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Union County Department Of Social Services in NC – What You Need To Know

Union County Department Of Social Services in NCThe Union County Department of Social Services in NC is an agency that is dependent on broken families to exist so that their jobs, funding of programs they run, and ability to support their children is secured. They need alienated non-custodial parents to exists to get Title IV-D funding. They need to adopt children out. They need domestic violence. They need people dependent on their services. Without these issues, they would not have jobs. And, unfortunately, we think they create more havoc where none exists to meet these goals and have 100% immunity for anything they do wrong. This statement is especially true for the child protective services department within social services. We think it’s time that NC families, and especially non-custodial families, stand up to the Union County Department of Social Services, it’s director, and supervisors and let them know that we are watching them closely. In this article we are going to educate Union County NC non-custodial families on how their funding is directly related to parents, grandparents, step-parents, and other family members being alienated from the children after divorce or relationship breakdown. If you identify with this article, then we encourage you to review our mission and either join us on Facebook or mailing list to help be a part millions of other families who desire reform within the family courts and NC department of social services agencies.

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Union County Department Of Social Services director

Breaking News 11/2013 – Union County social services supervisor Wanda Sue Larson was arrested by the Sheriffs Dept after they found a foster care child tied to the porch at the home she lived in and a dead chicken wrapped around his neck.

As a non-custodial family, have you ever wondered why Judges in the county placed so much importance on you paying child support each month over you being a active and equal parent? Did you know that the State of NC social services agencies get back federal money on each dollar they collect in child support that is then used for the growing numbers of people on state assistance? The State has become completely dependent on this money, and Judges have no use for you as a parent because if you were an actual equal parent, your child support would be less that would trigger less federal money. Union County NC parents, grandparents, and step-parents need to realize that the State of NC is pushing you to the margins of your kids lives so that they have money to maintain social services.

And, not only does the State need you to be disposed of, the custodial parent needs you not be to be an active parent if she makes it in life via social services. If you were allowed to be more active in your kids lives, the custodial parent would need less assistance. And we are talking about a significant amount of assistance from having a child. Daycare assistance, medical/dental assistance, housing assistance, job assistance, food assistance, tax incentives, and more.

Union County Department of Social Services In NC And It’s Dependence On Broken Families and Title IV-D Money

As stated earlier, according to the Social Security Act Title IV-D legislation, for every $500 collected in child support, the State of NC agencies get back $500 in federal money. And according to this, we think that Judges in Union County NC are very aware of this. It’s the reason we still have bi-weekend Fathers instead of fathers and grandparents allowed to be active equal parents.

But workers, supervisors, and the director of the Union County Department of Social Services also has an interest in you not being allowed to have equal parentage as well. And unfortunately, we think departments like child protective services ends up creating more problems so that they can get federal money. Additionally, NC social services agencies have absolute immunity from law suits when they do bad things so there is very little accountability when some worker with a 4 yr degree takes a child and puts him/her into foster care.

Our organization also believes that Union County NC social services is very strict and adversarial with non-custodial families while being service driven with custodial parents. In short, NCPs trigger federal money so that custodial parents can live with expanding services. If CPS can make a case on a non-custodial family they can stop all visitation which then triggers more federal money.

Child Protective Services in NC

But it is not just child support, the more domestic violence there is, the more programs and funding there are, and jobs to treat victims. Just about every aspect of NC Department of Social Services agencies is tied to the NEED for broken families.

Adoptions can’t happen if children are not being taken from homes. Foster care billing can’t happen if children aren’t being taken from homes. And we realize that many people will say that children are only taken when they need to be taken, but the reality is social services jobs would be lost if they ONLY took children that need to be taken.

NC Non-Custodial Families Stand Up To The Union County Department of Social Services

NC Fathers estimates that there are 4.5 million people in the State of NC who have direct ties to non-custodial families. These families come from every racial and cultural makeup, educational background, socioeconomic status, and gender. This is why it is very important that women in paternal families start standing up to legislators and Judges in elections and demand that they have an equal life with their children after divorce.

If every single non-custodial family in this state came together under one organization or lobby group, it would literally crush the other lobby groups who make money from divorce and parents fighting for 18 years – groups like lawyers and even social services. Legislators would, in one election cycle, put an end to purposeful child alienation from the other parent. It would stop Judges from allowing your children from being moved hundreds of miles away. And yes, it would add a heavy level of accountability for Legislators to find ways to fund the Union County Department of Social Services without there needing to be broken families.

We hope you will use the comment section below to give us your thoughts on social services in Union County, as well as sharing this article with others on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other networks so that non-custodial families can learn about our organization and educate themselves on the for profit divorce industry that needs alienated parents and families to exists.

8/2015: Updated tags on the Union County Department of Social Services Complaints


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  1. It’s unfortunate that child abuse has become so common that I think we are getting desensitized to it, but who ties a child to a porch and puts a dead chicken around a foster care child’s neck? I mean REALLY? If I was the parent of a child taken out of my home anytime in the past when Wanda Sue Larson worked there I would sue this agency so fast it’s not funny! And she is a supervisor?


