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Gregory Currie And Verizon: Thoughts On Domestic Violence

Gregory Currie And Verizon Support ViolenceGregory Currie is a Verizon employee who also sits on the Board of Directors at the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence and someone familiar with how this organization is run. First, we want to thank Mr. Currie for standing up for victims of Domestic Violence in the first place as a Man, but we have to call him and Verizon out for not being committed to ending all violence. In addition, we are going to ask Greg Currie why Verizon pulled a public service announcement, no actually we are going to ask why it was even made in the first place but we will get to that shortly, that clearly shows Verizon’s attempt at only focusing on one aspect of Domestic Violence while also stigmatizing young underage boys which presumably fits in with the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence attempts to blame patriarchy and gender oppression for violence instead of the more mainstream reasons that perpetuate violence for all Humans. The main question we have for Gregory Currie is, did Verizon make the mistake of partnering with the NCCADV as a PR move and not do their homework on efforts to end all violence, or was this also a PR attempt to appeal to Women?

there is no excuse for domestic violence

In the video below, notice how the little girl speaks for girls, but not boys. Notice how Verizon makes sure they mention Dads as though they are Monsters, and attempts to stigmatize little boys as future Domestic Violence batterers which presumably the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence needs in the future for fund raising efforts or as statistics they can send to Congress to make sure that NC gets their fair share of the $550,000 VAWA pie they hand out yearly. Below this awful video, we will provide more commentary.

Domestic Violence Worker Arrested For Domestic Violence

Coalition at University Campus

We, along with national Domestic Violence organizations who have the goal of ending ALL violence, find it particularly disturbing that Verizon (and presumably Gregory Currie) would attempt to have the public believe that only Fathers are Monsters and batterers, and that Domestic Violence does not happen between lesbian and gay couples or perpetuated by Women. The Board of Directors at the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence can bury their head in the sand on unilateral violence if they want to and play gender and sexual politics, but this organization is committed on calling them out using video and news reports of such.

Please be sure to view our articles on Judy Chaet, as well as the ones HERE, and HERE to make this point.

Our message to Gregory Currie is that there is an awful lot of violence going on in the articles we just pointed our 2,000 daily readers to, are you sure Verizon does not want to correct itself on Domestic Violence and help the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence understand that playing politics and games on this issue is bad and seems geared towards just ending certain gender perpetuated violence?

Do I need to continue this article Gregory like I did with the others in your organization showing where Women hit little girls and boys? Do I need to start showing this video to the HUGE numbers of non-custodial Fathers and Women in paternal families who experience false allegations of Domestic Violence in NC?

Another question we have for Gregory Currie and Verizon is why is the NCCADV not doing anything about false allegations used in family court as a tactical advantage in custody matters? Don’t these allegations cast a shadow of doubt on all allegations of violence as more and more Women in paternal families witness them?

Gregory, are you a Father? Do you know how easy it is for an allegation of Domestic Violence to be used against Men (and will be used against little boys in the future) and he be found guilty based on no evidence or witnesses to alleged violence? Gregory, do you know which NC coalition made sure these laws exists in the State?

Why is preponderance of the evidence used instead of clear and convincing evidence in the courts Mr. Currie? Is it used to inflate the statistics on violence so that Congress will feel compelled to send more money to the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence?

Can Gregory Currie and Verizon explain why the definition of Domestic Violence was lowered in VAWA such that almost any disagreement between a Man and Woman can be considered as violence? Here is a quote contained in a publicly available handout by the NC Bar Association which clearly shows this problem “Domestic violence is attempting to cause or intentionally causing bodily injury or placing the victim in fear of imminent serious bodily injury.”

So Gregory, imagine that you and your wife or girlfriend have an argument and she has decided to leave the relationship and wants to win a custody battle. At this point you are just arguing, and she picks up the phone as calls 911 to report you on the fear that you are about to harm her. Any idea who is going to jail for arguing Mr. Currie? Oh your not worried because there is no evidence? Dis you read our article on preponderance of the evidence Gregory?

Millions of Men and Women in NC paternal families are looking at you Gregory. And, if we have any say so in the matter, we will be asking them to look at Verizon as well when they enter our organization. Any idea how many non-custodial families there are in NC Mr. Currie?

Where does Verizon stand on these two videos below? They were all to quick to put out a PSA on Domestic Violence portraying a Dad beating his daughter and wife while implying that he is training his son to be an eventual offender. Yet, they completely overlook the thousands of videos on Youtube showing this.

and in this video the female KNOWS to say “ah I can call the police and say you kicked me in my stomach” and use her unborn child to inflame the false allegation, right before she assaults two people. This is what Verizon is teaching your sons to endure because ONLY men commit violence.

We wonder if Gregory Currie has ever made a decision in his family, and if so, we welcome him to the patriarchy club. Yep, it’s just that easy for the NCCADV.

where is her lawyerShame on Gregory Currie and Verizon, shame on you for only standing up for women and children who have experienced domestic violence and death, shame on you for not advocating for this child, her torture, her need for survival. In all the presentations you give, I want you to remember this child and for anyone who gasps at this article and shakes their head, you remember you are part of the problem because you are doing a great job of only ending half the problem of violence and abuse.


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  1. The Monsters in the Closet video was created to put the focus on the most vulnerable: children living in a home where there is violence. The video was not an ad but an awareness piece produced by the Verizon Foundation, a 501(c)3 which has for the past ten years supported hundreds of different groups focused on helping all members of the community — women, men, children, families, and the elderly — who are dealing with domestic violence.

