge aware of a app I have that reordered all these direct violations. He never asked to hear them nor did he hold her accountable to any of the violations,He ordered that our son whom she is charged with child endangerment charges with be taken off the order of protection, he also ordered temporary custody to her, and ordered me to pay child support and for me to have our son Friday 10am to Sat 10am! Wth!! The three times the police came to my home she was lead away in hand cuff I was never charged or arrested, just her in the police reports the officers even said she was violent towards them. She is in direct violation of her bond agreement! You think if I had domestic charges pending and child endangerment charges pending I would be awarded temporary custody? If I where out on bond and called her 50 times and followed her and threaten her he would let me walk free, with custody of the child?? I am blown away!! I am numb! I don’t know what to do.. I just don’t understand!


    Comment by George Terry | July 22, 2014 | Reply

  14. Pray for the victims of this judges immorality.


    Comment by Josie | April 5, 2016 | Reply

  15. He is a racist just watch how young black men’s without records are sentenced in his court room for the most rediculous crimes. I try too respect the duties that judges have but this judge is by far one of the worst judges in the state of Tennessee. I’m not asking anyone too believe me just go watch him in court and you decide.


    Comment by John | February 22, 2017 | Reply

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