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Judge William “Bill” Heafner – Randolph, Montgomery and Moore County Courts

Judge William “Bill” Heafner is a NC District Court Judge in Randolph, Montgomery, and Moore Counties of NC who routinely hears family law and child support enforcement cases. Prior to becoming a District Court Judge in the counties he serves in, Judge Heafner was a practicing family law attorney. In this article, we are going to ask the Judge some questions that we suspect he knows the answers to, but this article is mainly for Randolph, Montgomery, and Moore County non-custodial parents, step-parents, grandparents, and other members of the family to educate themselves on and help us build a very large organization of non-custodial families across NC who have had enough of being marginalized to the role of visitor family four days a month and big government payment provider over being a empowered equal parent and family. Should Judge William “Bill” Heafner decide that he wants to answer the questions we pose in this article, he is welcome to do so using the comment section located at the end of this article or by contacting us on our FACEBOOK PAGE. Additionally, non-custodial families in Randolph, Montgomery, and Moore County NC non-custodial families and voters are encourage to make contact with us and give us their experiences of Judge Heafner, as well as joining our MAILING LIST to get updates about what our organization is doing in the legislature to end the extremely divisive and dangerous family courts in NC.Posts related to Judge William “Bill” Heafner and the Randolph, Moore, and Montgomery NC Family Courts – Moore County Department of Social Services, Democratic Women of North Carolina

Non-custodial families in Randolph, Montgomery and Moore County NC are encouraged to click on the RED and BLUE graphic below to get a simple reminder of the caustic and dangerous environment District Court Judges in NC ask you to live with for 18 years, and issues that we ask you to start talking with other families about in your county. Our message to you is that we believe your importance to your young children as a family is not one where you see your loved ones occasionally  each month and be subjected to federal enforcement simply because we have biased family court Judges more concerned about politics. Moreover, in the section below, we are going to explore the issues that we believe keep you marginalized in the courts and help custodial families get everything they want.

Randolph, Montgomery and Moore County NC District Court Judges and Child Support

Talking Points For Randolph, Montgomery and Moore County NC Non-Custodial Families To Remember When Judge William “Bill” Heafner Asks For Your Votes

Judges in NC routinely love to bring us the phrase “best interest of the child” when defending their 70 year practice of pushing one side of a child’s family to the margins of their life while giving control to another side of the family. Judges never say it, but we suspect their training and lobbyist efforts teach them to keep sexual and gender politics in mind when deciding child custody and child support enforcement matters because the statistics on one gender consistently getting custody over another debunks the notion that no weight is given to either parent when a case comes before a Judge. Below, we are going to show why the best interest of a child is simply not what is happening in the family courts, and why gender politics is dangerous.

  • NC Fathers would like for Judge William “Bill” Heafner, or any District Court Judge in Randolph, Montgomery and Moore County NC, to explain how it is in the best interest of a child for one parent to decide to leave a marriage or relationship, moving 7 states away and alienating a child from one parent and family, and putting the massive burden on that family to find $15,000 to start a legal action if they ever hope to see the child again? This is best interest Judge? This is happening to families in North Carolina daily, and no Judge in North Carolina seems prepared to discuss it. Judge, how many women in paternal families is this affecting? How many children never see their fathers again because of poverty?
  • Judge, our belief is that children need two empowered parents and extended families in order to have a successful life, yet the courts are built around one parent winning, while the other parents loses. The winning parent gets daycare assistance, educational assistance, job assistance, food assistance, housing assistance, medical/dental assistance, and tax incentives to avoid economic hardships while non-custodial parents go to jail. How exactly is this the best interest of a child?
  • Judge Heafner, we know court officers go out of their way to not fully explain the child support enforcement system, so we are going to. We suspect that Judges will tell you that enforcement is nothing more than a federal program which ensures that a child is supported financially and medically by the parent a Judge forced out of their life. But Randolph, Montgomery and Moore County NC non-custodial families need to know that your forced federal enforcement efforts are also paying for Welfare and Medicaid programs, along with maintaining jobs at social services. Here is how it works, under the Social Security Act, Title IV, Part D, Section 458, for every dollar collected in child support, the federal government will send back the State of NC one dollar that they can use to replenish social services programs that custodial parents are more frequently using. The State of NC simply does not have the money to pay for these programs, so they essentially need non-custodial families to pay for it via their marginalization. Keep in mind that the less visitation you have, the more child support you pay, and the more child support you pay, the more federal dollars come into the State. Could this be why your efforts to see your children more are routinely denied by Judge Heafner? We think so, but it’s best to ask him in the next elections.
  • NC Fathers believes that Randolph, Montgomery and Moore County NC District Court Judges are exacerbating domestic violence, murder/suicide, and extreme conflict for children. While one team winning and another losing may make for entertainment during football season, it absolutely is a dangerous situation when talking about children and their parents. We believe that by taking the breakup of a marriage or relationship and the level of anger, fear, and frustration this naturally causes and giving one side control (and many times retribution) while forcing the other side of the family into submission is the perfect setup for violence. Of course, there are a lot of lobbyist and organizations that actually make money and gain political power off reporting continued domestic violence isn’t there Judge Heafner?
  • NC Fathers wants Judge William “Bill” Heafner to know that the best interest of a child is for parents to have the money to support them not only as children, but to help them as adults. Best interest is not to create rich lawyers. Randolph, Montgomery and Moore County NC non-custodial families are well aware that a family law attorney costs about $15,000 (PER PARENT) to start a case, and you know that you fight more than one battle over the minor life of a child. Additionally, you know that you fight non-custody battles such as contempt motions, enforcement matters, and modifications. The grand total going to lawyers from just one family is about $80,000+. Judge, this is a lot of money that parents could use for medication and medical care, college educations, money to start a business, or for a down payment on a home. Again, how is this best interest?
  • NC Fathers wants Judges in the Randolph, Montgomery and Moore County NC District Courts to know that custody mediation is a joke. Why should one parent mediate when they can just be obstinate and difficult to come before you and get everything they want? Who is going to give up the control, access to services, and the socially accepted custodial parent role when historically they know that the statistics are in their favor to win the ball game?