    Domestic violence is a very serious issue affecting too many people, and to create controversy over this video is to misunderstand the purpose of the video. To understand how many people are affected by domestic violence, one need only read through a report issued by the CDC: This is a tragic, complex, and multi-faceted issue that needs to be brought into the light, and that was the sole purpose of the video.

    Verizon remains committed to ending domestic violence, and to supporting the organizations that help all members of the community affected by it — women, men, children, families, and the elderly. Our commitment to domestic violence prevention and awareness is unwavering.

    Karen Schulz, Verizon Wireless Spokesperson


    Comment by Karen Schulz | August 12, 2013 | Reply

    • Karen, thank you for you comment. We agree with everything you said. However, you have a Verizon employee sitting on the board of directors of an organization that ONLY list patriarchy and gender oppression as the causes for Domestic Violence, and as you may recognize, this is aimed at JUST Men. Most leading DV lobby groups realize mental illness, substance abuse, divorce/custody issues, psychological issues, and other reasons that unfortunately lead to Domestic Violence. To cite publicly that DV is caused by things JUST related to Men seems more political than common sense. This is why we are determined to show NC what the NCCADV is not telling their supporters, that Women do in fact commit DV and Murder of their children and intimate partners.

      I will also remind you that Verizon pulled this PSA.

      And, until I see some changes to both the NCCADV and Verizon about ALL violence, we feel compelled to let our 4,000+ members and Non-Custodial families know that this campaign exists. You do realize there are a LOT of Women in paternal families who see false allegations in the family courts and how easy it is to report DV with no evidence or witnesses and have a Man imprisoned, lose his job, and never see his kids again I hope.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | August 12, 2013 | Reply

    • Karen I also encourage you to visit this website, look at the Women on this website and their Bio’s, then make contact with them to get their take on domestic violence and false allegations. Because I have to tell you, this is going to be the organization that brings national shared parenting to the United States and represent hundreds of millions of non-custodial parents, grandparents, step-parents, aunts and uncles who are SICK of organizations like this one and yours telling legislators that if Men have equal parentage of their children they will kill their kids and ex-wife.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | August 13, 2013 | Reply

    • Karen, what is Verizon Wireless official statement on the two new videos shown in this blog post at the bottom of the article. How is it that Men are the only ones violent? Gregory? It seems to me Verizon made a calculated error in jumping on the Domestic Violence issue in an effort to publicize the company without getting the facts on violence.

      The ONLY way to end violence is to focus on ALL violence without playing a blame game. I suspect your interest in this issue is to perpetuate the information organizations who have an interest in showing only male on female violence have in order to drive your own profits.


      Comment by Kennedy | October 29, 2013 | Reply

    • Kennedy, your comment was a bit confusing, it took me awhile to understand but I got it. Let me see if I can clear your comment up a bit. What I am about to say was learned from a FEMALE breast cancer survivor and it seems there is a huge number of women who are activist on this issue.

      The breast cancer survivor I spoke to deplores the month of October and the pink campaign, specifically the number of organization who turn their products pink and give back to organizations.

      Why, because these companies are making profits from the exposure. They are in essence profiting off breast cancer. But to the public it looks like the company cares.

      It is my opinion this is exactly what Verizon is doing but what their researches did not do is fully investigate domestic violence, They just went with the narrative that an organization puts out when they get funding on just male on female violence. They have no need for female on female, or female on female, or male on male violence because it does not pay the bills.

      The problem Verizon has is the number of men who are hit, intimidated, and threatened in marriages and relationships, along with the women in their families beginning to ask questions.

      It is NC Fathers job to make sure that each new member who comes into the organization hears this message about Verizon.


      Comment by Janet (paternal grandmother) | October 29, 2013 | Reply

  2. Save Services and the National Coalition for Free Men (NCFM) launched an aggressive campaign urging Verizon to pull the blatantly one sided and offensive video. Verizon did not initially respond to polite letters and requests for dialogue. So SAVE put out the call for volunteers to pass out flyers in front of Verizon stores to help the public better understand Verizon’s unflattering view of men, and particularly fathers. On Thursday of last week, one of Verizon’s media relations people responded, indicating the video had been removed from the internet.

    Many of ACFC’s members and supporters have faced false allegations of abuse in divorce and child custody hearings resulting in temporary or permanent loss of relationships with their children. The raising of false abuse allegations is recognized throughout legal profession literature as a significant problem for attorneys attempting to represent clients. ACFC is concerned the widespread abuse of restraining orders, false allegations, overly broad definitions of abuse and misguided statutes and policies are hurting the ability of legitimate victims to receive the services they need.


    Comment by Navin R. Johnson | August 13, 2013 | Reply

    • Navin,
      Domestic Violence is rampant, and it is a huge problem. It is actually a bigger problem than Verizon, the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and others realize because they refuse to look at female on male and female on child violence. Having discussions with these folks is pointless. They will just argue ideological arguments and spout off statistics that were created within their own organizations to fit their fund raising efforts. They can argue all day that Women are not responsible for Domestic Violence. They best argument I have for them is to do what I am doing on this page: for which they clearly have no argument.

      Karen Schulz was just reciting some pre-scripted statement Verizon gave her after the wake of this Monsters video to try and quell the outrage that a major telecommunications company would overlooking other forms of violence from a gender that does not fit with their mission.

      Every new member that comes into NC Fathers, be it Women in paternal families and Men, my first question will be: Do you have Verizon as your provider?

      The fact is the only path to ending domestic violence is for every man and woman on this planet to work together to end it and not play gender and sexual politics games with it which in my view is disgusting.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | August 13, 2013 | Reply

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