    Comment by Annison in Union County | November 17, 2013 | Reply

  2. I fully support this organization and thank you for the work you do. I too think that NC social services agencies have way too much power and too little accountability. I again thank you from a father who hasn’t been allowed to see his child in two years because of a corrupt family law system.


    Comment by Jacob | November 17, 2013 | Reply

    • I support this organization and I too thank you. There is so much waste in the DSS of NC and they don’t do their job. They act according to their job description, but they don’t give one iota about the non-custodial parent. This is just job security for these inept people that the stupid courts believe. My son has had this one judge that I swear has a vendetta against him because he’s in the military. Well she can take her vendetta and put it where the sun don’t shine. My son is protecting her lazy, inept judgments so she’d better be glad he is around, even though she won’t let him see his children. I’m so sick and tired of this crap. Cumberland County Court system is so inept, one sided, believes the Mother’s before they listen to the Father’s. I wonder how Judges are graded, because if I had my way this judge would get an “F” for “FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THE LAW”.


      Comment by Francis Drake | November 17, 2013 | Reply

  3. I’m a paternal grandmother who has seen the actions of child protective serves in Union County NC do their work. My son was completely treated like trash while the mother of my grandchild got every benefit of the doubt. I suspected that the female workers were looking out for mothers rights than actually protecting children.


    Comment by Kim | November 17, 2013 | Reply

  4. I am a father in Rutherford county. Having to deal with the same thing here in this county. All they are out to do is make there self look good and get the pats on the back. This government office needs to be held responsible for what they are doing wrong and stay out of families lives that are okay. Its going to come down where these dumb non caring people will have to be taken every where by the law.


    Comment by Bill Wyatt | November 17, 2013 | Reply

  5. I’m in Union County and have had to deal with social services, but not as the one being investigated. Our pediatrician actually called DSS on my ex-wife after it was found that she was not picking medications up at the pharmacy and my child was being hospitalized repeatedly.

    A family court judge said that was fine and DSS just told her not to do it again. YES, they are very light with custodial parents. Had I not given my child medications as a father I would have lost access to the child forever.


    Comment by Kenneth | November 17, 2013 | Reply

  6. I’m a former social services worker from another county, now retired. When my son became a father I finally realized what was happening, and I doubt few even working there realize the relationship between court appointed absent fathers and federal funding. I know a few grandmothers who would complain about the treatment their son’s got in the courts who were clueless.


    Comment by Janet | November 17, 2013 | Reply

  7. Yea isn’t it interesting how they want that child support but don’t care if your getting visitation? Pay that child support, we don’t care if you lost your job or someone in the family is sick. If you want visitation spend $5000 to get some while they know full well it cost the mother $0 to withhold visitation.


    Comment by Gabe | November 17, 2013 | Reply

  8. If Union County DSS ever shows up at your house to do an investigation, simply refuse to let them in your home and tell them you will comply under your lawyers direction. Make them contact a Judge and spend money. Many times they scare you into doing what you normally don’t have to do under the law. Make them work, make them file a petition. Comply only under your lawyer’s advice.


    Comment by Shannon in Union County | November 17, 2013 | Reply

  9. Every single county social services agency in NC is a joke. People fall for their crap because they always use “best interest of the child” and people fail to see that is code for: We want to intrude on your life and we will use the emotionally laden theatrics of to care for a child to get what we want.

    My new wife and I hate social services. They are no longer for reunification, they are there to secure funding and prop up the adoption industry.


    Comment by James | November 17, 2013 | Reply

    • Amen! They r of the devil! Reunification is a joke with these people!


      Comment by Tammy | January 16, 2018 | Reply

  10. I find it disgusting that social services is complacent in not putting mothers who use drugs while pregnant under services. I know there is law in NC that prevents the criminalization of mothers who use drugs while pregnant and it’s meant to not make women fearful to have hospital deliveries. But damn, what’s to stop them from doing it in the first place. They have no accountability!

    And the courts were fine with it too. My child was born with cocaine in her system and has had many problems post delivery. You think I got custody? Nope.


    Comment by Tom | November 17, 2013 | Reply

  11. I have legally been fighting DSS in Union county for two years. I have stacks of documents that prove that the problems at DSS have been a problem for years, and this includes Wanda Sue Larsons. I have provided this to all local media, the Associated Press, and national news media, and they are all reporting this. It appears that the media may be our best friend right now. We have made the DSS issues a state issue and the corrupt, biased courtrooms a national issue. We just need support. I’ve teamed with the Justice for all coalition and we would like to sit down with NC FATHERS. There is an extremely strong movement in place, we are only looking for more support. Thanks.


    Comment by Jeremy | December 25, 2013 | Reply

  12. They have done very illegal things with my grands that were in my custody. I am even a foster parent, but it doesn’t matter. They are trying to adopt out my grand who I have raised with no reasons to do so. I have paper work to prove it. They r very crooked & I had no idea. We need to do something now. These children are suffering!


    Comment by Tammy | January 16, 2018 | Reply

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