Randolph, Moore, AND Montgomery County NC

We are going to end this article now, but we could go on and on about the industry that has been created via the family courts in NC and the large numbers of people who gain from this system. We encourage you to learn more by joining our Facebook page and mailing list and gain from the collaboration with other families who are enduring this system.

But before we end this article, we want to offer Judge William “Bill” Heafner one more bit of knowledge. Judges in North Carolina are turning out very angry, frustrated, and demoralized non-custodial families each and every day. You come from every single political party affiliation, culture and ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and educational background. Additionally, many Judges like to take refuge under the enormous “Women’s Rights” organizations that love to help at election time. But our question, how many Women in paternal families are on their knees today because of Judges?

North Carolina

Roughly half of custodial mothers today have male children who will one day be pushed to the margins of their kids lives if they experience a divorce and have children. Where do you think these non-custodial grandmothers (who will also be marginalized as well) will stand then Judge Heafner? With Equally Shared Parenting?

District Court Judges

Nothing in this system is going to change until there is an equally important organization fighting legislators and lawyers groups who need this system to stay dangerous for families and children so they can benefit financially and politically. Lastly, we hope that you will routinely and exhaustively share this article on the Randolph, Moore, and Montgomery County NC family courts on sites like Twitter, Google+, and Facebook, as well as learning more about these issues before casting that next vote for Judge William Heafner or his political party.


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  1. I appreciate the efforts being made here to achieve reform but believe me, equality for custodial versus non-custodial is not the issue. A non-custodial can just as easily drag a custodial parent into court, waste thousands of dollars, traumatize their family and rip their children from the only home they have ever known with this system of so called “fairness” you are advocating. It is already happening. I beg all of you to stop raising the issue of what is fair for a parent who left their children, spouse, and home, and many times for another “significant other.” How dare you even suggest the children should pay the price. Stop advocating for fathers and advocate for whichever parent remains true and responsible to their family and their children. And as for Judges and the legal system, make it mandatory for the Judge to hear the facts of a case before changing a child’s living or custody arrangement. Any Judge who has the gall and audacity to take a child from the home and parent they have been with for fourteen years without asking for or hearing anything about the children from the parent who has been their primary caretaker their whole lives, and give them to a parent who was in and out of the home four different times, finally choosing to run off with someone else, leave their family in poverty and on welfare, five years later get jealous upon a remarriage and only now try to “get custody” of their children with the single and express purpose of lowering their child support, is a Judge who does not consider the children, but is catering to your political whim of “fairness.” You should be proud. Judge Heafner is doing just that.


    Comment by Anne Dirks | October 29, 2014 | Reply

    • You are right, the only people winning in the family courts in Montgomery and Moore county NC are the lawyers. The custodial parents pay all their support back to the lawyers as do the non-custodial families.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | November 27, 2014 | Reply

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