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Claudine Dombrowski – Protective Mothers Advocate?

Claudine Dombrowski - Domestic Violence ActivistClaudine Dombrowski is the central figure around American Mothers Political Party and self imposed activist for protective mothers who advocate on behalf of women who have alleged to have been wronged in the family courts related to a child custody issue, by an ex-husband or boyfriend, and other family court officers. In looking at many of the Internet posting by Claudine Dombrowski and other activist mothers, it seems they have never met a man or father who is not a “male supremacist”, pedophile, domestic abuser, control freak, or child abuser. Claudine is also a self-professed domestic violence advocate for women, and women only. Ms. Dombrowski and other protective mother activist (mostly non-custodial mothers but not always) believe that the U.S. family courts give favor to men in the family courts because of father’s rights organizations and that custody in contested cases go primarily to fathers. These mothers are not in favor of equally shared parenting in any form, and believe that father’s rights organizations are now in control of the courts.

In this article, we are going to screenshot many of Claudine Dombrowski’s Internet activism posts and then juxtapose our own images or statement just to show how incredibly ignorant she is or to give you a reason to join a father’s rights organization in your state and support a more fair and equal family law system.

Claudine Dombrowski attacks father's rights
The screenshot above is taken from Barry Goldstein’s Facebook page in which Claudine is seen referring to all fathers and men as “male supremacist” and abusers. To get an idea why she feels comfortable doing this, please click on the link above to view our article on Barry Goldstein.

In the screenshot below of text as it appears on Claudine’s personal blog, we will let you decide if she is a domestic violence advocate or demonstrates behaviors, language, and threats similar to that of domestic violence offender:

Kansas protective mother

Obviously, the above image will give any father in the family courts reason to join your local or state father’s rights organization, but it is important for women in paternal families to see this as well and to remember your son’s/husband’s/brother’s fight is also your fight. We believe Ms. Dombrowski and her team of protective mothers have considerable weight with radical feminist groups that have no interest with fathers having any shared parenting in the family courts which means as paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, and aunts, you don’t have any or little access to your loved ones.

The image above should also be important for Judges, lawyers, and law enforcement who have son’s in their families.

In the video above, Claudine Dombrowski makes some good points about the family courts, and there is no doubt that women and children face domestic violence and that sometimes the family courts make mistakes.

The problem here is that Ms. Dombrowski believes that ONLY men and fathers are abusers, and that only women are victims of domestic violence and this is her drive for a complete mother centered family court.

The problem she has is this.

and this:

fathers's rights

OK, but what about..

mother kills child

In the image below, Claudine wants you to know that men are pedophiles and that none of them can be trusted.

Claudine Dombrowski does not tell the whole truth

Again, unfortunately for the protective mother army, there is this.

Then we have this from Ms. Dombrowski’s Facebook page:

stop telling lies

With an image that is freely available all over the media and Facebook:

Claudine is telling lies

Now if you ever get the chance to talk with Claudine or any member of the American Mothers Political Party, they will tell you that domestic violence awareness is very important. But they will also tell you that any attempt to show domestic violence at the hands of a mother on a man or child is misogyny. Of course, you could take the position that we have to have domestic violence laws centered around women because statistically, they experience it the most. But the U.S. governments own statistics are that a man experiences domestic violence every 14 seconds. Therefore, to make that argument is a bit like saying 6 children killed at a daycare isn’t a problem because it wasn’t 9.

Our argument is that we need to end the purposefully driven gender war and politics around domestic violence and end violence against everyone. To see Claudine Dombrowski, Barry Goldstein, and others making violence a propaganda tool for a political agenda or to sell books in our opinion is dangerous.

We appreciate Claudine speaking out for abused children and domestic violence, but we are wondering why she isn’t being an advocate for this child? And clearly this woman was not going through a custody battle even if she attempts to give us a reason why a woman would do this. [ Source ]

rapist of children
Claudine Dombrowski - explain this?

Claudine Dombrowski And The Attack Nature Of The Protective Mothers Movement Is Hurting Their Cause

While there is significant dislike for the U.S. family court system in Claudine’s writings all over the Internet, it is apparent that she is not to fond of men and father’s rights groups. What she fails to understand is that there is not one single father’s rights group on this planet who advocates for a father centered court. In fact this organization feels that Claudine should never have lost custody of her child, and instead should have been given equally shared parenting after she made corrective actions for anything the courts found were problematic.

But what is evident is that the protective mothers movement is very much against and equal court system and in seeing their movement’s vitriol on the Internet, we think Judges and Legislators are seeing that the courts need to change.

Claudine also needs to understand that her ex-husband, in winning custody simply played the same cards she would have played in court. Had she won, the courts would likely be a god send. But in losing, the courts are bad and that is the problem the courts have created in making mothers feel like they are entitled to alienate children from fathers and be in total control.

There is NO doubt Judges in her case and other cases are using the Internet to see what is going on and surely many are asking – is she talking about my son like that? Is Barry Goldstein calling my son a de-facto abuser just because he is male?

In the world of domestic violence, where it was easy to suppress female on male violence and control the narrative before the Internet, Claudine Dombrowski and protective mothers who attempt to use domestic violence as a reason to hold Judges hostage are losing the battle because there is a huge amount of news reports and videos of women being violent, and there is tons of indisputable data on the Internet from local news outlets of mothers killing and harming children.

Claudine Dombrowski hurts mothers

protective mothers lies

protective mothers lies

Claudine Dombrowski advocate

If Claudine were a true advocate against violence, she would be aiming to end ALL violence and since she fails to do that, we are happy to call her out as an ideologue who wants to use her victim status as a means to hurt others to get what she wants. She is all too happy to show legislators pictures of her bruised and battered body, but attempts to suppress beaten children at the hands of their mothers.

where is her lawyerShame on you Claudine, shame on you for only standing up for women and children who have experienced domestic violence and death, shame on you for not advocating for this child, her torture, her need for survival. In all the presentations you give, I want you to remember this child and for anyone who gasps at this article and shakes their head, you remember you are part of the problem because you are doing a great job of only ending half the problem of violence and abuse.


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  1. Hey I think you are missing something about Claudine Dombrowski. Have you seen her crazy stuff all over the internet?!?

    If you search her name there are tons of websites where she threatens people’s lives and even calls the judges “court whores”. And, She attacks other protective mothers

    In my opinion, Claudine Dombrowski is NOT an advocate, and she does not represent the mother’s movement. She is a total disgrace, and has no credibility. Barry Goldstein supports Claudine to his own detriment. The Mother’s Movement needs to publicly denounce Claudine or they are just hypocrites.


    Comment by Pat | January 8, 2014 | Reply

    • Pat, as you see I have heavily modified your comment to keep this blog out of a potential libelous situation for data we can not verify. But, yes everything in your original comment we have heard about or seen. Specifically, we note her persistent use of “male supremacist” and abuser when talking about all custodial fathers and one has to wonder if she feels that way about all fathers. Most certainly this has caused a backlash from women in paternal families who are flocking to father’s rights groups in numbers I have never seen before. In essence, her and the likes of Barry Goldstein are responsible for the massive father’s rights movement.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | January 8, 2014 | Reply

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