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How To Lower Child Support In NC

NC Fathers and Lowering Child Support ObligationsBefore we begin our article on how to lower your child support payments in NC, it is important to understand that as a father, it is super responsible to financially support your children and be a part of their daily lives emotionally, psychologically, and physically. This is not an article teaching you how to get out of paying child support or lowering your child support obligation for your benefit.

Under the current child support system in the family courts, the standard is to award mothers custody of children and relegate fathers to non-custodial visitors 4 days a month. And, as a part of this procedure, you will be mandated to pay child support for your child(ren). What few fathers in NC realize is that lowering of child support obligations in NC is not in the best interest of the State of NC and this is why so many fathers in North Carolina are not able to lower their obligation when loss of employment occurs, or some other change occurs. It is imperative to understand that child support in NC is an industry that generates revenue for the State of NC from the US Federal Government for INCREASED child support collection. Basically, for each child support dollar enforced from NC fathers, the State of NC gets back an incentive payment from the government which can then be used to replenish Title IV-D programs like TANF and Medicaid. Additionally, there are plenty of government contractors wanting Title IV-D funds for special projects related to NC Child Support Enforcement. And lastly, who gets super rich off parents in NC fighting in family courts for 18 years? Correct, Lawyers do.  Let us be VERY clear, lowering your child support obligation is not an option for NC politicians, judges, and special interest groups for these very well documented reasons.


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Our organization believes that these incentives are in fact very good reasons for alienating fathers and their children (as well as family members in the paternal family) so that money can continue to exchange hands. Additionally, we believe that child support should never be payed to another parent and that the best course of action in these matters is to give fathers in NC who want equal physical and legal custody of their children that right. And, when children are with them equally they will support their children. This current system where one parent is elevated to a greater role and where money is involved is a setup for 18 years of fighting that inflicts major damage on children. Let NC Fathers have their children equally, let mothers support their children when they have them, and let fathers support their children when they have them. Again, if your goal is to lower your child support payments but you are unwilling to take on the responsibility of equal parenting time then we cannot support you. If you want to lower or eliminate your child support obligation to the other parents and use your financial obligations for when your kids are with you equally, then we definitely support that.

Lowering Child Support Payments To The Other Parent in NC So You Can Be A Equal Father Will Be No Easy Task

As stated above, there are many reasons why attempting to lower your child supports payments simply will get you nowhere in the NC family courts. Even if your attorney says it is possible, remember that he/she is billing while fighting for this. And, it rarely happens.

The best way to lower your State of NC mandated Child Support is to begin to understand that NC fathers represent greater than 42% of the voting public in NC. When you add in just one step-mothers, paternal grandmother, or sister of a father, you now have 84% of voters in NC. The moment all non-custodial families in NC come together as a united front against politicians, judges, and others who make money off your inability to access and raise your children equally then we assure you things will change, your NC Child Support obligations will be lowered and you and your family can go about the business of supporting your children on your own terms as it should be. Be sure to share this post with other NC fathers and Females in the paternal family using the social networking buttons below on Twitter, Facebook, and other sites. Also, encourage others to join our MAILING LIST so that we can keep you up-to-date on which Judges and Politicians support, or do not support, your desire for equality in the NC family Courts.

Help Lower your NC Child Support Obligation

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  1. I am trying to do that right now. Being a non-custodial father in michigan and my ex in north carolina I am having a difficult time navigating through the system. Here is my dilemna. My oldest daughter turned 18 in March of this year and graduated a few months later. I call my child support case worker and she tells me that I have to petition the court to lower my child support. I hire a lawyer, go through the motions and he now tells me that the case worker will not voluntarily recalutate my support. My ex has been unemployed from a very nice job since April. She is not actively seeking employment and living off her boyfriend. So instead of my support going down it could easily raise several hundred dollars for just one child. In my mind this does not seem fair. I have not missed a payment in over & years and love my children dearly. I just want it to be fair


    Comment by Jason Hogan | November 8, 2011 | Reply

    • Jason, open up Google and do a search for Social Security Act Part D. Child Support is built around an industry where several entities make money off obligators paying child support. According to SSA Part D every state that increases child support collection gets federal money back to help pay for low income programs ( or read the entire Part D program here: ). Defense Attorneys make money off parents and the divisive nature of the courts. Here is a software company getting money off TITLE IV-D Funds: – How is the State of NC going to get federal money to help pay for medicaid, these software companies going to be payed, and lawyers getting payed if you attempt to lower your child support? This is not about “being fair” this is about US States getting money and Low Income programs being funded.

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      Comment by ncfathers | November 8, 2011 | Reply

  2. HI, I have a similar situation to Jason Hogan. My wife took my 4 year old without consulting me so I left my job in upstate NY and quit my job. My son has ADHD but at the time the mother would not get him tested so not only did I have to convince the school to let him come back but also find income. She was making 60k but never bothered to help. Went back to school and after unemployment for NY ran out she told me to leave. She stopped buying food and was forced to leave and went back to NYS. I was unemployed and homeless but found a job. Somehow the state of NC forced divorce and granted it to my ex-wife because she sent some papers to my sisters address and I never got the papers. I called to argue the case but it was almost like that’s too bad. She got fired from her job for spending the company’s credit card and now I have to come to NC so they can garnish 14% of my check. I only make about 12.00 an hour and barely able to pay my rent. I left a message with the clerks office to see if I can reschedule for March so I can save up enough money to either catch the bus or catch a plane. MY ex will not talk to me and her boyfriend answered the phone the last time I called. My son is constantly telling me he misses me. I wish I knew what to do.


    Comment by B Smith | January 2, 2014 | Reply

  3. To keep it short. I just found out I had a child. I am married 10 and going with 3 kids and a good job in the us military once I found out I had the child my wife and I told the mother that we will take care of her the mother said ok next thing I know we were paying child support and the mother said she rather have the money we tried to explain to her we couldn’t afford to pay child support and support her when she is with us because my oldest son has cancer and she said that’s was our problem as long as she gets her money she dont care I can afford a lawyer and I dont know what to do next because child support keeps telling me they can’t lower it and that I need to get a lawyer and go back to court is thier anything I can do myself


    Comment by Antuan Snead | April 10, 2014 | Reply

    • If you know where to find the pro se paperwork and know how to fill it out and how to serve people you can act as your own lawyer, otherwise you need to hire a lawyer.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | April 12, 2014 | Reply

  4. I was recently discharged from the US Army and I now live out of state. I am still being told I have to pay what I paid while I was in the military which is more than I make a month now. I have a wife and child after the divorce and kids I had with my ex. I cant afford to live let alone hire a lawyer. I don’t know what to do.


    Comment by Clint Hall | August 17, 2016 | Reply

    • There really is nothing you can do. You have to hire a lawyer or work with child support enforcement. This whole game is about making the lawyers money and child support enforcement getting their federal money for the states. If you can’t live based on new changes they really don’t care.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | August 19, 2016 | Reply

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